An update on 2013 Cleveland Benedictine forward Mark Williams

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Inside the Hall had a chance to catch up recently with 2013 Cleveland Benedictine forward Mark Williams, who attended Hoosier Hysteria last fall and picked up an early offer from Indiana.

Here are a few quotes from the 6-7, 235-pound sophomore as well as some video from

On his high school season:

“It’s going pretty well. It’s been a learning experience. I feel like me and my team are learning to play through adversity and with each other which is something we haven’t had to do in the past years. We’re a sophomore and junior dominated team. We have one senior.”

On how his game has progressed during the season:

“I am playing okay, but to my standards, I’m not playing how I should. I feel I can bring more to my team with every aspect of the game. Whether it’s leading, scoring, rebounding, so I’m constantly trying to get better in those areas.”

On his interest in Indiana and his thoughts on the program:

“I still have very high thoughts on the team. Not only because of their athletic ability, but because I’ve talked to those guys. I know what Coach Crean is about. I know what Coach Buckley is about. And when you watch their games, whether they’re winning or losing, the atmosphere is just, you would die for it. Anybody would die to play there. I still have high thoughts about the team.”

On other schools showing interest:

“Wisconsin has shown interest. West Virginia has shown interest. Virginia Tech, Ohio State, Michigan State has shown slight interest. Penn State has been in the gym. Mainly the Big Ten.”

Video after the jump …

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  • Kelin Blab

    I love it…Jared Sullinger type…Not too flashy, good footwork, plays around the basket, mobile and agile.

  • Can definitely hit shots in traffic.

  • Kelin Blab

    gives me a little draymond green vibe also. Good handle for a big man.

  • jgongora86

    I think this guy can complement Cody Zeller quite well. Of the people we are recruiting, this guys is at the top of the list. 2013 is a year we should explore out of state options.

  • Kelin Blab

    Yep. thus far we are the only one’s to offer.

  • HoosierFromCT

    Can I get a projected lineup for our team in 2014?

  • Bigdawg9292

    Honestly, Mark Williams is the main guy I would want from that 2013 class and I would consider it a success if we had Hartman, Davis and Williams.

    Unrelated: have any of you guys heard about Pelphrey under fire at Arkansas. Apparently, he’s likely to leave his job. Would BJ Young decommit and where would that leave us with him?

  • Ehlm_bodiker

    Saw him play in person this yr. A real physical specimen. Bit of a head case. Still I think a good option for iu

  • Andrew

    Agree. Draymond with more of an inside game. I’ve been thinking how perfect a Draymond-type player would be, an uber-versatile 6-6 guy. Hard to tell from a 90 second clip of course, but really seems sure with the ball. Maybe we can convince him to graduate HS two years early and join the 2012 Hoosiers. Diggin the quasi-porn music too.

  • IUJeff

    See scholarship numbers under resources.

  • MillaRed

    PG Yogi
    SG Patterson
    SF – Devin Davis
    PF Zeller
    PF – Hanner

    PG – Blackmon
    SG – AE
    SF – Hartman
    PF – Lyles
    C – Jurkin


  • MillaRed

    This is the type of player we really don’t have coming in. He has a great body to build on and could be a true power forward / banger that grabs the tough rebounds.

    Not sure if he is the guy, but it would nice if he is.

  • Anonymous

    Care to explain the head case comment? I don’t doubt you, but there are certainly different types of head cases and more importantly, different degrees.

  • HoosierFromCT

    I think I Creaned my pants

  • Hoosiers1111

    Dang, really like the looks of that kid. Looks to have a nice big body and likes playing through contact. We don’t have a single kid on our roster like him and really don’t have anyone coming in like him. After seeing a video of him, I feel like he should be our #1 priority in the 2013 or 2014 class.

  • Scott

    The school I coach and teach at was playing against him. We played him very physical and he lost his cool way too fast. Picked up silly fouls and wasn’t a factor like he should have been. The Benedictine team he plays for has 2-3 D1 prospects. Head case comment was probably a bit harsh, he’s still young and will mature. He battled hard for sure and has a body you have to see in person to really appreciate.

  • Anonymous

    His size seems to be about what Louisville is getting with Chane Behanan. I guess with two more years of high school he could potentially add an inch or two and 10 or 15 pounds.

  • Anonymous

    I’d be surprised if Lyles is coming off the bench. He is that good.

  • Anonymous

    That seems like a fair assessment and gets at why I was curious to hear more. Obviously you prefer a kid to take a beating and come back playing even harder but at that age a lot of them will just get frustrated. Some grow out of that, some don’t. Hopefully as you said he will mature (especially if he comes to IU!).

  • walt

    As a mere child, I met George McGinnis in Indy. A friend introduced me to him, and all I could think of was, this guy is a giant. BTW, a very gracious guy. What’s my point? Well, he was about 6’8″, and chiseled. DE, Capo, and TP are taller than George, and I believe they are called wide bodies. We seemed to get bullied around the basket this and last season. I believe their vertical jump height is a combined 9 to 11 inches. Is there anything that can help them, jump better, and not appear to be 6-3 guards around the basket, and improve again on the strength training? I like them and want them to get better. I know Cody will help, but our existing bigs must step up: they seem to have the attitude that they would bleed crimson for this team, and love IU, just want them to develop the ability to really do this.

  • Anonymous

    Is IU still Mark’s only offer? If so, some good news could be coming the program’s way on August 12th. PG still a big priority to Crean out of that class. Are you thinking a four-man class for 2013.