• vslice

    I actually enjoyed Creans comments. I feel that he wrapped up the season and where the team is headed very nicely. IU had some struggles and alot of teams do, but when your already playing behind the 8 ball it makes it that much tougher.

    I also like the fact the he said they will LIKELY sign one more player going into next year. He was saying this while talking about defense and rebounding. Hopefully that translates into a big that can help Zeller and Pritchard

  • InTheMtns

    Big D, I quit following the live game blog for that very reason — too many unknowledgeable fans and too many negative comments. I’ve never commented on the live blog, but I use to read it and follow along during the games. For certain, there were also plenty of insightful and pertinent comments, as well as an enjoyable comradeship among some of the posters; but the negative stuff just got to be too much as far as I was concerned. Especially since some of the negative stuff wasn’t even accurate. I also found it interesting that writers and fans are always saying that we need to play better defense and we need to be better at rebounding. Yet on the live blog, usually all you could learn is who shot and who scored. Occasionally, there would be mention of who got a rebounded and a great defensive move might get noted but for the most part the live blog was all about offense as thought that’s all there is to a game.

    I don’t know that ITH should stop doing the live game blog. Maybe you and I just need to not read it. Your point about IU nation being better served without the forum for drivel and whining might be true, though.

  • Diesel

    Agree here as well. I often follow along to read what Alex and the gang comment on. Often there are side chats and tangents that have nothing to do with the game. I think some changes are due.

  • I’m not all that active on the live blogs. And yes, you are correct that the chats often stray off topic.

    Perhaps we could look into doing “open game threads” next season with real-time commenting rather than the live blog. Thoughts, anyone?

  • SeattleHoosier

    Big D – I agree with you. I’ve been struck by how hyper-critical (i.e., whiney) some people are on the blog. In fact, it actually carries over into this forum as well. I actually make a point to post positive comments here and invariably someone throws a cyber-dagger at me. (For example, I said I think a win against Penn State in the tourney would do us a world of good, and someone shot back that we would get killed by Wisconsin if we beat Penn State!)

    Alex will decide what he wants to do with the blog (and I’ll answer his question below), but I think it’s people like us that need to balance the dialogue. I won’t stop posting positive thoughts here (mostly because I believe the team needs it), and I hope you’ll join me.

    Thanks for surfacing this!

  • SeattleHoosier

    Alex – First of all, I am grateful that you care enough to put this out there. Listening to “customers” is a rarity these days…particularly for a someone who only does this part time 🙂

    I actually liken the blog to a bunch of fans sitting around a bar together watching the game (as it should be, IMO). In this scenario, people will naturally go off-topic (at least my friends do), so I actually view some (not all) of the side conversations as natural and enjoyable…save the negativity. The Tijan comments still make me laugh.

    I am struck by how critical people are on the blog though, and it does wear me down a bit (see my comment above). I just think the moderators and some of the fans need to offer a more balanced perspective and/or call out the whiners more often. God forbid Cody or Austin see some of the stuff some people write…

    I know I didn’t answer your question directly, (mostly because I don’t know the difference between an “open game thread” and a live blog – sorry), but I would keep the blog and just ask some of the moderators to balance it more rather than just reporting the score.

    Keep up the good work, Mr. B!

  • Diesel

    When I don’t make it to the game, I really enjoy some of the in-house perspective that you guys bring, and I like your critique of the game.

    I’m not sure how an open game thread would work, but it would be worth trying for something different. I realize the “mody” has an impossible job, so I assume just about anything is let through. Maybe a couple of interns to moderate the comments a bit better.

    The live blog is no where close to the meaningful posting, debate, and commentary that takes place on a regular ITH thread.

  • Anonymous

    that’s what seems to happen on any live game blog I’ve ever watched…..especially when a team plays bad

  • MillaRed

    If you go to the 5:10 mark on this vid, when they are pointing out to CW that IU did not attempt a FT in the second half, check out Rivers reaction. I think it sums up that entire game.

  • MillaRed

    This IMO was CTCs best interview of the year. This is why we were all excited about hiring him. He pointed out the obvious, took some responsibility, was not bitter at any point. Made perfect sense to me.

    Someone pointed out last week something about IU being “snake-bitten” this year. I think pure bad luck cost us 5+ wins due to things we just could not control.

    Looking forward to seeing what we can grab with the other 2011 scholly. Pelphrey was officially let go from Arkansas today.