Inside the Hall Podcast: March 8

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(Photo credit: Jamie Owens of J. Scott Sports)

Winding down the regular season, Zach Osterman is joined by Ryan Winn of the Indiana Daily Student and LaMond Pope of the Ft. Wayne Journal-Gazette to chat Penn State, leadership and the creature known as Sheeladipo.

Ryan and LaMond also offer reflection on this season and thoughts on the next one.

(*Inside the Hall assures no gingers were harmed during the taping of this podcast.)

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  • Anonymous

    Here’s one I would have liked to hear discussed. Given CTC’s penchant for playing 3, more or less, guards most of the time does he go with 2 guards next year and play CW, TP & CZ or does he play the 3 guards and bring one of those off the bench and if he brings one of them off the bench which one is it and why. Given our obvious needs on the interior I don’t see how we can afford for CZ to come off the bench and if you assume that it is TP that comes off the bench CZ then ends up guarding the other teams 5. Is this what we really want to happen ? I don’t think it would be a wise thing for us to do that to CZ right off the bat. In this scenario the only other alternative is for CW to guard the other team’s 5 and I think we all know how that would work out. In just two words: NOT GOOD. So that only leaves a couple of other things to do if he goes with 3 guards 1) Continue to start CW and TP and bring CZ off the bench which starts us off right where we end this year or 2) start TP to guard the other team’s 5 and start CZ at the other big spot and bring CW off the bench. I think CZ can give us just as many or more rebounds than what we are currently getting with CW and I think he will probably play just as good of defense as what CW currently plays and CZ gives us more of a shot blocking presence than CW does. Free throw shooting is a wash as I believe CZ can shoot just as good of a percentage as CW does or awful close to it. Don’t know if CZ can give us the same amount of points as CW currently does but the trade off may be worth it. I guess how things transpire over this off season may go a long way towards deciding how this plays out.

    Maybe going with just 2 guards at the beginning of the game is the way to go. This would allow us to finally have an interior presence for the first time under Crean and would take which one of the three NOT to start out of the equation. TP to guard the other team’s 5 and tutor CZ on defense and this way might create more of a chance to have the mismatch for CW that we all have been wanting and waiting for. This would also create even more competition in practice when all of a sudden there is only 2 guard slots open instead of the 3 that has been there in the past and thus forces someone to elevate their game to where it needs to be for this team to have more success. Throw a healthy MC into the picture and it gets even more interesting. If, IF, he is back to where he was before the injury his freshman year then I think Crean has to look very hard at starting him at the 2 along with whoever else can help us the most running the point. IMHO that is Jordy especially after another year of working on his game and getting stronger. The obvious question in this scenario is, one, will Crean do that and two, if he does, will VJ3 be able to accept this kind of role in a way that helps this team rather than hurting this team next year.

    Oddly enough having to ask these questions is a good thing and it will be one of the things that I will be looking forward to seeing the answer to the most.

    What does anyone else think, 2 guards, 3 guards, if 3 guards then who sits and why ? If only 2 guards who are they and who sits ?

  • Plane1972

    I don’t think there will be a set formula of 2 guards or 3 guards. It will all depend on the match-up on any given night. The lineups will fluctuate a lot given all the unknowns regarding Mo’s recovery, how quickly CZ adapts to the college game, the strides VO and WS make, VJ3 improvement in minimizing turnovers, etc. Too many moving parts that will be interchangeable to nail down a set lineup.

  • iustl

    need to go another direction. CW needs to start but really lacks the quickness to play what we have long considered his natural 3 position. In the off season put him on the DJ White strength and size program and bulk him up 20/25 pounds and let him play down low with CZ. Two post guys that are more athletic, longer and can step out and shoot. Could 4’s in the big ten guard CW on the court? Maybe the match up we want. Would add a demension we are currently missing and should work well in the Dribble drive offense with better driving into the lane.
    This would allow Creek and WS at the wings, VJ3 becomes the 6th man to play either wing or PG. TP moves to the bench to become an off the bench role player.
    Much better depth in positions 7-8 with AE and VO. CTC seems to like to use a lot of players and this would allow him a solid 9 deep. Hulls is a question. I would like to put him at PG due to his BB IQ, potential leadership and heart, but I think he lacks the quickness/size to guard other BT points. No real options so put him there anyway. I think he needs to be on the court and there really is not much of an alternative that I have seen. It would be great if we could train/turn VO into a point guard. He has the size and quickness to be a threat at the position.

    DE is redshirted until he learns how to play within himself, but that likely can’t happen due to the lack of depth in the post. CZ will likely have a lot of fouls his first year.
    The others are to be used only in case of dire emergency and therefore seldom used. They are scout team material that get to wear a uniform on game days and will get recognition on their senior night.

  • Anonymous

    I like Hulls, Oladipo or Sheehey, Watford, Zeller, Pritchard. I think Verdell off the bench is the best way to use him. He can score and penetrate, but if you give him too many minutes he turns the ball over and hogs the ball too much.

  • Anonymous

    Agree with Plane1972 here, think it’s too early to worry about lineups next year. Have to see what the roster looks like and how well people are playing next fall.