HD Video: Washington’s Cody Zeller vs. Vincennes Lincoln

  • 03/05/2011 1:30 pm in

Inside the Hall made the trip on Friday evening to Huntingburg Memorial Gymnasium for Washington’s 56-36 Class 3A sectional semifinal win over Vincennes Lincoln.

IU signee Cody Zeller finished with 13 points (5-of-9 FG, 3-of-4 FT), 11 rebounds, four assists and a blocked shot in 32 minutes.

Watch 18 high-definition quality video clips of Zeller in the embedded media player below:

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  • michaelhermon94

    After today’s latest embarrassment, my hope for next year’s starting line up would be:

    Aniefiok at PG
    Creek at SG
    Watford as SF
    Zeller at PF
    YTBD JuCo at C

    If this is our team next year, I’d have some hope, Jones and Sheehey could bring some offense off the bench, Oladipo and Pritchard could bring some D, and Hulls can be the new Danny Moore.

  • Anonymous

    Ae Ws or Vo could all start in front of Creek. I think Mo will need a season of actually playing some before he becomes effective enough to become a starter again. Then you have 2012 recruits coming. I’m not sure Creek ever starts again.

  • michaelhermon94

    You could be right, there is a real possibility he ends up like Tom Pritchard, where he peaked as a freshman. For now, I am taking the optimistic approach, and hoping the recent injury was less serious allowing him to put the work in over the summer, and come back to original form next season.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I would be satisfied with:

    Zeller – C
    Pritch – PF
    Sheehey – SF
    VJ3/Victor – SG
    Hulls – PG

    I think those are the only guys who play hard consistently and the frosh! I’m iffy on Jones still after watching his defensive performances and I’m even not sold on Hulls because of his defensive struggles but he’s the only PG on the roster. I highlighted a play in the in the first half when Matt Roth was beat off the dribble. TP was on the opposite block and tried to get over to help but couldn’t make it in time. Watford was directly in front of the driver and BACKED OUT OF THE WAY! He didn’t even try to help or at least set up to take the charge! He is a wuss! He’s soft and he’s lazy on D! I can give a pass to a guy like Hulls or even Jones if they at least hustle and try to play D, even Roth! But I can’t give a pass to a guy who just MOVES instead of trying to help when he is by far in the best position! I don’t care how great a scorer he is (and he isn’t that great if he has to go 6-18 or something like that to get his 18 points! At least TRY to play defense! Fine, you’re too slow to guard a 3 and too weak to guard a 4, but you aren’t too invisible to step in and take a charge or help your teammates out! That one play typified the entire season for IU and players like CWat! Defense is NOT his focus and he could give two squirts of piss whether his guy goes for 30 while he gets his 20 or not! It’s pathetic and I blame CTC for it! Play Howard or Capo or pick up another big who will put the effort in on the defensive end! It’s not like it’s going to cost us the game right now! Cody Zeller isn’t going to help that at all! He can guard and help until he’s blue in the face but only a coach can get in a player’s face and tell them if you don’t start putting out the effort at both ends of the court you aren’t playing!

    My friend watching the game easily spotted what I saw when I rewound it and told him to watch CWat. It was obvious lack of effort and it was still in the first half and only like a 12-15 point game!

    Absolutely pathetic that he remained on the court after a play like that! I sure as heck hope someone notices that play on film day!

  • Anonymous

    I attended the Broad Ripple sectional and thought you guys might like to read a few of my observations from an entertaining week of basketball.
    -Ron Patterson had 16 points against North Central. Broad Ripple was outclassed and Patterson was relegated to chucking up threes for most of the contest. I have seen him play much better games than he did on Wednesday night.

    -Collin Hartman struggled with his shot for the entire game. He managed to knock down a few and had a 35-footer hit the back rim at the end of the game. The shot would have won it but Cathedral fell in overtime. Hartman handled Lawrence Central’s press well and moves very well for a sophomore of his size. Exciting prospect.

    -Jeremy Hollowell is a great player. He plays under control, finishes around the rim, has a good shot and is a very capable defender. He would be a tremendous addition to the 2012 class. Think Christian Watford plus effort on the defensive end.

    -Devin Davis had a solid performance against Lawrence Central but turned it over too many times against LC’s pressure. When he played under control and got to the basket, he was able to finish through contact.

    -Smith-Rivera is very strong and is a beast when he drives the basketball. I am still not convinced he can be an elite college player though. His jumpshot is spotty and he won’t be able to overpower everyone at the college level. Good player though. I was also a fan Ronnie Johnson’s game. He is a deadeye shooter and a solid point guard.

    -Lawrence North and North Central marred an otherwise tremendous sectional. Tim Bass and Michael Chandler started a brawl (they were both guilty), several players and fans joined in and shoved each other, it was an ugly scene. I watched the game on WHMB-40 to see their footage and DSR through a punch that landed on the top of Chandler’s head before realizing he needed to get out of the scrum. Both players should be ashamed at their lack of self-control. Other than that, tremendous week of basketball.

  • N71

    I attended as well and was most impressed with Jeremy Hollowell. He is an absolute must get and has no ceiling, a future pro if he continues to develop and doesn’t get hurt. He picks his spot and can take over a game at anytime. It’s as though he could improve his conditioning because he is very selective when he puts the gas on and when he doesn’t, as though he is managing his energy because it’s limited. He could also improve his ball handling from what I saw. I can’t imagine him on a team with Yogi and Cody…others to take the defensive attention away from him.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, went to Zellers game last night..did not impress me at all. He didn’t look interseted in the game! I hope this was just a one time thing…also he didn’t look 6’10” more like 6’9” or 8”

  • Glawton12

    6’8″? Pritchard and Watford are both listed at 6’9″, and Zeller is easily taller than both of them.

  • He’s a legit 6-10. Might be closer to 6-11.

  • DJ5

    Agree with the responses…a legit 6’10” or more. I think he’s pretty similar to Tyler at the same point as far as skills, and Tyler is pretty awesome. It’s tough to tell much when you have a MdD all-american playing with average at best HS players around him. Same with Dawson at Lew Wallace.

  • DJ5

    I think Bracey’s problems were less his strength and more that he really only did one thing well: shoot. And when his shot was not there, he had nothing else. He was not a good ballhander, was not a good defender, struggled to get his own shot, and did not rebound or pass particularly well.

    Cody has size, can rebound, has a nice 10-15 foot jumper, good post moves, can move well for his size, and plays pretty good defense. Not sure if strength will be an issue or not. I really don’t know. I just know that there is more to his game than just size.

  • Uncle Joey

    You must be a Purdue fan, then…

  • Anonymous

    Agree with you AceMan. It is sad that Wat doesn’t have the grit and mental toughness. Given his role on the team I believe, to an extent, he is looked up to. When he puts forth that sort of effort it effects the whole team. All of the best teams in the country have thier tone set by thier best players and those players possess winning qualities beyond putting the ball in the basket. He needs to devote himself more to the team effort and doing the smaller things. If you have the skill, and he does, the points will come. When you look back at the handful or so of games he did turn it on he always has put up good #s. He needs to look himself in the mirror and make a serious change. Otherwise, I would rather go about finding points elsewhere. He needs his teamates to get in his mix. Hopefully this happens! Or else next year will be a disappointment as well.

  • I think he’s different than Tyler, though.

    Tyler is more of a back to the basket guy and while Cody can excel in that area, he can also step out and knock down shots from the perimeter and handle the ball as well.

    And while he’s obviously a lot more talented than his teammates, it’s not a one man show at Washington, IMO. Anthony, Ervin and Pittman are all solid HS players.