• InTheMtns

    Well, there wasn’t a whole lot to celebrate —

    we lost the final home game, we have one senior on the team, one senior who never
    suited up and one senior who is a manager (but who actually did suit up his Soph year)

    — but the fans and Coach Crean made it every bit as celebratory and classy as possible. My hats off to them and to the Seniors!

  • Anonymous

    Crean said 3 seniors. I know Jeremiah, understand Guy, but who is the third?

  • InTheMtns

    Mike Santa is the third — he’s a student manager and he was recruited onto the team as a walk-on his Sophomore year when there weren’t enough players to fill the roster. I think ESPN even did a story about IU having a student manager on the team. Actually there were two other seniors, as well, that were honored Thursday night – manager’s Josh Mantell and Will Scott.