Tom Crean on Ohio State

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In lieu of availability this weekend ahead of Indiana’s trip to Ohio State, we were all e-mailed a selection of thoughts from IU coach Tom Crean regarding his team’s tilt with the Buckeyes. Take a gander below to see what he said:

Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean on the Ohio State game

“First and foremost, this is another great opportunity for our players and coaches. We get to play on CBS on a Sunday afternoon against one of the top teams in the country.”

”We will have to play mistake-free and make the most of our opportunities on offense. We have to move the ball, make the extra pass and take the best shot possible each time down the floor.”

“Each game is an opportunity to find out something about yourself. When we have played with toughness and resolve we are a different basketball team, home or on the road. We have to play with trust and belief in one another and we have to play with a controlled confidence. As I said after the Purdue game, we played hard, but we didn’t always play smart.”

“Defensively, they have so many weapons that we are going to have to be active with our hands, move on the pass to disrupt what they want to do and contest every shot. We can’t allow them to be active on the offensive glass.”

On Ohio State

“Ohio State is a great example of a player-led team. Their seniors (Lighty, Diebler and Lauderdale) have done a great job of integrating their younger players.”

“I think everything starts with Diebler, because he’s as good a shooter as there is in the country and the ball continually finds him back because of the way he finds other people. They’re such a dominant team and they’re so good at so many positions that you just can’t let guys do things that they don’t normally do in games.”

“Last time against us, Buford got hot early with the three and it just created everything else for the rest of the team and we did not have an individual match-up for Jared Sullinger.”

“Ohio State is different because of how much talent they have and there are multi-dimensional. These guys can beat you from three, they can beat you from the pull-up game, they can beat you at the rim and you’ve got to get up and you’ve got to establish more will and grit and resolve to that.”

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  • Marsh21

    Off the ball screens are a must to get our players open in this game due to the athletic ability of OSU. We’ll see if the coaching staff agrees…

  • HoosierFromCt

    this game will be really exciting when OSU is up 10-8. Then it will be 20-8 and I will change the channel.

  • Kelin Blab

    My hope for this game:

    + Not to get beat by 25+ on national tv
    + IU plays a solid first half, so if they lose the excuse for the second half could be experience and or talent
    + Jordan Hulls gets benched if he doesn’t look to score and put up 12-15 shots
    + Christian Watford measures himself against NBA talent and accepts the challenge.
    + Pritchard realizes he is as strong as Sullinger and makes him fight for position
    + Crean decides to play Guy and dare the NCAA to do something. Then during the press conference bring up Cam Newton 38 times.
    + The Crimson Guard shows up strong in Columbus

  • Anonymous

    Lets go Hoosiers! Hopefully the Buckeyes come into the game taking IU very lightly and we punch them in the mouth!

  • Luke72

    Coach Crean has Two million reasons to take this all in stride! Sorry this has to happen on national TV! If we can keep within 15 points of them it will lessen the blow. Always for you Hoosiers but these guys are one of the best teams in the country, and we are not.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know why, but I just have a better feeling about this game than the last few — not going as far as predicting a win, but I think they’ll play well.

  • Anonymous

    Remember the tournament run by Coverdale, Fife, Hornsby and Co. We will have to shoot 3’s like that to have a chance. Crossing my fingers like Kevin Bacon.

    GO IIU!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Random stuff roaming on kenpom (all this noticed there):

    The B10 is the toughest conference this year. Last year #4. One third of IU’s B10 games this year are against top 10 teams.

    This team might be far better than how it feels right now — it’s actually comparable to the 2004 (14-15) team (you decide what that means). It feels reasonable to say if we had 2-3 more wins (N. Iowa, and maybe the 2 with Iowa) we might feel pretty good right now, with 3 games left.

    It also feels reasonable to say we really could expect 2-3 more wins at this point, and don’t have them, so that’s disappointing, but it’s still in the ballpark. We had a stretch of several games this year that felt unlike anything we’ve felt for several years — and in the middle of B10 season.

    Northwestern and Boston College are rated similar to us (again, kenpom) and are 16-11.

    Since Christmas, the worst teams IU has played are rated 68th and 87th. Since Christmas, the BEST team Butler has played is rated 69th — the rest are in the 1-200’s. Butler split with Wright State (-5, +8); we won by 23. Butler is rated 57, us 71. And Butler is 20-9. Not saying we’d beat Butler, just that the gap is NOT a 12-16 vs. 20-9 gap.

    Is Moses Abraham now “Moses Ayegba?” 17 minutes all season; 5 since Christmas. If that’s him. Georgetown has had lots of close games; he’s not ready for that and they have other, better choices.

    The road is long. We’re on it. And we’re not where we were yesterday.

  • Anonymous

    “Ohio State is a great example of a player-led team.”

    I prefer my teams coach-led, especially Coach Knight-led.

  • Anonymous

    I hope we play very loose. All of the pressure is on the Bucks. I have seen some bigger upsets than this would be! I would also hope that they don’t shoot close to the 80 percent they seemingly shot from 3 against us last game in the 1st half! I am not completely certain that they hit the rim all night!

  • Luke72

    Can’t double Sullinger and let Buford and Diebler fire away. If the Hoosiers can play with these guys for 40 then the step we need for maturity has come along way! With a lock out coming in the NBA here’s a scary though Jared will be back next year!

  • Devout Hoosier

    Last time we were completely dominated by three pointers over a zone defense.

    Make Sullinger beat us and shut down Diebler. That’s a 1 point difference per bucket and a better chance that we can keep up and maybe steal one at the end.