Purdue Postgame: Tom Crean

  • 02/23/2011 11:38 pm in

Watch what Indiana head coach Tom Crean had to say following Indiana’s 72-61 loss to Purdue on Wednesday at Assembly Hall. The loss dropped the Hoosiers’ to 12-16 overall and 3-12 in the Big Ten.

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  • stonaroni

    I think I am on board with you guys. Every one wants to talk youth, but if you look at where we are ranked as a youth perspective, I bet we are more talented than the 100 teams ranked above us. Then people say we just don’t have the talent. I guarantee that DE at Purdue would be tougher, a better defender and more consistent because that is what is expected.

    In a year where every college basketball enthusiats and broadcaster says there is no great team, the paradoy is amazing, even the good teams have exposed achilles heel situations, some of the IU faithful are falling back on talent. If anything, this is the year we should be able to make a dent in the Big 10, win 7 games, end the season .500 or better. So many fans say, well last year we were getting beat by 20+ points, but this year it is only 11 or 12 point losses. Who Cares? A loss is a loss. And when Ill and MSU are much weaker than what they were expected to be, and throw MInn in the mix, there was damage to be done by IU this year and we choked. We just missed an opportunity to get back on the map and out of the cellar. But no, we are growing roots in the cellar.

    I think many IU fans are in shock from the past 10 years. They now are looking at anything good tohold on to. Now it seems we have worn out the following excuses:

    +CTC had to rebuild
    +CTC needs a few years of his recruits
    +The 2009 class is going to save the day
    +This team is still very young
    +This team doesn’t have much talent, but wait 2009 class was suppose to save the day right?

    Now fans are wearing the CTC can recruit hat.

    I am firm in saying this. CTC is recruiting one of the top 3 basketball talent producing states. He has a tradition behind him matched by just a few schools. He has a facility that is amazing, and he has an AAU program in Indiana Elite that is a pipeline. Eric Gordon AllStars, pipeline! I have no doubts that there are a dozen coaches that could talke this program to more wins faster than CTC and also land the same recruits, perhaps better. The 2011 class is looking anemic now when the 2009 class and 2010 class have sooooooooooo many holes in them. Another 2011 class with holes=little improvement for 2011-12.

    IMO CTC is going to have to have a total mindshift going into next season to pull off a NCAA birth. I hope it happens and CTC proves me wrong as well as the other naysayers. But where we stand today as a program, we are hurting. I appreciate the grades, the integrity, and the passion, but the schemes and x’s and o’s are not college level worthy.

    I think the players are giving a good effort, but I think they are as confused as we fans are. It is evident in their play. Standing around on offense, no movement, no flashing, no cutting. Out of bounds plays are so lethargic that one man moves to get open. In a tight game against Iowa, CTC calls a timeout and the players come out and stand around. CTC likes to act like the players aren’t getting it, but aren’t these the same kids rocking out the classroom bringing a strong collective GPA and recognition.

    On top of this, so many players are like yo-yo’s. DE, TP, VO, WS get yanked at first mistake yet VJIII has 3 to 4 TO/game and he has a counterpart in Hulls that can run the point. We have no heigth but DE and TP get to sub in for one another all night instead of being on the floor at one time. WS and VO can put together a scoring spree of 4 to 7 points in four minutes and then I guess they are done because they come out. With a team that struggles each night out to find the 3rd scorer, keep them in.

    I could go on and on. I just know next season, a lot is going to have to happen for me to change my mind.