• Hoosier in Ohio

    Absolutely terrible defense again, we gave up 7 three’s in the first half. Let’s see what well be coach Crean’s excuse, were too slow, too tired, etc. It comes down to one thing – coach with about equal players between teams, the other coached team is going to win, it’s just a fact. You need someone on your staff that can teach defense. I hope the second half goes better!! Maybe if you let one of the assistants take over the bench duty.

  • Anonymous

    Foul shooting in the clutch. Defense. Not catching passes under the basket.

    These are things you can control.

  • Marsh21

    This team has packed the season in boys. Lost on offense and no outside defense!

    Wow I just expected this team to fight more than this. Next year little will change because you will still have VJIII.

  • N71

    Jesus…I sit here in a dark room with candles wondering when the torcher will end. I can’t take VJ3 any more…if he doesn’t go then I will. I’ve stopped payment on my check to the IU athletic department ($13) until either VJ3 is gone or Ron Patterson arrives. I’m going to take some Advil, watch some Yogi highlights and go to bed. Perhaps tomorrow things will be better. Toto we’re not in Indiana anymore, we’ve lost to Northwestern and Iowa in Bloomington. How many days until Cody arrives?

  • IU1972

    and you’ll still have Watford, who may never wrestle a loose ball away from anyone weighing more than 165 lbs and who may continue as a 6’9″ guy who can play like he’s really 6’0″ (not a good thing).