• JerryCT

    “Combative vs Play Hard ” . How do you teach players what you mean by the difference ?

    My own ideas :

    1. Start the game w a press or half court trapping defense to set the tone and do not change until every player you intend to play has played .

    2. No switching on defense and only opportunistic “help”. Each player must meet his matchup challenge or get exposed .

    3. Establish offensive sets where everybody, everybody screens . If you bail out on the screen ( ie DE ) you sit out a rotation. ( review Pitt vs Nova )

    4. Each starting 5 player gets at least one clear out designed for them per half , where they take their man one on one ……… win, lose, draw for all to see. ( hate this but we are teaching combative here )

    Hulls :

    I agree w coach that the more time he has the ball at point the more we need other options on the floor to take pressure off him or devise schemes to play him off the wing

  • InTheMtns

    I’d like to see us start the game with a press or half court trapping defense, too. Crean seemed to indicate that he doesn’t use it as much as he’d like because the team has been sloppy with it in the past and he worries that it will result in easy buckets for the other team. The thing is, though, that when they do do it well, it seems to really engage them and fire them up. As you said — it would set the tone right from the start, and a combative one at that.

    I’d also really like your third point – offensive sets where everybody (and you mean everybody) screens. Our screens right now are just so predictable and way too easy to defend.