Tom Crean talks Tuesday’s game at Purdue

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No media availability today, but IU media relations passed along the following comments from Tom Crean on tomorrow’s game at Purdue.

On The Hoosiers

“We are coming off of four straight games that were decided on the final play. I think we have shown great resolve, regardless of the outcome, to recognize that each game following takes on a greater importance and the focus has to be on our ability to come out with the proper mindset each practice. If we do that, we are having much more success in taking our efforts in practice and applying them to game situations.”

Keys for the Hoosiers

“I think we have to have a rebounding mentality first and foremost. Our defense has to become a positive for our offense. We have to attack and get to the free throw line. Defensively, we have to communicate and help and not allow them to get the type of plays that will raise the intensity of their crowd to another level.”

On Tuesday’s Game

“Right now, I would challenge anyone on the quality of play that is taking place in our league. Every game is being played like a rivalry game. The coaches and players in the Big Ten all understand the importance of each league game. I would expect more of the same tomorrow night.”

On Purdue

“They have great leadership on the court and they make basketball plays. Their pressure is relentless on offense and defense. They score so much off of their defense, a lot more than they get credit for. They share the ball. They rebound the ball. They always are in attack mode.”

On E’Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson

“They are both outstanding senior leaders. Moore is a player that can get the crowd going very quickly with his shooting. Johnson is playing in the present as well as any senior player in the country.”

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  • Luke72

    Pritchard has a tall order to keep up inside with Purdue. He must stay out of foul trouble and get some help with the boards. Have always thought they get alot of breaks from the officials in Macky. The Hoosiers need to get to the free throw line to stay in this one. Johnson at home is going to get his 20 plus, much more than that will spell a long evening for the Hoosiers. Jordy is on a roll and he understands what this rivalry is all about. Roll on Jordy, roll on! Go Hoosiers!!

  • JerryCT

    On paper this is not a favorable matchup for us:

    1. Their pressure defense vs our poor ball handling
    2. Their defense vs our slow developing offense
    3. Their scoring big vs our fouling bigs
    4. Their refs vs our luck with refs

    Again to be competitive we will need heavy heavy contributions from unlikely sources.

    I feel like DE, VO, WS and perhaps Matt Roth are the most likely sources of unlikely contributions.

    To screw with them I would not mind going back to our box and one or triangle and 2 with WS shadowing Johnson and JR shadowing Moore. Make the other guys step up.

    I have no doubt they will defend Hulls so we need higher % of stops and then search for points. No body should be afraid to take an open shot including JR.

  • Joe B.

    Really not related to the article at all but.. is that Gary Harris, bottom left corner, about 3 from the left, head in is hands?? He looks bored, but it’s more likely he’s, this sucks, wish I could be out there getting this type of reaction from the Hoosier Faithful!! At least, in my cream and crimson mind, that is what he is thinkin..

  • That’s Trey Lyles.

  • Plane1972

    Yeah, and I don’t think he is bored. It appears he’s talking on a cell phone in one hand and probably plugging his ear with the other.

  • Anonymous

    If we run a zone/junk defense they may kill us. Ryne Smith is shooting even better than Hulls and is the 3rd most efficient player in the country (per Pomeroy). Hart (44%) and Byrd (36%) aren’t bad either if left open. May be able to mix it in when T. Johnson and Barlow on are on the floor for a possession or two.

    It will be interesting to see the defensive game plan as they’re different than the team we played last year. Lewis Jackson seems much improved this year and makes them a bit more difficult for us if he’s aggressive getting into the lane to create.

  • jam

    that’s not Gary harris behind the bench with his hands on his face, is it?

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    If I was CTC I would already have it in my game plan to go nuts and get T’d up the first time we get screwed. He needs to try and change the officiating momentum right from the get go! I think a tirade in the first five minutes would let the officials know that he’s not going to roll over and take it up the backside any longer!

  • HoosierFromCt

    Off topic
    Will ITH have an iphone/blackberry/droid application? That would be siiiick.

  • Kelin Blab

    I like our chances in this game if:
    1. We double Johnson and come out of it correctly
    2. Run some junk defenses at Moore with Will, JR, and Vic.
    3. Make the supporting caste beat us
    4. Get a good performance out of Pritch, Elston, and Bobby combined
    5. Get to the foul line
    6. Get some Offense from VJ, Jordy, and JR

    I think Pritch could play Johnson straight up on the block given his strength. I believe JR and Victor could slow down Moore with solid off screen help.

  • GFDave

    Make it a dog fight, double JJ on the touch and man-up Moore with Rivers/VO.

  • HoosierSmitty

    I was asked to go to BWs with some friends to watch the game. Problem is that I live in Lafayette and they are die hard Boiler fans. Now, I could handle their good-natured ribbing, but the other people in the bar I probably couldn’t handle.

    I don’t think I can stomach some of the idiocy I will deal with there, regardless of the outcome, so I’m going to cozy up and watch the game at home. Gutless or smart? I don’t really care…I just don’t need to get arrested for punching some bastard for his ignorance or lack of discernible IQ. Not a good idea when you’re a public school teacher!

    Anyway, I think we’ll be more competitive in this game than I would have originally thought, but I don’t see Indiana having much of a chance.

    Purdue has several role players playing good basketball which make the big two of Moore and Johnson even that much more deadly. The last four teams we’ve faced have either been struggling (Illinois, MSU, Minnesota) or just aren’t that good (Iowa). Purdue is good and has been playing well. Yes they lost at Wisconsin, but that’s not saying a lot. The big positive for IU I take from the Wisconsin game is that Purdue really gave it away at the end. So maybe if IU can hang around until a few possessions left, they can get some fortunate bounces and pull it out. Plain and simple, Purdue has to be off and IU needs to be really on to pull this game out. I wish it wasn’t the case, but it’s the unfortunate truth right now.

  • Anonymous

    Could not agree more. Done correctly and in the right spot, what’s it going to hurt ? Crean has been saying that he needs more toughness from a lot of his players and rightly so. Maybe he needs to show some of the same the first time we get bent over by the refs. Don’t wait for them to tell us there isn’t going to be any vaseline, let them know they ain’t bending us over without a fight to begin with. I have pretty much backed Crean 100 % in just about every aspect the whole time he has been here but this part of the game is out of control.

    Maybe that is what the refs are waiting on. Maybe they figure if he is gonna just lay there and take it, he deserves it, and at the same time, it keeps the other coach happy and off their backs.

    Coach, I have seen you stand up for your players in various other ways, and I like the fact that you do that, so stand up for them when it comes to this.

  • Anonymous

    These are the types of explanations I wish Crean would make! He is so general in the way he describes basketball. He rarely mentions individual player responsibilities. A lot of vagueness. He explains what needs to happen in a very broad way but doesn’t narrow it down to “how” it will happen.

  • kristheboss

    I always like to look at your predictions here are some comments..
    1. I think Jeremiah can legitimately shut down Etwaun Moore, Moore doesn’t posses the athleticism to open himself up from JR. He’s going to be hounded all night as long as JR stays out of foul trouble, other than JR though I think Vic is the only guy that can play him.
    2. Kelsey Barlow, Terone Johnson, Lewis Jackson— these guys cannot combine for more than 10 points on us. These guys have to be able to be overwhelmed by Sheehey, Hulls, VJ3, and Vic.
    3. Smith, Byrd— Gotta be able to keep these guys cool, if they are scoring I think it’ll be from double team collapses on Jujuan Johnson, if they’re hitting quit double teaming can’t let another team Ohio State us.
    4. Let TP have JJ in a 1v1 matchup to start to see just how over matched he is. If quick foul trouble, or unstoppable scoring occur then we got to adjust quick. We can’t have a situation with Capobianco as the only big on the court like we found ourselves several times against Iowa, if that’s the case we will get killed.
    5. Elston needs to come to play, I’m tired of watching one of our most skilled offensive players not look for his shot and settle on rushed jump shots. GO TO THE HOLE, you have a very well polished set of moves around the basket, have some confidence and don’t be afraid to go down low and see what happens, DE has always amazed me with his ability to create layups I wish he just shot more often.
    6. Can’t count on Jordi today, unfortunately I see his matchups being a bit too much for him today with Lewis Jackson and T. Johnson. This means other guys got to step up, JR, Sheehey, Vic, DE, TP, VJ, and Roth need to all come out ready to look to score.