• base

    I would’ve handed over the Assembly Hall keys to this guy and I’m boarderline genius.

  • JerryCT

    ” They want to be good ” ………….. I can live with that ……. and someday I expect they will be

  • Anonymous

    I would be very interested in having an expert in body language watch this and give his opinion cause with the way this season has went I catch myself trying to read between the lines a lot of the time. He says all the right things and all the things that a coach is supposed to say and has to say when in front of the media but…..I’m wondering just how much of what he says is actually what he truly believes.

    Speaking of how things really are I’m wondering if he hasn’t looked at the next two games and then looked at what is coming up after them, not knowing if VJ3 is going to be able to play in consecutive games, and figures if he can’t he might as well have him well rested for the two games in 4 days at home against Minny & Iowa and skip the Purturd game and allow him to rest for a week so that he can be sure to be ready to play against UM.

    I hope it isn’t the case and I’m not a doctor but I would suspect that VJ3’s knee isn’t going to be completely better until he can stop playing on it for an extended amount of time and it’s going to be more of a case of having periods of being able to play on it followed by periods of not being able to play on it. If this is the case making sure he is ready to go when we have our two home games might be the wise thing to do.

    If some one has had this condition or has knowledge about how the recovery goes with it and would not mind to impart some wisdom on me it would be appreciated.

  • JerryCT

    From what I sense from the “market” we have not yet reached “support” and have no confirmed breakout on high volume. Save your money or invest it in Jimmer Fredette

  • JerryCT

    Man, I keep racking my brain trying to figure out what CTC can do to help us be competitive tonight.

    I come up with nothing ….. but the same old will be criticized if we get blown out.

    How do we stop them on defense and who is going to score on offense ? They seem to have answers on paper for everything we do.

    Where is that junkyard dog somebody offered us ? You know the one in jail for robbing the nuns.

    Not sure 43 from Jimmer Fredette would even help.

    We MUST get monster games from some unlikely sources

  • base

    The breakout on volume will come near the end of season because the market looks forward six months. Miss Market likes Cody and Austin. I’ll be at the game tonight with my occular vision and Jedi mind tricks. Who knows, maybe that unicorn that chitz skittles will appear at The Hall tonight and give us a win.

  • JerryCT

    Wow I wish I could be there to help . I will be looking for those Jedi mind tricks

  • JerryCT

    SDSU tried quick, tall, double team trap just about everything and Jimmer still got 43 . His 3 pt shot from way beyond the arc with a guy hanging on him made me scream.

    I do in fact think Hulls could learn from watching him get his shot off .

    I await with baited breath the Hulls version of Jimmer tonight and will give you in advance all the credit

  • MillaRed

    If we win tonight I will become a nun.

  • base: “These aren’t the dunks you’re looking for.”
    Bruce Whiner: “These aren’t the dunks we’re looking for.”

  • I hope your insurer covers elective surgery!

  • (And that was not a we-will-win prediction; I was merely thinking about the necessary steps for you to become a nun.)

  • JerryCT

    Ha Ha . Jimmer is a hero here in the north country of NY. You can go to any bar north of Glens Falls that has a tv and discuss 100’s of players he is better than.

  • JerryCT

    Now THAT is a replay I could watch a 100 times

  • MillaRed

    What do nun’s do anyway? I may want to retract that statement. Can they drink Boone’s Farm?