Inside the Hall Podcast: January 24

  • 01/24/2011 2:48 pm in

(Photo credit: Jamie Owens)

Zach flies solo this week, touching on Iowa and Wisconsin, and briefly on the Maurice Creek injury. He’ll talk about Verdell Jones’ potential value, the Hoosiers’ struggles defensively against Iowa and what we can expect, if anything, from this team moving forward.

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  • HoosierDavey

    Click on the link with Fischer and Dakich, folks. Really good stuff!

  • Kelin Blab

    Heard it this afternoon…..and listened to it again. Facts are facts, and there aren’t many untouchables on this team for next year. At some point pride, guts, and testicular fortitude has to kick in for some or one of these kids….and say enough is enough.

    Are they tired of getting their a##$# kicked?
    What time is the closed door meeting?
    Other than Crean who has a voice on this team?
    Are they all waiting on Cody and Yogi too?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I’m blind, but what link? I’d like to listen.

  • InTheMtns

    I don’t see a link either, LoneStar. Maybe it was in the Twitter fee earlier. But if you go to
    and scroll down the list of pod cast of Dan’s show for 1/24, you’ll find the one with Fisch. It is great. Also, thought the one with Coach Izzo was pretty interesting.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Mtns, it was great. They called it exactly right.

  • JerryCT

    Listened with interest to this and they said that the staff is busting their butts teaching and it is ” going in one ear and out the other ” for many players.

    I believe we have evidence this is not true :

    Exhibit A; The team learned their double team trap pretty fast. It suddenly appeared in Wisky game and then at Iowa. The problem is that it is poorly conceived .

    + help side wing defender has to come completely cross court
    + once he moves cross court he is too far away to recover
    + usually to help TP , who needs no help
    + usually too late arriving to bother the ball
    + leaving more than one player open …………as ……..
    + the remaining players react like keystone cops to the open players

    They learned this pretty fast . If we want to help the post the best way is to 1) deny the pass to the wing who is passing to the post 80% of the time or 2) trap with the strong side wing defender or both.

    I have more but too demoralized to continue and it will get too long winded.

    Bottom Line: Eliminate what is not working ( IMHO switching , over help, double team ) and simplify to what the team can grasp