Video: Gary Harris dunk at Flyin’ to the Hoop

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In yesterday’s weekly recruiting wrap, I posted a link to an image of 2012 Hamilton Southeastern guard taking flight at the 2011 Flyin’ to the Hoop event in Dayton. A couple of you had asked that we post video of the dunk if it surfaced, so here you go:

Harris was the topic of a little Twitter chatter amongst IU fans yesterday after recruiting analyst Evan Daniels tweeted that he believed Michigan State and Louisville were the leaders for the five-star junior guard. Daniels later said that he was simply giving his opinion — but added that he didn’t believe the Hoosiers are in the “top group” for Harris.

I’m still hearing Indiana is near the top of the list for Harris and his recent visits to Bloomington seem to support that notion. Michigan State has long been viewed as the team to beat, but the already assembled recruiting haul for IU in 2012 is appealing for any recruit — including Harris.

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  • Evmaster89


  • Bleeding Crimson

    As they say “SICK”. I would love to have this kid but maybe a long shot. More than likely a one & done but I’d take him.

  • HoosierFromCT

    If he commits to us, somebody find me a more complete recruiting class all from the same state. Michigan’s Fab 5?

  • Anonymous

    All I’ll type in response to this is “wow,” because any additional words would be, much like my initial reaction after viewing, profanity-laced

  • Dannon Brown

    He is awesome, gone and watched a few games this year. Was at the Indy Northwest game when this dunk happened which is equally impressive.

  • 11th and Done (Dunn)

    In my best Joe Dirt, “Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang”.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a good question. Fab 5 wouldn’t be the answer though; only Rose and Webber played their high school ball in Michigan.

  • N71

    Louisville?!!! What? I can understand Michigan State…but Louisville. While they have a new stadium have you ever been on that campus…worse than Purdue’s. Only worse campus’ are Wayne State and Youngstown State…at least in the upper midwest. Bloomington is closer than MSU, nicer than East Lansing, a better school perhaps, and by the way…you get to wear INDIANA across your chest. Coming to Indiana is a must.

  • Luke72

    Not sure what Daniels agenda consists of but Harris with the rest of the 2012 starts to look like a fab 5 caliber class. Big question is how long can any school keep this kid playing on the college level. Shades os Jalen Rose level talent!!

  • MillaRed

    I dunk like this all the time in my Tuesday night D league. What’s the big deal?

  • I bet he will decide next fall..let me set the stage…The new hoosiers are 9-0 and Zeller and the boys are the buzz around college BBall…HMMMM….same system as MSU, with a solid core group and then Yogi coming in! Now why would you not want to be part of that? Can he smell natioinal champ – I bet he can….

  • Anonymous

    There’s been lots of talk about the dribble-drive offense. I am only a fan and have rudimentary and limited knowledge of many aspects of the game. Some day I’ll relay an Everett Dean story to illustrate my lack of deep understanding.

    Anyways, based on what I just saw on this video, I assume that would be a good thing for a guard to be able to do, at will, in the dribble-drive offense, right?

  • Anonymous

    Oh you are so modest uncle. I believe this would be a huge upgrade from what we have available now. By the way, I thought your picture was of Deandre, from the Sampson years, at first. He was always wearing a stocking cap.

  • Who were the people that a month or two ago said that comparing Harris to Gordon was foolish because Harris lacked Gordon’s explosiveness? I’m not saying they have the same level of talent, but the comparison isn’t foolish.

  • dfitz

    Has your 5 year clock run out?

  • MillaRed

    Hmmm, is there a 20-year clock available? I have more hops and maybe a
    better jumper than Daniel Moore.

    Funny stuff. But now I am depressed as you reminded me we are now missing
    Guy and Mo.

    Thanks for nothing dfitz!

  • Anonymous


    The DeAndre comment is funny. I never thought about it but, at first glance, I can see how you made the mistake.

    This is one of my favorite non-traditional campus pics.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Dude, Daniels is just a contrarian IU hater because nobody in there right mind can think that IU isn’t at or near the top of GH’s list considering the number of times he’s been to Bloomington and the group of players already coming in that same year. Daniels is just playing the “I told you so” game in case he guesses right.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I’ve long said Harris was a possible Gordon type and I even think Buss is a possible Gordon type player if his shot continues to develop!

  • Kelin Blab

    Umm the cool thing about this video is the reaction of the managers and the coaches. One reaction was ho hum, the other was straight from an And 1 mix tape.

  • Anonymous

    In fairness, you don’t hear much about Oden because the poor guy has continued to suffer one knee injury after another. The last time his name was mentioned in the papers was due to shots of his manhood that he texted to a girl.

    Conley, up until this season, was considered to be a bust by many. Though still on a losing team, he has a chance to make a name for himself in the league.

    Gordon, on the other hand, is a top-7 scorer and is part on the up-start Clippers who also happen to feature one of the most dynamic rookies the league has seen over the last decade.

    You mentioned Turner…are you referring to Evan Turner? He’s from Chicago. Deshaun Thomas, Mr. Bball and a McD’s All-American from Ft. Wayne, is a freshman there now.

    Jason Gardner, former North Central point guard, never hurt his status as an icon in Indiana, despite playing ball at Arizona. He just didn’t make it to the league to grow his legend further.

  • Anonymous

    Since Tom Jurich became the AD at Louisville, there have been a ton of new additions. New athletic facilities for every sport. They also have “The Yum! Center” for the basketball team. Now, I don’t personally think it compares to Cook Hall (I’ll admit, I’ve only seen Cook Hall from photos and I’ve only driven past the Yum! Center–although I plan to try and walk through Cook Hall, camera in tow, Friday,) but U of L is a lot better than it used to be.
    I still hope he goes to IU, though.

  • Anonymous

    Mike Conley, not Evan Turner.

  • Anonymous

    I used to dunk like this, too—with a foam ball and a coat hanger bent into a rim that hung over my bedroom door.

  • Anonymous

    Why dribble? If your feet aren’t on the ground it isn’t a travel! Harris & Perea upgrade this to the fly-drive offense.

  • Anonymous

    I think Oden’s manhood is the only thing below his waist that hasn’t broken down

  • Anonymous

    I know we’re all excited about the prospect of Harris, but I think you guys are reaching here.

    Let’s wait until he adds 30 pounds of muscle (while maintaining that quickness/athleticism) as well as an effortless/feathery 23 foot jump shot.

  • Ryan Goods

    As much as I agree that I would love Gary Harris in Candy Stripes, I disagree that he will be forgotten. People don’t talk about Oden because he’s always injured and Evan Turner is doing nothing on the 76ers right now. Eric Gordon played for the USA team this summer and scores about 25 points a game.

    Bottom line: Gary Harris won’t be forgotten if he doesn’t come to Indiana. But he WILL be loved more in Bloomington than any other school.

  • Anonymous

    That you know of….ouch, hurts thinking about it

  • MillaRed

    That is totally bizarre. My league is in the same format!

  • Anonymous

    So seriously, what are the odds that IU lands this kid? Realistically?

  • Anonymous

    Not exactly the most appropriate comment, especially given the latest news with Mo Creek.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, been to UofL many times and it’s much improved. Doesn’t compare to IU as a campus, but there are worse places to be…say, Lexington, for example.

  • Anonymous

    Daniels is a Kentucky guy, think he went to Western Kentucky. Pretty sure he still lives in the state.

    I don’t think he has an agenda, he’s Scout’s national analyst and it wouldn’t benefit him. However, there may be latent bias…?

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. Harris is extremely good and very talented. But Gordon was arguably the #1 player in that class. Scout and Rivals both had him as the #2 player in country, and both had a different #1…Gordon had the highest average ranking (I’ll pretend that means something).

  • Anonymous


    I like it. From now on I’m going to set my future expectations for IU recruits based on how well they fit into the fly-drive offense and the don’t-bring-that-stuff-in-here defense.

    FD offense and DBTSIH defense=NC?

  • Anonymous

    Appropriate has never really been my forte

  • Plane1972

    Coat hanger? Really, Gresh? You didn’t splurge and drop some serious coin on a Nerf hoop? I had a full court Nerf Assembly Hall in my bedroom. I lit it up from deep (next to my night stand without hitting the ceiling) ala Randy Wittman.

  • MillaRed

    Doesn’t feel good to me. Something tells me he wants to be THE GUY and with Hanner and Yogi that won’t be as easy. Just a gut feeling. I got nuttin’.

  • MillaRed

    Doesn’t feel good to me. Something tells me he wants to be THE GUY and with Hanner and Yogi that won’t be as easy. Just a gut feeling. I got nuttin’.