Crean: Creek will undergo surgery on Thursday

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In a series of tweets posted early on Tuesday evening, Indiana coach Tom Crean announced that sophomore guard Maurice Creek will have surgery on the stress fracture in his right patella on Thursday.

Here’s the information, pulled directly from Crean’s Twitter account:

Just finished a excellent practice. Maurice was in a positive spirit today. I am so proud of him for how he is dealing with all of this.

Maurice is going to have surgery to repair the stress fracture to his right patella this coming Thursday.

If this young man and his family can believe the the unknown plan that God has for us, we all can. We can never rush what God has in store

For us as people. There have been alot of prayers said for Maurice and support given and I hope you will all continue to do that. Thank you.

Earlier today, The Hoosier Scoop published a post with an opinion from an orthopedist who suggested that it was unlikely that Creek would require surgery and could possibly return before the end of the season. (The orthopedist, in fairness, did not have any access to medical records.) But with this announcement, it’s probably safe to say Creek is done for the year.

Crean did not specify any further details on the type of procedure Creek would be having or a recovery time. And due to student privacy laws, further details on Creek’s surgery are not likely to be provided.

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  • Adam B

    I feel terrible for Mo and wish him the best.

  • Adam B

    I feel terrible for Mo and wish him the best.

  • I wish the rules were such that he could redshirt for a couple of years and really get well – and play with some of our recruits. I hate seeing him play his college career at 60%

  • cooper

    He could redshirt next year, which I agree with you he should

  • JerryCT

    I really think the red shirt next year is called for before we put him back on the floor. We should take no risks with his dreams even if he wants to play and even if medical science says it is ok.

    It was not similar to this but I spent 10 weeks, 22 hours a day hooked to a CPM machine to recover from microfracture surgery on my knee. I would never do this again and here Mo has another surgery and rehab to go thru ……………… I would need some counseling ………….. maybe some halucinagens .

  • Anonymous

    I hope he takes the proper time to heal both legs and if that means taking a redshirt year then so be it.

  • Anonymous

    I hate to see this happen to anyone, let alone Mo Creek. He already had to miss so much last year and worked really hard to come back only to have it taken away again. I think a red shirt next year would be a very good idea. It is not going to benefit him or the team to come back at less than 100% again. He just needs to take whatever time is needed and everyone needs to be patient with it.
    I wish him the best and hope he takes whatever amount of time he needs.

  • Diesel

    No doubt a red shirt has to be strongly, strongly considered. We are a month further along in the season now compared to last year.

    In fairness to the orthopedist report on the Hoosier Scoop, I thought his prognosis (based on the proper terminology – stress fracture) was spot on. This now becomes bad, bad news for Mo Creek and our team next season. Unreal.

  • Diesel

    No doubt a red shirt has to be strongly, strongly considered. We are a month further along in the season now compared to last year.

    In fairness to the orthopedist report on the Hoosier Scoop, I thought his prognosis (based on the proper terminology – stress fracture) was spot on. This now becomes bad, bad news for Mo Creek and our team next season. Unreal.

  • I can see it now. Oladipo gets more PT because of Creeks injury and becomes a better player. Creek redshirts next season when Zeller arrives. The year after that he’s completely healthy but we’re stacked with Hulls, Watford, Elston, VO, Zeller, Yogi, Hanner, Patterson and Gary Harris…so PT is limited. We make a deep tournament run where we meet Kentucky in the final game. After giving up a big lead to pUKe, Creek comes in and starts to light it up…scores 31 (like he did last year against them) and leads us to Banner #6. Creek is carried off the court and becomes a legend at IU.

  • cooper

    Agreed that is why he needs to take his time with this rehab and not rush. Knowing now he won’t play next year lets him focus only on strength and rehab.

    I do not want to see him at the beginning of next year how he looked this year. SEeing him limp up and down the court was hard to watch

  • JerryCT

    Whatever meds you are taking need to be shared w the rest of us

  • Anonymous

    Aw hell, as long as we’re dreaming, he puts the 31 up in the championship game against Dane Fife’s Cinderella IPFW—-Kentucky misses the tournament because they go 0-28 that season.

  • BFowler

    To quote Dane Cook, “Yes, Yes, Y-E-S, YES!”

  • BFowler

    A Hoosier blessing:
    May your surgeon have a hand that is steady and sure.
    May you find your recovery burden to be easy and light.
    May your dreams soar on the wings of angels.
    May the next time we see you, your spirits be lifted and your future bright.
    May the next time the institution in Lexington sees you be filled with made shots and broken blue hearts.
    May God heap His blessings on your life and the lesson He is teaching you be learned.
    May your way be blessed as you will be missed by those of us who cheer for the Hoosiers.

    God bless you, Mo! We can’t wait to see you in action again!

  • Anonymous

    Tough break. i wish him luck on his rehab Stress fractures of the patella are uncommon. Two is brutal (the last stage of a stress fracture is a real fracture and likely what happened to patella number one).

    Regarding stress fractures, Jurkins fracture was mentioned in passing as a stress fracture of “the leg” in the Charlotte paper today, for what its worth.

  • millzy32

    Best wishes to Mo Creek in his recovery. Sitting out next season and getting totally rehabilitated is a must. It was sad to see him out there limping around this year when we all know at full strength he is our best player. Hopefully he has a full and healthy recovery with no setbacks and comes back as a redshirt Junior in 12′ looking like the old Mo. Please don’t try to rush him back. His health is much more important to both him and IU going forward. This could actually be a blessing in disguise for both IU and Creek as long as he is able to come back fully healed in 12′.

    GO MO GO IU.

  • Plane1972

    We’re all bummed about this situation and I get where you’re coming from, but I think this is an unfair assessment. Last year, Creek was simply a talented freshman who needed to see as much game action as possible. This year, he appeared to be turning a corner somewhat and needed to see increasing game action. Blaming Crean for any of it is the wrong idea. I mean no offense by this. Crean simply would never put his guys in harm’s way, especially Creek.

  • jamesNcorydon

    so when are you guys going to post the “this is indiana” youtube video.. its the hottest thing to hit since soulja boy tell em

  • stonaroni

    Yes I feel this is very unfortunate for Mo. With rest, proper conditioning and rehab, Mo will be 100% some day. Time will tell if he has to redshirt.

    At the same time, I do not see this as a bad, bad thing. VO and WS will get more minutes this year. This team is not tourney bound so now we can take some lumps and tuen WS and VO lose…why not?

    Next season Mo may be back which is a win-win because he will be 100% healthy, WS and VO have that much more Big 10 experience and we have AE in the fold.

    If Mo Redshirts it is still a win-win because we know Mo right now as about 60-70% of himself. AE can offer that level of play next year that we have seen from Mo this year. And, again, WS and VO are that much better next season.

    If AE were to get Mo’s 8 shots a game, he would score more than 8 points.

    If JH, VJIII, and CW split Mo’s 8 shots a game next year, they will score more than 8 points.

    Mo was having a bad shooting year aswell as struggles on D. When he comes back 100% this team will be so much better whether it is next year or in 2012-13.

  • As long as we’re dreaming, pUKe gets death penalty and Criminalipari gets a lifetime ban from coaching in college.

  • You have to wonder if there was an underlying problem – there are people who have a bipartite patella – and this would predispose to this injury and the surgery should help. Recovery will take a while and I would defer to ortho and PT before speculating on a return. I do not feel it would be unreasonable for him to return for next year – but again would defer to his Othopedic surgeon. Mo has a great motor and his leadership will be critical regardless of whether he is on the floor or not…

  • stonar – you nailed it – something positive can come from adversity and this should help both IU and MO….I also appreciate the respect and help he gets from CTC.

  • marcusgresham

    Do I know you? I have a feeling I do.

  • Proud Cubs/Cowboys/IU Fan

    I know this is off topic, but I am going to try to start an IU blog and hopefully succeed. Here’s the link if you wanna check it out.…/

  • Proud Cubs/Cowboys/IU Fan
  • Peter

    Remember DJ White was injured 2 seasons in a row and look how his IU career ended up!

  • Proud Cubs/Cowboys/IU Fan

    That’s the spirit!

  • vslice

    By next year, I believe Mo will be 100% again. The problem is that he should of been red shirted this year, but the coaching staff took a gamble and it didn’t pay off.

    Mo was medically cleared, Mo along with his family and coaching staff all felt that he was ready to play. Im sure that Mo could have asked to have been red shirted, but he didn’t. I dont think it was anyone’s fault, they took a chance on him getting better as the year went along and hoped he may be 100 percent toward the end of the year, but it just didn’t pay off. Unfortunately it will now cost him a year’s worth of scholarship time. Half the year last year along with the rest of the year this year.

    It would be interesting to know if Crean would have red shirted Mo with what he knows now. Its all hindsight, can’t change anything now. Just hope that Mo does everything possible to get back to 100% and that his basketball career can get back on track.