Ferrell goes for 27 in rout of Heritage Christian

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Park Tudor’s Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell (11) drives to the basket in a 76-53 win at Lapel on December 30, 2010. Photo by Jamie Owens of J. Scott Photography. Click here to view a gallery from this game and other Indiana high school games.

Throughout the season, Inside the Hall will keep you posted on how 2011 signees Austin Etherington and Cody Zeller, IU’s eight verbal commitments and other notable prospects with interest in the Hoosiers, are performing at their respective schools.

You can send us stats or results for this report at [email protected]. Here’s our latest update:


+ Austin Etherington (Hamilton Heights): Twenty points and 11 rebounds in a 68-39 win at Taylor on Jan. 7.

+ Cody Zeller (Washington): Twenty-nine points and 15 rebounds in a 80-59 win over Evansville Mater Dei on Jan. 7.


+ Hanner Perea (La Porte La Lumiere): Did not play as game against Summit Christian on Jan. 8 was canceled.

+ Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell (Park Tudor): Twenty-seven points in a 81-55 rout of Heritage Christian on Jan. 7.

+ Peter Jurkin (United Faith Christian Academy, NC): Not listed in the box score in any of United Faith’s three games this past week on The Charlotte Observer’s web site.

+ Ron Patterson (Broad Ripple): Sixteen points and seven rebounds in a 68-60 win at Indianapolis Howe on Jan. 7 and 11 points in a 61-57 loss to Westfield on Jan. 8.

2012 CLASS

+ Gary Harris (Hamilton Southeastern): Twenty-three points, two rebounds and two assists in a 62-51 win over Fishers on Jan. 4. (ITH coverage here). Eighteen points in a 61-33 win over Harrison (West Lafayette) on Jan. 7. Sixteen points in a 65-56 win at Muncie Central on Jan. 8.

+ Jeremy Hollowell (Lawrence Central): Lawrence Central won a pair of games — 74-44 over Indianapolis Arlington on Jan. 4 and 57-50 at Columbus North on Jan. 7 — but no individual stats were available.

+ Mitch McGary (Brewster Academy): Sixteen points in a 86-77 win at the New Hampton School on Jan. 8.


+ Collin Hartman (Indianapolis Cathedral): Twelve points in a 64-52 win over Indianapolis Northwest on Jan. 4. Eight points in a 86-54 win over Muncie South on Jan. 7.

+ Devin Davis Jr. (Warren Central): Twenty-five points and five rebounds in a 56-47 loss at Lawrence North on Jan. 4. Thirteen points and six rebounds in a 62-58 win at Terre Haute South on Jan. 7.

2013 CLASS

+ Basil Smotherman (Heritage Christian): Nineteen points in a 81-55 loss at Park Tudor on Jan. 7.

+ Darryl Baker (Jeffersonville): Sixteen points and seven rebounds in a 68-62 loss to New Albany on Jan. 7.

+ Mark Williams (Cleveland Benedictine): Nineteen points in a 92-71 loss to St. Edward on Jan. 9.

+ Zak Irvin (Hamilton Southeastern): Did not play (knee) in a 62-51 win over Fishers on Jan. 4. Six points in a 61-33 win over Harrison (West Lafayette) on Jan. 7. Ten points in a 65-56 win at Muncie Central on Jan. 8.


+ James Blackmon Jr. (Ft. Wayne Luers): Twenty-two points in a 76-68 win over Ft. Wayne Dwenger on Jan. 7.

+ Trey Lyles (Indianapolis Tech): Thirteen points in a 53-48 loss at Brebeuf Jesuit on Jan. 7. Eleven points as Tech fell to Ben Davis, 54-39, on Jan. 8.

2014 CLASS

+ Ernie Duncan (Evansville Harrison): Seventeen points, 10 rebounds and six assists in a 70-60 win at Evansville North on Jan. 7. Sixteen points in a 73-71 win over Princeton on Jan. 8.

+ Jaquan Lyle (Evansville Bosse): Twenty-two points in a 71-70 overtime win at Vincennes Lincoln on Jan. 8. Bosse won at Evansville Central, 75-65, on Jan. 7, but no individual stats were available. (Update: An e-mailer tells us Lyle had 14 or 16 in this game.)

+ Jaraan Lands (Brownsburg): Brownsburg fell 60-50 at Tri-West on Jan. 4 and beat Cascade 70-47 on Jan. 8, but no individual stats were available.

+ P.J. Thompson (Brebeuf Jesuit): Five points in a 53-48 win over Indianapolis Tech on Jan. 7.

+ Trevon Bluiett (Park Tudor): Twenty-four points in a 81-55 rout of Heritage Christian on Jan. 7.

(Note: 2013 prospect Darryl Hicks, who has an offer, is sitting out this season at Louisville Trinity due to KHSAA transfer rules.)

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  • marcusgresham

    I took a look at Mater Dei’s roster, and they look to have some decent size (not as big as Cody, obviously, but a15-rebound performance is probably more than an IU player has totalled in the last three games combined.

  • That kid that yogi was blowing by looked like a 7th grader

  • MillaRed

    Hey Alex, I would score 27 too if Frodo Baggins was guarding me.

  • GFDave

    A little recruiting news is a welcome diversion from last night’s results. So thanks for getting this stuff posted quickly.

  • Dangerdan

    Now this is the type of info I like to read. There is way too much info on why we suck this year, let’s talk about the guys coming. I know we suck. It’s like my wife say I wich you were taller and had a larger…well you know. I can’t change that so why keep on hitting me with it. I can’t imagine the love the new recruits will receive once in Bloomington after the absolute beatings we’ve taken over the last few years. I’d love to see a 2012 vs. 2014 all star game of some sort.

  • N71

    Who is the best recruit we have coming? Cody, Trey…I actually think Hartman is. I’ve seen most play and Hartman reminds me of a Dunleavy, Bird type thats good at just about everything and does a bunch of little things that make his team better. A very good decision maker at such a young age, deep range on his shot, good rebounder, passer, defender, good stundent…etc.

  • JsmithIUGreatness

    I couldn’t have said it better DangerDan. All I want from the Inside the Hall boys are stat lines from games and info on the matchup. I don’t need to have these articles about our performance or a individual players contributions to the team. All that does is breed negativitiy and that seems to always bring out the most posters thinking they are experts. Keep it simple Inside the Hall. I am a die hard IU fan and support every player and coach we have as a collective team. Don’t allow for the constant hammering of our loses and failures and questioning the leadership. Move forward, tomorrow is the next step, everyday forward looks brighter. You keep playing and keep trying to win. Posters on here talk like we don’t want to win. I question whether a lot of fans on here even want to see Indiana come back to greatness. What will they have to talk about then?

  • If you just want stats from the IU games, go to iuhoosiers.com. Seems pretty simple.

  • GFDave

    Lapel is one of three teams in the Middle Earth League. The other two are the Helm’s Deep Archers and the Rohan High Mustangs.

  • stonaroni

    What is great is we can have this debate on just about every recruit committed or scouted whic cannot be said about the current roster.

  • stonaroni

    I dig ITH Alex and think it continues to improve so kudos to you and the ITH fellas.

  • marcusgresham

    Given the way this team has played defense thus far, I’m very excited to see anyone with the description of “lockdown defender.” I think Rivers and Oladipo have been my favorite players thus far.

  • marcusgresham

    Did you read anything posted on here during the summer? The anticipation for this season was incredible, and the addition of recruits has simply added to it. Immense frustration has built up since that time, and possibly it’s because there was excessive expectations, but I know everyone on here is hoping for the same results.

  • Anonymous

    Lapel kid is saying OLE!

  • kentuckyhoosier

    I too think buss will be a special player . He is a high energy player that plays tough .

  • IndyHoosier

    James continues to impress me. He is going to be an excellent Hoosier. Really think AE has a chance to get some immediate PT if he defends and rebounds from the get-go. Trey is the rockstar of this group overall though. He’s a legit one-and-done NBA star if he keeps on track with his development inside and out. Saw him play once this year and has amazing handles for a kid his size and age. Never seen anything like that really.

    We need some of these kids right now and they
    would get PT. Thanks for an uplifting read.

  • alex – what’s up with P Jurkin – is he hurt still, did the coach bench him, or is there another reason he was not in the box score?

    gotta luv Yogi. When he plays with good players like he did this summer he could elevate his game and the game of the players around him. Special player – has a motor and with Zeller and guys like Patterson there will be no more excuses – just results….

  • MillaRed

    This guy looks like he took a wrong turn on the way to his River Dance audition.

  • MillaRed

    Alex I have an incredible idea! Don’t change anything! If people don’t like ITH content, they can go to other sites and pay for it! I am a genius!

  • MillaRed

    Press dislike button here…..

  • Not sure on that. He either didn’t play or he didn’t score. If he didn’t play, it’s probably related to the stress fracture he’s been battling.

  • Nothing has changed or will change on how we’ve run this blog. It’s been around since the summer of 2007 and our coverage has been consistent. The fact that the conversation in the comments has taken on a negative tone is not unexpected given the recent results for the team.

  • See my response a couple of posts above.

  • Anonymous

    I hope you are right about AE, but watching him play against Taylor isn’t probably the best way to assess him. Not trying to be a buzz kill, but Taylor (my alma mater) is TERRIBLE. Their tallest player is 6’4″ and they are currently 3-7. The MIC (Heights’ conference) has some really good teams (Peru, Heights, Western) but it also has some TERRIBLE teams (Taylor, Eastern and Cass). Pay attention to how AE performs against the former instead of the later.