Inside the Hall Podcast: January 7

  • 01/07/2011 9:31 am in

2013 Indiana commitment Collin Hartman and 2014 Indiana commitment Trey Lyles battle for a rebound on December 10. Indianapolis Cathedral beat Tech, 64-56. (Photo credit: Jamie Owens/J. Scott Sports)

The Inside the Hall Podcast returns this week to discuss all things recruiting. Joining Zach: Joe Eberhardt, a contributor to ITH and the founder of and ITH editor Alex Bozich.

Among the topics discussed: Gary Harris, D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera, Trey Lyles, a few 2014 names to remember and also a little talk about Maurice Creek. (Our apologies for the technical difficulties this week.)

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  • Anonymous

    Nice work fellas. Good to hear Joe on one of these. And I found the technical difficulties amusing – not so much the issues themselves but the fact that they weren’t edited out. And it gave me a few seconds to pause and consider getting back to work.

    Any 18to88 fans out there? I did both podcasts back to back and both had unedited technical difficulties. Good times.

    But seriously, nice work, I enjoy these quite a bit.

  • MillaRed

    Just a thought. Maybe you guys could entertain a few questions on the next Podcast similar to what you do on Twitter Mailbag?

    Many of the same questions seem to be coming up right now. Most of which concerns the dribble drive offense and how it fits with this particular team.

  • BaseballBuc

    Would like to hear a little on Jaquan Lyle. Still in the dark about him.

  • Anonymous

    Is there any information in regards to an appeal for GMM? Seems like IU will at least try to get the NCAA to rethink the decision, although Kanter being permanently ineligible now kind of dampens his chances.

  • Anonymous

    IU already appealed the decision. The final ruling was what we heard towards the beginning of the season.

  • Anonymous

    Milla, I think you already know the answer on the offense and I don’t think this response will satisfy you but: we both know the offense isn’t going to change. Sure, there may be tweeks, but we’re going to be using the dribble drive for years to come.

    Crean is selling recruits on fitting into role in a system. The role varies by player/position but the system is already in place. Sure, the dribble drive isn’t optimal for our current talent, but it’s what he wants to run in the future. He needs get guys adjusted to the offense, specifically the younger guys who are going to be around when Crean has the talent to make the offense work.

    Also, if it’s that big a deal to some recruits who want to play in the hot fad offense of the moment, then he needs to show them we’re committed to it. In this day and age, offensive systems are something recruits look at before making a college choice.

    I’ll be the first to say I don’t like the dribble drive, and I think we agree that we’re not at a point yet to really make it go. But when we hired Crean we also brought in his offense.

    This offense, like so much about this program as it stands today, is about the future.

  • Anonymous

    Also, and this is not directed at you Milla as I certainly understand your concerns, but I’m not sure what offense would work for this team. I don’t think a lot of traditional offense would be any more effective right now.

    This is a team of exclusively jump shooters. We don’t have any interior scoring. The only guy who can get to the rim can’t shoot (and if Rivers becomes a bigger part of the offense then opposing coaches will make sure his man never steps out of the lane).

    Crean’s trying to have our guys get in the lane but we’re shooting a lot of 15 to 20+ foot jumpers. I don’t think we get many easy shots and it’s going to haunt us. Even a game like OSU, when we shot well it was still a lot of contested jumpers. I just don’t think we have the guys to get many easy shots regardless of the offense.

    I know I’ve been beating this drum a lot but we’re still rebuilding. And the fact is the state of our program forced us to recruit a bunch of guys who don’t necessarily fit together well in the same system.

  • Kelin Blab

    I would not want an overhaul just some simple set plays for a few players. To me it is a little puzzling that a great shooter like Roth rarely is used to exploit that skill and the same with Hulls. No overhaul is needed just a few ‘quick hitters”

  • Kelin Blab

    Joe is a rising star in the Indiana basketball world. Does a great job on his site, glad you guys got him on board. I love technical difficulties because Zach does a great job of ad-libbing….”from the ITH studio’s…nice”

  • MillaRed

    Honestly, we have discussed all of this over the last week. I have mentioned
    the possibility the offense is here to say a handful of times. I would be
    interested in hearing what these guys think because it’s only a theory.

  • Anonymous

    Just clarifying, wondered if the final ruling was appealable or not. Guess not.

  • Anonymous

    Just want to say thanks for continuing to do the podcasts, makes my lonely commute to work much better. Only criticism I have…..I need more. Great job guys thanks and keep up the good work!