The Line: Indiana at Minnesota

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Indiana guard Matt Roth (30) and Verdell Jones III (12) react after Victor Oladipo hit a half-court shot at the buzzer during a game against North Carolina Central on Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2010, at Assembly Hall. (Photo by James Brosher)

“The Line” is a look at various score and result predictions from the following sources: AccuScore, Ken Pomeroy, Las Vegas and RealTimeRPI. It’s also your chance, if you wish, to play analyst and predict the final score of the game.

AccuScore: Minnesota 74 percent chance to win; Indiana 26 percent chance to win.

Ken Pomeroy: Minnesota 72 percent chance to win; Indiana 28 percent chance to win. Prediction: Minnesota 75, Indiana 69.

Las Vegas: Minnesota by 10.

RealTimeRPI: Minnesota 81.7 percent chance to win; Indiana 18.3 percent chance to win. Prediction: Minnesota 80, Indiana 68.

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  • Anonymous

    I am loving all the new regular features here at ITH. You guys are really stepping up your game this year. By the time we get the 2012 recruits, become a top-25 team and all the IU alums get excited and want to read IU stuff online, you’ll be HUGE. For your sake, I’m looking forward to it (although the commenting won’t be as much fun then).

  • millzy32

    Haven’t posted for a while. Call it depression or the fact that this site shuts down my home computer for some reason.

    The most positive thing I can say about the state of IU basketball is …………..?

    Is anyone else wishing we had a CTC recruited team with Steve Alford as coach? Here’s to hoping and praying to see some type of improvement by the end of this season. I give that a definite 50/50 chance of happening but I’m leaning towards less.

    Sorry that’s about as positive as I can get right now. Happy New Year to all.

  • marcusgresham

    I’m also not able to reply at home. Maybe I’ve just exceeded my quota.

  • Tberry

    I know the excuses will role in BUT I really think we should have seen more improvement in this team by now.
    I know, I know. Help is on the way but I am afraid that is not what we need!!!

  • What browser are you using?

  • Kelin Oladipo

    By the time the 2012’ers get here ITH will be a publicly traded company and Bill Gates and Google will get into a bidding war to purchase it….

  • First bid is in at 2.2 Million – lol

  • MillaRed

    I watched the OSU game again last night, and although I too have my eyes on CTC X’s and O’s, I have to ask you a few questions.

    What does CTC have to do with….

    Verdell throwing a pass directly to a defender that ends up in a score 3 times a game?
    The officials not giving us any respect whatsoever?
    Our 3 bigs that literally freak out while they are on the court?
    Guy Marc Michel’s eligibility?
    Mo’s injury?

    You guys will have to trust me on this one because I am in Wisconsin and we see plenty of Marquette up here. None of this was going on at Marquette. This group is not mentally tough. If you think you are frustrated imagine what Coach is going through.

  • Thanks for that post Milla. I keep going back to that as well. None, or at least most, of the bad characteristics of this team (and last years) were things that plagued Crean at Marquette. His teams didn’t have major turnover issues, we’re usually good defensive teams and from my recollection we’re always hard-nosed teams that played probably a little above their talent.

    That’s why I go back to the talent on this team. People don’t want to hear it and want to call it an excuse, but this team doesn’t have the horses. We have one good recruiting class (’09) and one average one (’10). yes we have have some players with some stars next to their names, but even our guys that are talented enough for this level don’t really fit together. The talent we do have is very unbalanced.

    I’ve rarely seen a good team, regardless of system or coaching, that excelled with no point guard and no inside presence. It just doesn’t happen very often in basketball.

    I think we’ll see a different team and a different coach once we have a full 4-year recruiting cycle.

    At the same time, those that want to see the current team play better, also have a point. Things can most certainly be done this season with this roster to play better and more inspired basketball. I for the life of me can’t understand how VJIII still plays point guard. I think the defensive intensity can be much better. I also would like to see more thought out substitution patterns.

    But, it’s also on the players. At some point the players have to man-up and someone has to become the on-court leader of this team. Crean can’t appoint that, someone has to do it. The logical person seems to be Hulls, but he hasn’t really done it yet. Someone in crunch time has to tell VJIII to stop pounding the ball, someone has to tell Watford to stop going one-on-one. Someone has to stand at the top of the key and smack the floor on defense in a tight game while the other team is bringing the ball up, and it can’t always be the coach, the players need to do it too, and I haven’t seen that.

    Sorry for the long post, especially since most of it wasn’t even really directed at you :).

  • Kelin Oladipo

    Milla first dude stop torturing yourself watching that game….

    I will try and answer your questions……

    Verdell throwing a pass directly to a defender that ends up in a score 3 times a game?
    + The BEST thing Crean can do to eliminate this is to put VJ in position to score without dribbling. The kid is money in the mid range. He is not a good decision maker so allow him to do what he does best.

    The officials not giving us any respect whatsoever?
    + The officials treat us like other teams. Push us around, the call games based on how passive some of our players play. Christian gets to the line because he is our most aggressive player. There is nothing Crean can do about this other than try to push guys to be more aggressive on both ends of the court.

    Our 3 bigs that literally freak out while they are on the court?
    + I think Crean can make using our big’s a ‘priority’ more in the offense. Capo has a nice shot and so does Elston, there is nothing like making some ez shots to build confidence. NO ONE wants to practice all week just to set screens and get rebounds…NO ONE.

    Guy Marc Michel’s eligibility? + Crean could get Coach Knight to give a speech about how much the NCAA sucks and how he would encourage all dads to shop their kids for money since the NCAA seems to think it is ok as long as the kid doesn’t know…wink wink

    Mo’s injury? + Do what he is doing, keep trusting MO, give him quality minutes, bring him off the bench and help him develop other parts of his game.

  • Kelin Oladipo

    I am looking forward to seeing Will Sheehey play more which Crean says he will. When he and VO are on the court, I just expect something good to happen on both ends. Will has alot of Graham in him (Pat and Greg) and just makes plays. We will appreciate this class by the time they are Juniors

  • MillaRed

    Well said sir, well said.

  • MillaRed

    I like your answers. Report to the athletic office at 7:30 AM Wednesday morning. You’re hired.

  • MillaRed

    Another thing I saw while watching that awful game again…….

    No one can stay in front of Victor. I don’t care if his FT shooting stinks. It will get better. VO needs to go to the hole man!

  • HoosierFromCT

    ESPN Streak for Cash:
    -Minn wins by 15+
    -Any other result

  • Anonymous

    Solid points, and I’d add to TBerry, that there was improvement from the PSU game to the OSU game. OSU just hit a ridiculous number of shots (open, yes, but most teams don’t shoot 80+ percent for 30+ minutes.)

  • Thanks Milla!

  • MillaRed

    I’m glad you brought that up jayrig because as Kelin mentioned, I love to
    torture myself. I like to watch other Big Ten teams that can actually play
    well. I have watched Penn State and others and I dunno man, call us lucky
    but are we giving these guys a bigger hoop when they are at Indiana? I have
    seen 100 wide open threes clank all over the place. It seems like they are
    so darn confident in our house the threes are like layups. Frustrating!

  • Weird. Try Firefox, Chrome or Safari, if possible.

  • I’m not ready to join the “get rid of Crean” bandwagon. Its sad so many of us are

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to ITH! This is the best place for IU Hoops. Period.

  • MillaRed

    Sports fans crack me up. I was reading the article that talked about Devoe Joseph transferring from Minnesota. The fans are saying, “He needs to grow up. He doesn’t fit our style. We will be better without him.”

    Wasn’t he Tubby’s prize recruit when he arrived? Isn’t this program always in disarray? It cracks me up how people can turn on a dime and refuse to look in the mirror.

    What the H is going on in Minnesota? We think we have it tough.

  • You got it right – look at all the successful programs – they have consistency throughout the program – the same head coach, a culture that breeds success, and a good pipeline…we are almost there…all we need is patience – esp this year.

  • dfitz

    Amen brother Red.

    The storm clouds gathered as soon as the old captain was stripped of his command and ordered to walk the plank by the senile admiral . After a few mild storms the hurricane hit big time. The captain at the time was too busy trying to get more sailors to heed the storm warnings.
    the ship was in port when the hurricane hit.

    Even though we got a new captain the ship was battered and hung up on the reef. No sails no rudder.He could find only 2 lowly deckhands from the old crew. The rest scattered to the 4 winds or scurried off with the old captain and the rats. With a few novice sailors he found in town and some who only knew what a ship was they tried to get her off the reef. The first attempt was an expected disaster. A few of the new crew signed on for the 2nd attempt the rest had had enough.

    The next try with several new young sailors with a bit more experience and some better reputations appeared to have a chance to get under way when another storm washed one of the finest of the young crew overboard and he was unable to sail until he recovered. Now shorthanded they could only watch as other ships that were out to sea returned. Some even snickered as the crew of the once proud ship was left to learn sailing on the sorry hulk they were trying to fix.

    The third attempt was yet more promising at the start. With the hoped for return of the injured member plus 3 promising new crew and some on shore even mused that they may be able to get the ship ready in time for the big sailing race. A nice thought but was it realistic? After all a crew of novice and near novice sailors getting the tattered ship ready would be a near miracle.

    Then disaster struck again as yet another storm washed the biggest and strongest guy of the new crew members overboard never to be seen by anyone. Also the return of the injured promising sailor was delayed till the 4th attempt as the riggers of the task kept him far short of his previous stature. For the next attempt we again add some bigger,stronger and better prepared members. Until then the captain and crew will have to sail against the current in the rickety old boat with the storm clouds still hanging overhead.

    May the clouds lift soon and we can get the ship up to speed.