Minnesota postgame quotes: Tom Crean

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Indiana coach Tom Crean watches the action late in a win against Franklin on Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010, at Assembly Hall in Bloomington, Ind. (Photo by James Brosher)

Per IUHoosiers.com and GopherSports.com:

On the team’s effort:

“We’re getting better. We’re a better team than we were in Las Vegas. We’re a better team than we were last Monday night. We’ve started to make some turns back where we needed to be in the second half against Ohio State. We’ve had really good days of work and I had great confidence that we’d win this game, great confidence. And I think they did as the game went on but we made too many mistakes along the way and (Blake) Hoffarber made some tough shots. We didn’t get great basketball from different guys. The positive thing for me, and I hope I feel the same way when I watch the tape, is that we made so many mistakes and they got some loose balls and loose rebounds and we still had an opportunity to win this game going right down to the end. This team just deserves to get over the hump and know what that feel likes to win one of those games. It’s coming. I have no doubt.”

On the individual players’ efforts:

“I thought Tom Pritchard did an excellent job inside. Jeremiah Rivers needed to be three people tonight, and you look at his box score and it doesn’t say much, but he went and he played this game with four assists and without a turnover in 24 minutes. He had 11 deflections of our 54 and was asked to lay it on the line every possession. Victor (Oladipo) is starting to grow into that. We just need to have more resolve throughout the game from others in the defensive area. We were much, much better. We switched defenses and that was good … We had our opportunities right there. It wasn’t a perfect game. It wasn’t close to a perfect game by any stretch and we had our chances to win. These guys have a winning spirit, they have a winning mindset and it’s just a matter of time before we start to get it.”

On the team’s fight:

“We’re a better team. We are not the team that was here last year. We are not the team that was here last week. It’s a better team. We had our chances. This would have been a big game to get. I loved our plan. I loved our mindset. I loved our preparation. It’s early in the (Big Ten) season. I wish we had the win. I wish we had the win last Monday night, but we don’t so we just keep moving forward and get ready to go play Northwestern.”

On the flow of the game:

“They got momentum and there were a couple of mistakes defensively by us but I never felt like we were out of it. We were still getting our shots and good looks so I felt like we were still in the game.”

On matching up with the bigs:

“Play them and match up with their personnel. They are going to run a lot of high-low. We had a lot of different game plans and at certain times we were able to play zone. It’s tough going with a straight zone with a player like Blake (Hoffarber) out there. He can get lost and hit shots out there.”

On the play at the end of the game:

“That’s tough to swallow, when you do everything you can to come back and get a loose ball foul. That’s a tough pill to swallow.”

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  • Anonymous

    I’m tired of the Moral b.s. Take some damn responsibility and start winning some ball games.

  • Anonymous

    I’m tired of the Moral b.s. Take some damn responsibility and start winning some ball games.

  • Anonymous

    I’m tired of the Moral b.s. Take some damn responsibility and start winning some ball games.

  • I must have an explanation on Sheehey!

  • Anonymous

    Geeze. Minnesota is a decently better team than us, way better inside, tough home court to play on and we lost by a few. I would have loved a win but this is better than I expected.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. Don’t see why VJIII starts over VO and don’t understand why Will doesn’t log more minutes. On the bright side TP hit two free throws IN A ROW.

  • Anonymous

    This offense does not work for this personnel. These kids worry too much about making tough shots, and not enough about creating easy ones. I think they are running the offense as designed, but I just don’t think this team is good enough to score without moving without the ball.

    What is the deal with Watford? Does Crean want him handling the ball 30 feet from the basket? Get his a5s down to the block, run the offense through him, and draw some fouls on the other guys for once. He is not Dirk Nowitsky.

    And, yes, psvirsky, this was a game we could expect to lose, and I think it was a reltatively respectable showing, but with the losses in Vegas, and that godawful PSU loss, these guys are in a big hole, and I think it’s about time they win a game they are not supposed to.

  • Good effort on the road @ the Barn–much better Hoosier teams have fared worse. I have faith, we can win @ NU or at home vs UM.

  • steelhoosier

    Free Will Sheehey

  • Kelin Oladipo

    Not very much on this thread YET…but I am really tired of alot of things being dumped on VJ as if he is the reason we lost, when he played his ass off tonight despite poor coaching. Any IU loss seems to be dumped on the kid who keeps us in the games, the ONLY kid who can make a tough shot in this HORRIBLE offense, and for some reason the turnovers HE makes are worse than any other turnover another player makes. Sure Crean can bench him and see how you enjoy 15 minute scoring droughts….

    To summarize….It ain’t VJ kids. I know you are looking for a scapegoat but that scapegoat ain’t VJ, Pritchard, Elston, or Rivers. You know where to look, you just don’t want too look in that direction for a fear of losing recruits.

  • Anonymous

    Couldn’t agree more. This team’s problems are solely a result of poor coaching.

  • Anonymous

    Rivers was great. He guarded everyone and played his role perfectly. Watford and VO missed a ton of shots around the bucket. Sheehey was great in his 1st half minutes wish would could have seen more. Just too many missed chances on 50/50 balls and rebounds (especially on missed fts).

    I completely back the coaching but as many of you have said I’d love to see more movement in the offense. Setting people up and making good cuts, maybe a screen on the weakside for one of the shooters. A backcut on an overplay. Hell I hope I’m not reaching too much there.

  • guys it’s the new year! positivity please? we had a chance to win this ballgame despite how sloppy the game was! and that’s how big ten basketball is! the games aren’t pretty, the box scores aren’t pretty, but the best teams hang in there night in, night out. I have absolutely zero problem if we play with this heart and desire every single game. If we execute a smidgeon better, the wins will come. Don’t forget the great majority of this team are non-blue chip freshmen and sophomores; once we get recruits cycling through (this is where Coach Crean is a beast), Indiana is going to be a perennial powerhouse.

    There’s no way this was going to be fixed in two years. I’m as impatient as the last guy, but improvement is visibly happening, and I fully expect us to hang with Northwestern Sunday night.

  • Anonymous

    “Hang with Northwestern”. ARE YOU SERIOUS. Recruits get you no where if you can’t coach them. By the way the 2009 recruiting class was top 10, so yes, we do have good recruits on this team right now. No matter how hard IU played (they did), they still lost a game that they shouldn’t have due completely to POOR COACHING. Get real.

  • Kelin Oladipo

    If you think you are frustrated now….wait til you get sent home with Cody next season with no tourney appearance. Wait til Cody has 8pts on the block in the first half next year vs OSU then doesn’t get the ball in the second half. Wait til Austin comes off the bench next year, doesn’t miss a shot like Will tonite, gives your team a jolt then he doesn’t play in the second half………

  • Southport 65

    I don’t claim to be a coaching giant but I did coach and play in hundreds of High School, AAU and men’s games. I love coach, I loved the effort tonight from many. I won’t second guess things I know nothing about. Coach seemed pleased with the game plan and we had a chance to steal this one from a top 25 team, but in my humble opinion there is a glaring negative pattern to these last few games at crunch time. One of those was VO hitting his free ones and it looked like he practiced. His form and shot was good tonight. Your best players have to hit free ones at the end of games. In tight ball games you must put the ball in the hands of someone who won’t dribble it away off there foot, who won’t take a bad shot,who will make the extra pass and just play smart. That player is never going to be V.Jones no matter how hard he and coach want to make it happen. It’s time to move on. Coach
    want Hulls to make those passes. He has said it and for part of the game he did it until Jones re-entered the game. The players that Hulls set up to shoot Creek and Watford did not hit crunch time shots. Hulls has to see that and be selfish and win some games with his great shot but he won’t until Crean decides to allow him to take charge.. When Jones is in the game he will not throw the ball to his open men. He gets his head down and it is game over. He can be a great player for us but he is not a crunch time guy and throwing up a 3 when the game is over is not PG play in crunch time. Let him hit the winning shot just take the ball away from him and tell him to get open. Hulls will find him. These young men are growing and right now Coach is putting to much pressure on Jones and Watford at the end of games. I really don’t know how these coaches are missing these spirit killers if they watch the same games we are. Maybe it is trust or loyalty but coach has to fix it! I don’t see the practices so maybe the coaches think the starters should be in at the end of games. My plan was always end the game with who got you into a place to win in the 1st place and that is not always your starters. I am done let’s beat Northwestern!

  • Anonymous

    Could not agree more. There is way too much focus on recruiting. I personally am a fan of basketball because I like to watch basketball. Not read what some guy thinks a kid will do next year.

    The coach is not getting it done. We are losing games we should be winning. Right now, this year, with these kids.

    And no, this doesn’t mean I think Crean needs to go. It means I wish he would run Thad Matta’s offense.

    God, I sound like a grumpy old man. If the shoe fits…

  • blah blah blah. they are always “better” than the game they lost previously, yet they lose again. 5 games in a row. come on. this is ridiculous

  • Marsh21


  • Coach Crean seems to be receiving a lot of criticism throughout the comments on this post. What could have he done better?

  • Anonymous

    i think we win this game if we had GMM. no need for a blame game right now

  • Anonymous

    Did you watch the game?

  • I did. I would just like to hear your comments. What specifically could Coach Crean have done that would have helped IU win this game? I am interested in hearing specific feedback. SS8921, do you have any ideas on what Crean could have done that would have resulted in a different outcome?

  • Kelin Oladipo

    Surely they are athletic enough to set a down screen for Roth, Sheehey, Creek, and Hulls for an open shot? Makes sense to me……Hell you don’t even need a full offense for that.

  • Kelin Oladipo

    jacob….a few things for me….

    + Help this team get some ez buckets, especially for guys like Watford, Mo, and Elston who are struggle now. Set some screens to get them open, create some mismatches etc. Elston doesn’t get touches in position to score, Watford forces everything now, and MO rushes his shots.

    + If you are going to play Roth use his ability to shoot, to spread the court inside. Set some picks

    + Do what worked, tons of defensive switching in the first half with man, zones, some traps that Minny could not solve. Second half…..he just left it, didn’t do it at all.

    + Finally, you had a guy ‘goin’ in the first half, in Sheehey who made some solid solid energy plays that they could have used in the 2nd half. Forcing Christian to create shots on offense really hurt tonight.

  • Anonymous

    It’s incredible how many great coaches post on this site. Remarkable, really!

  • Anonymous

    I agree that VJ isn’t the problem and never has been. He needed to be aggressive tonight.

    Disagree on the scapegoat.

  • Anonymous

    I think this is really shortsighted. I think Crean has done a great job tinkering with the lineup and is getting closer to stabilizing it.Throughout the season he has continually made changes that have brought us closer to being the team we’ll need to be when Zeller gets here.

    Maurice Creek was giving a lot of effort but wasn’t contributing a lot in his minutes. He has moved from the starting lineup to the bench and has seen fewer minutes. He needed to see less time than the 24 he saw tonight, but he did play better than he has recently. 3/7 from deep isn’t half bad and he also tied Watford with a team-high 2 offensive boards and 5 boards total.

    Jordan Hulls was our best shooter by a strong margin but hasn’t always played with enough aggression. Offense has continuously been run to get Hulls in a groove of taking shots. Frankly, I just didn’t see this player in Hulls last year.

    Sheehey didn’t play enough tonight, but he will in the future. He’s going to get more time starting Sunday. Crean does substitute strangely during games sometimes but I think he is a fantastic gameplanner and several elements of that were showcased tonight. Against Ohio St., Sullinger’s man fronted him and got help. Tonight, we switched our guards over to front their bigs and it stumped them for a while.

    Watford needed to learn from the bench a little more tonight, but he did only play 21 minutes. I don’t know if Crean still has injury concerns or if he’s still a little nicked up but I predict that he will bring more defensive effort or see more pine time on Sunday.

    I think Crean makes really good adjustments from game to game and I think he is going to digest the film and learn a lot about some of the positives and negatives about this team. I think he is going to see who gives him consistent effort on the floor and lean on those horses. Sheehey, certainly, will see more minutes on Sunday.

  • Luke72

    Where in the win and loss records it says getting better! Who will be the first verbal to change their mind? Sounds like what we heard all last season!

  • Marsh21

    how about not throwing the ball down on the blocks to watford towards the end of the game against the best shot blocking team in he big 10. watford was blocked several times last night and it happened again when we needed points. that was specific play run for watford but none for his shooters who were proven in the game.

    not allowing vjiii to run a one on one game when we were trying to keep up the pace with minny at the end of the game. he got blocked, threw the ball away and was ineffective at that time. it cost us opportunities

  • Marsh21

    if they are constructive comments i don’t see why we can’t have a discussion on decision making for the highest paid state employee in indiana.

  • Kelin Oladipo

    Indiana Banners….Crean said after the last game, you will get a heavy dose of will sheehey, then he sits him in the second half when clearly the kid had it going. You could see it in his face, he was active, and involved. What is it going to take? I could make the case he is as effective as Victor who for some reason isn’t starting now.

  • Anonymous

    Did you see what happened to Watford when he was on the block? His shot ended up in the bleachers.

  • SB_Hoosier

    Couldn’t agree more. I’ll admit that I question things that the coaching staff does and that’s human nature. But it’s funny how we as fans watch these kids for 40-80 minutes a week and already know more about this team, the players, the gameplan, etc. than the coaches do. If they don’t have a good 40 minutes when we’re watching, they’re a terrible team with a bad coach. If they have a great 40 minutes and win, we’re better than expected and will win 20 games this year and be a bubble tourney team. Constructive criticism is one thing, but contending that we fans know more about coaching basketball than CTC seems a little absurd (certainly nothing against the knowledge of our fans, but CTC does have a little better resume for coaching than anyone posting here).

  • Plane1972

    Agree with Gresham. If CWat is on the block he gets guarded by a 4, not a 3 where he creates a mismatch. Start him high, let him work it low or pull up mid-range. Pretty simple formula that has already paid dividends this season over last.

  • IUJeff

    You are not an IU fan if you are fueling that fire. Go to the PUke or pUKe sites..

  • Druid

    Jones needs to take responsibility for his turnovers. No matter how you try to paint him the victim here, he still leads the team in turnovers. Yes he does score but his decision making and turnovers are suspect at best. And by the way, Coach can’t play for the kids, he can only coach them.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Sorry Kelin, gotta disagree with you! VJ3 killed momentum twice in this game and I counted 17 points that he either cost us or directly led to by Minnesota and that’s NOT including the four empty possessions because of his turnovers!

    I think he is a detriment to the team and nobody is going to convince me otherwise. His play is too slow and he makes too many boneheaded decisions!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I agree that this was one of his mistakes last night. I only saw a couple terrible coaching decisions last night and they were:

    VJ3 in a crunch time instead of Will Sheehey!
    Will Sheehey not playing!!!!
    Not properly using timeouts – especially at the end of the first half when we could have drawn something up better than a VJ dribble fest for a strip at the buzzer!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Gotta agree with you Rgold! VJ3 was only on the floor for one IU spurt and he did hit a couple shots but the run had already been started and those points were going to come from someone else. Other than that he just turned it over, forced bad shots, got beat on defense, and slowed the offense down.

    It’s official . . . VJ is now my all-time least favorite IU player!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I will admit that I have to remind myself this is really year 2. That is correct. I said all along you can’t count his first year because that was basically a wash no matter how you look at it. So, if this is year two of the rebuilding process then it makes it sound a little better.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I do agree with the “he left it” comment about the defense. I was almost in shock when we came out in a M2M at the beginning of the second half after watching the zone thrive in the first half. At first I thought, “Oh, we’re just throwing something different at them for a couple minutes in case they made halftime adjustments,” but then it took way too long for us to go back to a zone again.

    That was confusing.

  • Dannon Brown

    My thoughts are as such. I dont agree alot of the times with the timing of substituations, the switching of defense from man to zone and or from 2-3 to 1-3-1. I dont like our offense at most times and i think our set plays for inbounds are terrible. Having said that I think what Coach did at Marquette was be succesful with his system and i think with his system we will be succesful once we get the kind of kids that will work in this system. We dont have the size, athletecism, strength or quickness for what coaches system calls for. Yeah he could coach to the kids he currently has but will need to reteach his system as kids come in. I would rather suffer in the short term and let these kids learn the system the right way so when our incoming kids do get here they can learn the system that much quicker. I am all about getting the ball down on the block, i think even with this system it is important to get the ball inside occasionally to keep the defense honest. We all know it wont be this year, but coach Crean is the guy and we will be a great team. We just need to hang in there a little longer. I still believe next year we will be a tourney team, and i have said since this class came in (09) that if they dont make the tourney by junior year i will start to question if CTC is the right guy. I will stick to that and i think we will do it. It is easy to say enough is enough but he still walked into this system a mere 3 years ago to literally nothing. His only true recruiting class is a bunch of sophmores one of which is playing at 70% (mentally and physically). Of Roth, Pritch, and VJIII…… jones is the only one that even garnered major attention. Pritch was set to go to Dayton and Roth was Bradley, st louis and ND. Give the guy a break and let his first real recruiting class make it to there 3rd year in school……..and hopefully be healthy. I want to see these guys win and i yelled at my tv as much as anyone the last 3 years, but i also set a time table as to when i would truly start judging our team and the coach……. for me that time is not here yet even though i have been slightly disappointed at times.

  • Anonymous

    One comment and I am off for a good nights sleep. I said it several times after the Iowa game. The game of basketball is won on the defensive end! Now that was IU Basketball!!! Hold your opponent to under 35% shooting and win the old fashion way ,,, GOOD HARD TEAM DEFENSE!