ITH Podcast: New Year’s edition

  • 12/30/2010 2:35 pm in

After a week off, the Inside the Hall podcast is back one more time in 2010. This week, Zach and Ryan chat about Indiana’s recent three-game slide, some important statistical trends, necessary leadership and other important issues ahead of the Hoosiers’ New Year’s Eve clash with Ohio State.

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  • Anonymous

    i might b venting here just to forewarn those who r tired of hearing negative stuff, but these things are just bothering me when i watch the games…

    =Watford being so soft at the rim=
    ……it seems like everytime he gets the ball by the goal or when he is attacking the basket he turns into the softest player on the court. Its happened a lot throughout the season so far but it was especially exposed in the PSU game. I’d love to see him use his strength and explode to the basket. Instead of waiting for the foul attack the defender and go up strong. I hate seeing him flail his arms up whenever his wrist gets touched down low. Finish the ball strong, u have the size to do it son. He has been our most consisitant player so far so this is really my only complaint on Watford.

    =Verdell, dude, your not open pass it off=
    …..Sometimes I feel like the III forgets he is playing with four other people on the court. Whenever you get the ball on the break and nothing is there, dont force a shot with 25 on the shot clock please. Y not set up the secondary break that everyteam practices.

    =Defensive positioning=
    ….know where you man the ball and the basket is at all times. It isnt hard, the greastest defenders know where they r on the court and have their hands up pointing at the ball with one hand and their man with the other. Call out screens for your team mates and let them know whether ur switching or not. Defense is easy communicate with your team and get your A” in the right position. How many wide open shots did PSU have in the first half of that basketball game. Good Gracious lord almighty somebody step up and be the vocal leader on the court. We are lacking that person who will raise their voice and get in someones face when needed, just a little defensive intensity is all I’m asking for. Its all based on individual effort and want to.

    =No Moore=
    ….Not athletic enough, makes atleast 2 mistakes everytime hes on court, cant keep up with big ten talent plain and simple. keep him off the court please CTC.

    =PLAY ALL 40=
    ….No more first half let downs where we get behind 14 points. Never going to win that way. Get your arses rdy to play before the game starts. After two losses in Vegas, you come home and play that way in the first half says a lot about this teams attitude for the rest of the season. Idk maybe they thought they would blow PSU out?

    =Take Pride in the NAME on the Jersey=
    …….You came to IU for a reason. Now start representing the school the way it deserves to be represented. Play with some heart never quit and compete. Im not expecting a win every game but i do expect these dudes to give everything the got each time they put on that uni!

    Thats all I have to say Bahumbug!

  • Kelin Oladipo

    I think Mo still could be the leader of this team, given the effort he is putting out and not being 100%. It really bothers me because that AJ Moye, Coverdale, Suhr, Wilmont guy has not shown himself. We all see who it could be:

    + Mo Creek…he has the right attitude, gives max effort, and plays with passion
    + Jordan Hulls…it seems everyone looks to him to do more….
    + VJ…He is the ‘old head’ of the bunch, when we need a bucket for the past three years it is him, nice kid, he could do it
    + Elston….He just has the ‘look’, that emotion shows sometimes, and he is an Indiana kid.
    + JR…geez he is a senior and has been to the final 4