• Kelin CreDavis

    If you guys think Cody played it close to the vest….JH has him beat by a mile. Love the interview, don’t think his talent gets enough credit, could be a kid that excels more in college than h.s.

  • Kelin CreDavis

    I think he would be great at IU. By the time he gets there the leadership will be there for certain. Their are very few leaders on high school teams these days as talent is required more than leadership….a sign of the times.

  • jgongora86

    Whats up with the bar code in the guys cap? Is that the new fad or something?

  • Anonymous

    Cam Newton probably had one of those so his father could sell his services to the highest bidder

  • Kelin CreDavis

    I hear that too but I think they are too late. He keeps saying IU IU IU, he has even stopped mentioning OSU

  • Bleeding Crimson

    Not that I don’t want Jeremy but isn’t 2012 full? With the oversign with a big aren’t we done unless someone leaves? I would much rather prefer a beast in the post. We need to close the lane…period. Chandler first.