Inside the Hall Twitter Mailbag: December 7

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BLOOMINGTON, IN - NOVEMBER 23: Tom Crean the Head Coach of the Indiana Hoosiers gives instructions to his team during the game against the North Carolina Central Eagles at Assembly Hall on November 23, 2010 in Bloomington, Indiana. Indiana won 72-56. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)The Inside the Hall Twitter mailbag is a weekly collection of questions tweeted to us via our Twitter account, @insidethehall.

Tweet us your questions each week and we’ll answer as many as we can. Now, onward …

@mattresch writes: With Michel out and the scholarship open, is there a new target in the 2011 class Crean is likely to go after?

Alex Bozich: There’s not a new target that immediately comes to mind, but remember this: Tom Crean never stops recruiting. That is a fact. The Michel scholarship being freed up is a little complicated because if IU takes another 2011 recruit, it will affect the 2012 class and beyond. But if Crean identifies a player that fits in with the program, he’s going to do what he can to bring that player to Bloomington. I think the Michel recruitment proved that, even though it didn’t work out as IU hoped it would. Since the Hoosiers won’t technically be able to sign another 2011 recruit until the spring signing period, this is likely something that’s going to take time to develop.

@nickmryan07 writes: With UK coming up, what can IU do to avoid the slow start? The best way to rattle a young team is a quick start!

Ryan Corazza: Find its rhythm on offense immediately. Against Boston College and a few of its lesser talented foes, Indiana’s offense has been ugly early. Of course, defense is not to be overlooked. But grabbing some early confidence on the offense end to start should help them in a tough road environment. Establishing Christian Watford from the onset wouldn’t hurt either.

@MRHess writes: why is verdell’s nickname not Indiana Jones?

Zach Osterman: Because the Big Ten denied his petition to use a bullwhip on defense and out-of-bounds plays. Next question.

@pacerjon writes: what are the chances Michael Chandler ends up at IU?

Alex Bozich: Another day, another Michael Chandler question. I’m not a percentages guy, but the chances don’t seem to be very good. Chandler, for those unfamiliar with him, has rescinded verbal commitments to both Louisville and Xavier and is now back on the board. Since he’s from Indianapolis and has stated that Indiana is recruiting him, the buzz has continued on the possibility that he could join the 2011 class. He was once a five-star recruit, but has fallen considerably in the national rankings. At 6-foot-10 and a shade over 225 pounds, Chandler would provide a legitimate post presence to compliment Cody Zeller, but his academics have been talked about as a potential hurdle to overcome. He’s certainly a talented prospect, but at the end of the day, does the risk outweigh the reward? That’s a question the IU coaching staff will have to answer.

@bsider81 writes: UK plays 7 total. How does CTC take advantage of our depth? Full court pressure? Waves of 4 in 4 out subs?

Ryan Corazza: The Wildcats take care of the ball (turnover percentage: 16.8, 25th best in the nation), so I’m not sure full-court pressure is the play. And subbing Hoosiers in and all out game probably isn’t the answer either. One way Indiana may be able to combat the Wildcats only going seven-ish deep is to stay aggressive on offense and continue to get to the line at a high rate. If the Hoosiers can get a few Wildcats in foul trouble early, John Calipari may have to go a bit deeper than he’s comfortable with. It’s something that worked for North Carolina in its win over Kentucky. The Tar Heels got to the line 37 times. Four Wildcats fouled out.

@rick_park writes: Do you think Guy will stay on as student manager or will he bolt for the pros?

Zach Osterman: Tough to say. I mean, he’s obviously there for this year, but Guy-Marc Michel has a serious decision to make in the offseason. I’m presuming he would draw interest overseas pretty easily, since he’s already spent time playing there. I have no possible gauge for his NBA draft stock, so I can’t speak to that. But at the end of the day, despite how backward this whole process has seemed, that decision would still come down to the same basic question every underclassman with years left on a degree will have to ask himself next spring: Which is higher value? And I don’t think I can answer that with any education.

@nickmyryan07 writes: do you think the recent push for McGary is because the IU staff knew what was going to go down with Guy???

Alex Bozich: McGary is a prospect that has been on IU’s radar for quite some time. So to answer your question, no I don’t believe the recent push is related to the Guy-Marc Michel news. McGary, a native of Chesterton, is now at Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. He was once a member of the 2011 class, but has since re-classified to 2012 to work on his academics. UMHoops, an excellent blog about Michigan basketball, has a Q & A with McGary that’s certainly worth a read if you’re interested in learning more about him and his situation. One interesting note, in the event that you don’t click through: McGary isn’t quite sure if he’ll be a 2011 or 2012. Indiana, according to the Q & A, has offered a scholarship.

@JayHorrey writes: If Guy was an all-American quarterback at, let’s say Auburn, would he have been eligible?

Zach Osterman: Not if his situation had been the exact same, no. The Cam Newton ruling was skewed and narrow and an illustration, frankly, of a lot of the things that are wrong with the NCAA’s role in the recruiting process. But at the end of the day, Auburn/Newton found a loophole, and they dove through it headfirst. Guy’s case, while unfair, perhaps, in practice, was correctly called in a by-the-book reading of the rule. It’s not apples-to-apples, and it’s not fair, but it is what it is.

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  • Anonymous

    I expect Kentucky will trap VJ every time he handles the rock over half court. They know his tendency to force things and to turn the ball over. Crean should be ready to pull VJ quickly or it could get of hand early.

  • Anonymous

    Question, how is the McGary situation different than the Chandler one? The only thing that we know of that has been holding Chandler back is his grades. Whether there are character issues is uncertain, but right now, all we know is that Chandler’s grades are a little iffy. Now, shift to McGary, you’re talking about a kid that did so poorly before he transferred that essentially a year’s worth of credits didn’t count. I understand if you don’t want Chandler because of his grades, but then I don’t see how you can possibly defend McGary who maybe in a worse academic situation…

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU New York!! That is exactly what I have been wondering also, I’m glad someone else has noticed this. And people can’t tell me that it’s because he decommited from other schools (that were probably partly based on those schools looking at the grades issues), as I recall, Eric Gordon decommited, Marquis Teague decommited from UL and I’m pretty sure we would have been happy to have him, hell, Nick Williams decommited from Marquette to come here and we didn’t question his character. We are reading way too much into what limited information we know and making very quick judgements on a kid who could just need some better guidance or a tutor.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve done plenty of “wrong” things, but I can say I’ve never stolen a laptop or cheated on a test (in college at least).

    And by most accounts, the reason the NCAA didn’t hand down any punishment on Newton and Auburn is because those involved are keeping their mouths shut. Every credible analyst and reporter has said that there is more to the story that we just aren’t finding out right now, but when it comes out in 3 years and Auburn has to vacate all their victories, lose scholarships, and go through a postseason ban (ahem, USC), at least you can claim ignorance.

  • Anonymous

    It’s reminiscent of the old joke, “what’s the difference between a sl__ and a b____? A sl___ will do it with anyone; a b_____ will do it with anyone but you.” Mississippi State turned out to be dealing with a b______ and didn’t like it when they got spurned.

    I’m pretty sure SEC stands for “Sketchy Ethics Conference.”

  • Anonymous

    Fair enough, and of course I don’t know if he knew or not. However, I am under the impression that knowledge of the crime is not necessary to be held responsible in the NCAA, if your parents do the wrong doing. i.e. Reggie Bush Thank you for your response though. Out of curiosity, do you think he knew?

  • Marquisimo

    I don’t know for certain…I am just telling you my opinion with regard to my interaction with both players…again…I officiate high school and college basketball and have a chance to officiate both of them more than once…I just get the feeling that Mitch is a better fit in what Indiana is trying to do and the kind of kid that Coach Crean wants…

  • Marquisimo

    Hey MillaRed…no worries…I think we are OK with the NCAA and have avoided any violations…I just thought some of you would enjoy a different perspective coming from a college and high school official who has interaction with many of these players during their seasons as well as all summer during AAU…a lot of times I get to see the “real” player…

  • Anonymous

    How is Mitch a better fit than Chandler? What’s different about his character that would make him someone that Crean wants?

  • I think McGary is a better player than Chandler is, but that has nothing to do with the character of either kid. Just my opinion.

  • Marquisimo

    Alex…I agree w you that Mitch McGary is a better player. All I am saying is just what I observe on the floor as an official…player interaction/coach interaction/official interaction…everything I am posting is just my opinion based on my observations of both players.