Video: Hartman talks about Broad Ripple win, IU pledge

  • 12/05/2010 3:11 pm in

Joe Eberhardt is a high school sports blogger and regular contributor to Inside the Hall. You can follow him on twitter at @IndyHSHoops and read his blog,

Following Cathedral’s 68-65 win at Broad Ripple on Saturday, I caught up with Collin Hartman to talk about a variety of things, including his play over the weekend against Ron Patterson and Devin Davis, his recent commitment to IU and also the direction of the IU program. Watch and listen to Hartman’s comments in the embedded media player after the jump.

(Editor’s Note: Joe is still getting used to his shiny new Flip, so the top of Collin’s head got a bit cut off for some of this.)

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  • Luke72

    Sounds very confident and mature for a 16 year old! Hope to catch them this winter! Yet another great pick up for Coach Crean!

  • Anonymous

    When are we going to get that video from Gary Harris? Im thinking after he puts a hurting on Noblesville on December 10th (the team that beat them in sectionals last year) would be the perfect time. Gotta show him as much, if not more, love then we are showing the kids that have already committed.

  • bluegrassHoosier

    I think this is geared more towards being informative, rather than “showing Love”.
    I don’t know how many recruits look at these boards, but I appreciate the fact that ITH provides INFORMATION.

    As for the “rah-rah” stuff, that’s better left to us posters in response to the information posted by the staff.

    ie, every post in the world turned into a “we love Cody” thread. And that was fine, imo. But the posted topic itself was centered more towards updating the readers.

  • Anonymous

    True, but isn’t the whole reason for these kind of websites, i.e. ITH,Peegs,etc not only to inform readers about things such as stats and scores, but to also create HYPE behind the stories that have been posted?

    Im just saying, if you were a recruit and you had gotten onto one of these “informative websites” would you want to be “shown love” to create hype about yourself and gain a fan base behind you, or would you rather they post your stats and critique every move you made?

  • Our goal isn’t to show love to recruits, it’s to report news and information pertinent to IU basketball.

  • Kelin OlaHarrispo

    ITH, Alex and the gang showed a lot of love to Moses Abraham and look where it got them…Alex get some sleep. Gary Harris knows one person that loves him Crean.

  • Casey B.

    And beyond that, no recruit is committing to IU based on how much “love” he’s getting from college hoops sites.

  • Casey B.

    If a recruit is basing his decision on how much hype he receives on this site, I don’t want him at IU.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know, I still think Moses would have gone to IU if we had just shown him a little more love…

  • Anonymous

    …and that’s why we love the site. Keep up the good work.

  • Anonymous

    well said!