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Notes on a 79-57 win over Savannah State:

Tucked in between IU’s two non-conference road games was Saturday night’s meeting with one of Division I’s worst teams, Savannah State.

The Tigers, an independent in the midst of a transition to the MEAC, came into Assembly Hall on an eight-game losing streak and with one win on the books thus far — Brewton Parker, a NAIA school.

And so it’s with caution that we try to glean much from this win, IU’s seventh of the season, simply based on the quality of the opponent.

Truth be told, this game was mildly competitive at times in the first half, but once the Hoosiers turned it on for good in the final 20 minutes, it was over.

A few bullets and thoughts:

+ Maurice Creek, as Zach alluded to a bit on Twitter, seems to be regaining his stroke from the perimeter. He hit 3-of-6 from behind the 3-point arc and generally looked more comfortable as he continues to work back into form. His shot selection was also much improved from Wednesday night.

+ Jordan Hulls had another strong game — 11 points, three rebounds, two assists and just one turnover. He’s not flashy, but good things seem to happen when he’s involved and more importantly, you can count on him to make the extra pass or step in and take a charge. Neither of those show up in the box score, but they help the team tremendously.

+ With the Guy-Marc Michel situation finalized, it’s going to be important moving forward for the Hoosiers to get something from the post. And by something, I mean more than they’re currently getting. Tom Pritchard continues to be a non-factor on offense (two points in 17 minutes), Bobby Capobianco missed the game with an ankle sprain and Derek Elston, who isn’t a true post, played well in 14 minutes. Pritchard still seems like the best option as he’s the closest to a true five and is also the most experienced, but Tom Crean gave Elston the start in the second half, most likely due to Pritchard’s poor first half.

+ Stellar stat line for Verdell Jones — 18 points, eight rebounds, three assists and two steals — but the turnovers continue to be troublesome. Jones had five tonight and collectively, IU coughed the ball up 19 times.

+ Christian Watford continues to perform efficiently on offense, but his production on the glass is going to be an important storyline as the meat of the schedule arrives. Only three rebounds tonight for Watford, but he continues to do a nice job of getting to the line (6-of-8).

+ IU continues to get solid contribution from both Victor Oladipo and Will Sheehey in the form of energy off the bench. Oladipo threw down a nice dunk over a helpless defender in the first half and Sheehey continues to make a case for more minutes with his aggressiveness.

+ Ted Valentine (yes, that Ted Valentine) returned to Assembly Hall for the first time since 1998, when he showed Bob Knight the door with three technicals in a game against Illinois. His return was largely uneventful, but it’s safe to say he won’t be getting his own big head anytime soon.

Beyond that, I’m opening it up for you to chime in. There’s a week off until the next test — Kentucky on Saturday at Rupp Arena.

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  • millzy32

    Guy has no chance of being drafted. Manny Harris didn’t get drafted out of Michigan. There are only two rounds. He may get a look somewhere but his draft status will be between 0% and -1%. I use the -1% kind of like some people like to use 110% when explaining effort.

    If KY is appealing Kanter we need to appeal Guy.

  • Anonymous

    I am not so sure about your analysis of IU vs KY. This may be the PERFECT game set up for Tom Pritchard. Harellson at KY is exactly like Pritch. He is 6’10, not a good shooter, knows his role of defense, screening and rebounding. He is no better athletically than Pritch. If Tom can equal him in rebounding, defense and screening, and give up zero secondary fast break lay-ups to Harrellson, then IU will draw on 1/5th of the match-ups. I think that Watford and Elston can split 10 fouls on Jones and more than equal his points and rebounds. Maurice-100% healthy-would better Lamb 8 out of 10 times. I like the Indiana team chemistry better and KY is young (yes, talented) and will make mistakes and “hang their heads”. Could be an upset W on the road!

  • Anonymous

    I concur on the VO comments!

  • Anonymous

    Manny is not 7’1 with a 7’8 wingspan. The NBA has a zillion good 6’5 players.

  • Anonymous

    Did you know that kids get drafted to play pro ball in Europe and around the world? If Guy really puts in the work, then he is a lock to get paid to play!

  • Anonymous

    You have good points. But VJIII is one up on Hulls at 27 to 26 assists so far in 8 games. However, you have to have a little more in scoring moves than a rousing dunk (less than 1/game) or a botched lay-up with 50% from the FT line to justify the pass when Hulls and Creek are at the 3-point line.

  • JerryCT

    Certainly FT’s, short jumper etc would help TP deserve the ball more on set plays BUT we donot feed the low post even when it is Watford or Elston.

    I can only conclude that is not the CTC offense , just like it was not the offense at Marquette.

    Additonally we have 4 scorers on the floor to begin games our need for a 5th is diminished.

    Still this is no excuse for screwing up the pick and roll. Here are the ways we do it;

    1) VJ3 goes the wrong way 50% of the time this year defeating possibility of a mismatch

    2) No look at the roller means the opposing 5 can help defend VJ3 with no worry about “recover” defense. ( I believe this is why he goes the wrong way , he does not like the big guy defending him )

    3) No pass to the roller means few points from the post player …..since we run this set ad nauseum you would think Elston at least would get a pass

    4) Even a fake pass to the roller can collapse the wing defender for enough space for Mo/Hulls to pop a 3 , but only if the pass to the roller needs to be defended

    If I were playing IU and my scouting shows no pass/look to the roller :

    + my 5 would play to stop Jones not worry about the recover
    + my wings would also not defend the roll in order to defend guys who can pop 3’s

  • Anonymous

    What in the world are you talking about? Guy doesn’t need to get drafted to play ball in Europe or any foreign country. He can simply get signed whenever he wants. There is no Euroleague draft, in case you’re wondering. NBA teams do draft foreign players who are currently playing on their Euroleague team and keep them stashed until their contract is up (usually because of huge buy-out clauses) or their body/skill set has matured.

    No one is disputing that Guy has a shot at playing professionally. You’re correct that if a player of his size puts in the work, then he’ll be lock to get paid. How much will he earn and what level will the teams be remains to be seen? The original argument here was Kelin’s confidence in Guy getting drafted by an NBA team.

    One last point, former Hoosier big men Jeff Newton and George Leach never sniffed the draft after 4 years and are way ahead of Guy at equal points in their collegiate career. Neither will ever see a minute of time in the NBA nor are they in top tier Euro leagues by any means, but both do get paid to play a game for a living. As long as Guy stays healthy, we can hope for the same.

  • Anonymous

    All excellent points.

  • Anonymous