• Anonymous

    VJ3 = too much of a liability

  • joe

    I agree, at least tonight. Loved the fact Crean started Rivers in 2nd half. Need to play Victor more. MoCreek, you either swish it or completely miss it! Though he took some quick 3’s tonight. And why are we getting off to such slow starts!?!

    Loved that we fought back, but man, how many offensive rebs did we let them get? Half of them seemed like they were off FT’s! I mean, you already have position on a FT attempt.

    Overall, solid effort and lots to build on.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    Why in the world did CTC put VJ3 back on the point with about 5 minutes to go when Hulls was doing an amazing job? And why did we play with the same guys on the floor (starting lineup) for 5-6 minutes during BC’s run when it was obvious a couple guys were gassed and Elston, VO, Will, and Rivers were all sitting on the bench when they were all keys to the run we made?

    Did CTC choke a bit that game or was he trying to play with the starters and “so-called” best lineup to put pressure on them and see what they would do? I’m just confused as to why we keep saying IU’s ten deep and then Coach leaves the same guys on the floor for way too long and they wear down?

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    14 and I counted 4 in the second half at the FT line. They only missed six FT’s I think so that’s not good!

    There were definitely good things about this game and a few bad ones but my biggest question is in the post right below this. I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts!

  • Anonymous

    I grew up in Bloomington playing either with or against Jordy, and as my first comment on this site I’d like to throw out my opinion on our point guard problem. When we are playing up-tempo or teams capable of outscoring us Jordy must be our point guard. Verdell is a liability and cannot create for others. If you have noticed watching games when Verdell does decide to drive (which is extremely rare) he looks for his shot 95 percent of the time. Jordy, however, is a player who looks for his teammates constantly. Unfortunately, he’d serve us better as a 2 because of his shot, but until Yogi arrives he has to be our point. Verdell does not have a strong dribble and is just truly a question mark every time on the floor. Verdell’s mid-range game needs to be utilized because it is strong, and until one of our bigs actually stand their own ground and stop flopping around and showing their vulnerability we will continue to get banged around down low. Jordy has the heart that this team needs and I see that in Victor now too. I have hope but I know the long road that’s ahead

  • Anonymous

    To go off of what Artist said the substitution style tonight towards the end frustrated me just as it did against Maryland last year. I remember when we went on a run in the second half last year and Crean made a questionable substitution and Daniel Moore was out guarding Vazquez, this confused me in the same way I am tonight. We went on our terrific run and he moves Hulls out from point. Momentum is key in basketball and I thought this coaching move took that away from us tonight. Verdell came back in and slowed the game down just as the first half went and we all saw how that went. I guess this is my frustration coming out but Elston, Hulls, Victor, Watford, Creek, and Rivers showed the fight I wanted to see. Why did Crean take out Hulls and Watford with 3 minutes left? I don’t care about wearing down. Isn’t that what practices prepare you for. Your two best players come out in crunch time? I bet they both wanted to stay in and would’ve given us more effort.

  • Southport 65

    I totally agree. Jones is not a point guard. Way to many turnovers and not enough sharing the ball. When I played, a long time ago, we would call Jones a ball hog at the point. His game is mid-range and he has to let the game come to him and not try to force it into a poor shot or a turnover. Hulls looks for others first, which is good, but some times he needs to just shoot the ball. He is our leading 3 point shooter by far!. Jones does not have a good 3 point shot. Last Hulls was out of position a lot on D but he has improved. Jones has lost what ever D he had last year. I think Jones has a great game we need just not at the point. I think by the time the big ten games starts Hulls will be our point to stay. Don’t get me wrong Jones can play a key role for this team but not at the point. Please coach move him!

  • Marsh21

    man you are so correct! i think he’s a great kid but his defense killed us tonight. he consistantly gets lost on the court and bc had wide open looks.

    put this loss on his shoulders. hulls is coming along though and he needs to continue to be agressive. i liked the fight in the second half.

  • Marsh21

    Why didn’t we have either VO or Rivers on Jackson the entire night? I felt that kid had little pressure on him and we consistantly gave him open looks on the 3 spot. If there was a game plan stopping Jackson wasn’t part of it. When VJ is in we need to be in the zone because he’s way too slow. This year Crean will start to get really questioned with his lineup choices. We have enough talent now to be dangerous at times and coaching decisions will be highlighted much more.

  • cdog

    With no inside D and no post scoring, this is not going to be any better than last year. The Big 10 is loaded and we are not going to have much success with our weak front line. There are no easy teams. I don’t understand Elston’s regression. He bulked up and looks like an NBA PF. However, his game is not close to what it was in the last few games of last season. He is like Matt Nover without the heart. And the experiment with VJ3 at PG needs to end. Jordy is the only PG option period.

  • Marsh21

    Crean runs a dribble drive offense and Elston needs screens to get open shots. Elston’s talent will never be fully utilized under Crean’s offensive system. You won’t see too many Elstons recruited again under CTC. This shouldn’t stop Elston from getting rebounds and playing tough D.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    How can you tell anything when Elston only plays 10 minutes??? I thought he played well tonight. He drew an over-the-back foul because he blocked out, had a couple boards, played good D minus one possession, hit a couple tough shots, and missed a couple open outside shots which sometimes a big man hits and others he doesn’t!!!

    I wish CTC would just explain to everyone why he plays so little and in such short spurts when he actually looks like he’s playing well and seems to be playing hard.

    How the ____ can you tell if his games regressed when he has hardly played again???

    DE is averaging right at 14 minutes per game and in that time he’s averaging about 5 Pts and 4 Rbs per game. Wouldn’t you be happy with a PF right now who played 28 minutes and game and average 10 Pts and 8 boards? Wouldn’t that be a heck of a lot more than any of our other big men?

    Another season and we’re right back to questioning why DE isn’t playing when his per/minute stats are solid and among the best on the team?