The explanation behind Michel’s ineligibility ruling

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OK, here is an attempt to further smooth out the questions surrounding the Guy-Marc Michel ruling, announced tonight. We’ll start with the timeline.

Indiana first found out about Michel’s amateurism issues over the summer. Michel played for SLUC Nancy, a member of the French Pro A League. During his time at Nancy, he was signed on as a trainee, but he played in five games at the end of the 2007-08 season, thereby making his contract professional. (We’ll go deeper into the contract in a second.)

In August, as part of its due diligence, the university also learned that Michel had enrolled in some classes at a university in France in 2006, which is technically when he would have come to the point of finishing high school. There are some equivalency issues, obviously, and Indiana was trying to figure out exactly when high school ended and what we would define as college began.

This is important, because once an athlete enrolls in what the NCAA considers college or its equivalent, their five-year clock begins, meaning they have five years to complete their allowed eligibility.

Michel’s problem comes in the overlapping of these issues. The old NCAA rule used to be that any time spent playing on a team with what would be considered professionals required a one-year suspension, plus a per-game suspension tacked on at the end, depending upon how many games the player actually participated in. The ratio of that suspension would have been 2-to-1.

Under that scenario, Michel would only have one year of eligibility left, and a suspension of greater than one year to complete, essentially voiding his last year of eligibility.

Now, Indiana’s case to the NCAA — who according to Julie Cromer, IU’s senior associate athletics director for compliance, notified the university of its initial ruling on Oct. 15 — revolved around the application of a new rule, which lessens the blow for players who make a strong attempt to retain their eligibility while playing overseas.

Indiana was hoping the NCAA would be willing to apply the spirit of that rule change to Michel, thus leaving him a suspension short enough to be served during the current season, which must be his last, and allowing him to play. Obviously, that did not come to pass.

So what does this mean from here? Well, Michel will remain on scholarship, and he will count against Indiana’s allowed 13 this year, but not next year. He is also allowed to continue using Indiana’s facilities and working with coaches on individual instruction. Cromer said the university is working with the NCAA to determine whether Michel can practice with the team through the rest of the season.

Cromer was adamant that none of this case had anything to do with benefits or payment received, (Obviously that’s something that jumped out to everyone after the initial announcement, because of the recent, high-profile Enes Kanter case at Kentucky). According to the release put out by the university, IU “will continue to honor Guy’s scholarship as he remains on track to graduate from Indiana University.”

We’ve got more, we’re just trying to flesh everything out here and get you information quickly but also responsibly and thoroughly explained. Thanks for bearing with us.

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  • 11th and Done (Dunn)

    I’m hoping Chandler got some word of this and that is why he is undecided.

  • Steelhoosier

    Rules are rules, even the crappy ones. Glad to hear he gets to finish his schooling. Hopefully the NCAA will allow him to practice for his and the team’s best interest.

    Too bad it’s basically a one year scholarship penalty.

  • BaseballBuc

    Ok, but I thought IU could appeal the decision. Maybe thats only suspensions.

  • Casey B.

    Pretty sure that ship has sailed.

    Do you really want to fill Guy’s spot with another player who may have his own academic eligibility issues?

  • Anonymous

    So if he didn’t receive any money for playing professionally, what does it matter that he played at the pro level? I thought the whole point behind amateur status was that athletes were not allowed to receive compensation for their abilities. If he didn’t receive money, I don’t understand why it’s an issue he played on a team that has the “professional” label attached to it.

  • They can appeal like UK is Kanter but I don;t think one has ever been changed

  • 11th and Done (Dunn)

    I didn’t really think so either, thats also what I was getting at. I meant in theory, he has no academic issues, and he caught word this might happen. Hence opens up his commitment.

  • Anonymous

    Blessing in disguise…Sorry supporters but I wasn’t a fan from the start. Michel was only going to slow the team down. Frees up another spot…maybe Michael Chandler?

  • WestCoast Hoosier

    Fascinating that he was eligible and played at North Idaho College (although that is NJCAA, not NCAA, but what is the difference in the rules?) despite this.

    I wonder if he had transferred instead to a Division II or III school if this would have come up. It seems that all of the scrutiny arose because he transferred to a high profile institution and appeared to have some significant potential.

    And speaking of that, if Guy did have pro potential, does this harm or even kill his chances at a pro career? I say that because he seemed to be developing fairly rapidly. He had certainly come a long way in a short time and, although it may not be highly likely, another two years at Indiana might have developed him into a potential pro. He certainly has the size and general athleticism for it.

    I feel sorry for the guy (or should I say for the Guy!)?

  • Anonymous

    In the previous post it made it sound like IU had already appealed, and the appeal was denied.

  • WestCoast Hoosier

    Also, query, how does the timing of this affect a team that is probably boarding a plane or already on its way east for a big away game? I suspect that staff knew or at least had inklings of this already and hopefully, they prepared the players for this.

    Or does this just give Crean the “us against the world” theme as inspiration?

  • Anonymous

    IU has already appealed. He was 1st ruled ineligible before Hoosier Hysteria….IU just didn’t tell anyone

  • Anonymous

    I don’t agree with Disco Briscoe…i’ve watched Guy play and his presence in the paint would have been a positive factor for IU. Let me understand though from the article…

    “Now, Indiana‚Äôs case to the NCAA….revolved around the application of a new rule, which lessens the blow for players who make a strong attempt to retain their eligibility while playing overseas.”

    The NCAA is applying different rules depending upon what?

  • Bryan

    Apparently depending on when the amateur violation occurred. Guy’s violation occurred before the rule was changed to a more lenient one. IU was hoping that Guy would be subject to the new rule, but the NCAA decided that since it occurred before the new rule was passed, that the old rule applied.

  • Kelin OlaHarrispo

    Yeah I am really not on board with Chandler…super talented however….has decommitted from L’Ville, Xavier, and was supposed to commit to UCONN and that didn’t happen…if it walks like a duck….it must be………keep looking around CTC

  • Kelin OlaHarrispo

    Yeah I am really not on board with Chandler…super talented however….has decommitted from L’Ville, Xavier, and was supposed to commit to UCONN and that didn’t happen…if it walks like a duck….it must be………keep looking around CTC

  • Casey B.

    No, no, no.

    Chandler is an academic liability who has now decomitted from two universities. Let him go screw up some other program.

    I realize he’s super talented, but why is it that people throw Indiana’s pursuit of a clean, upstanding program out the window for the sake of nabbing a single talented player?

    Look elsewhere, Crean. Please.

  • Casey B.

    Crean should conduct a massive open tryout for a walk-on position. Just find the biggest human being in IU’s entire student body and stick him in the middle of the floor.

  • There’s an option for a thumbs up “Like” for this page and a thumbs down … can there be a “Hate” option?

  • Bryan

    I doubt anything comes of Chandler-to-IU at this point in the game. Tyler Zeller has better odds of suiting up for IU next season than Chandler.

  • The only thing that gives me pause in dismissing Chandler is that all of our guys — and I mean all of them — are quality guys, so maybe that kind of work ethic could rub off on Chandler…? If we were on board the BJ Young bandwagon, I’m not going to derail the Chandler bandwagon (Chandwagon?) just yet.

  • Matt

    Chandler will not be a Hoosier.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    Don’t worry. He’s gone after this semester to go play ball overseas so he can make money. That’s a “duh” type piece of information! This just adds a scholarship for next year once he’s gone to play pro ball somewhere and we can still get Gary Harris, so maybe we get another big next year or maybe we get Harris and a guy like McGary for 2012.

    So, it’s a loss this year, but not necessarily past that!

  • 11th and Done (Dunn)

    I’m aware that every one is speculating that his grades are terrible. Have you been checking his report cards?

  • 11th and Done (Dunn)

    Where have you seen his grades?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think CTC is going to rock the wagon and start recruiting a different type of player, in his time at IU he has recruited quality kids that have shown good character and work ethic. That being said, I’m not one to write someone off because he has had problems, the world, especially the sports world, is full of people that have changed for the better. No matter what happens with Chandler, I hope his mind and attitude catch up to his obvious skill so he doesn’t have to be another former basketball player that can only think about what could have been…

  • Kelin OlaHarrispo

    The Chandwagon….you have to trademark that…. nice……
    I am not on the Chandwagon because of the double decommit…

  • Anonymous

    I believe this is the press release based on the appeal, the original decision was made in mid-October and this is now the final decision handed down by the NCAA.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like the final outcome, but… I’m glad the drama is over. The longer this went on, it didn’t help our team.

    Now they can 100% focus on who is eligible to play and better appreciate that it’s up to them and them alone. For some players, this will greatly motivate them.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like your comment, but I like your profile picture (not that it was a bad comment – I just want them to free Guy.)

  • Anonymous

    I understand your hesitation, but the kid is 17 or 18 years old. I “decommitted” from Wabash to play soccer to just go to IU, turned out to be a damn good decision for me. Let’s not be so quick to write someone off, we don’t know anything about him, really. Maybe he’s never had a good mentor, maybe teachers have been giving him free passes because he’s good at basketball, maybe he’s had a bad group of friends. This is all speculation, but there is a lot we don’t know too.

  • “You can’t triple stamp a double stamp! You can’t triple stamp a double stamp! Lloyd! Lloyd! Lloyd!!!”

  • Anonymous

    If the violation occurred in say, 2006..can’t we appeal the decision and suggest they vacate any wins for his team (Northern Idaho College) and see how many games he sat out that year as his 1 year suspension? The art of misdirection…

  • Casey B.

    Obviously, I haven’t.

    But it’s been documented by IU beat writers with credibility that his grades are a major concern. Think about it — why would IU back off of Chandler otherwise? If he had acceptable academic credentials, I’m fairly certain Crean would be sleeping outside the Chandler residence in his car right now.

    I haven’t seen Mitch McGary’s grades either, but it’s pretty widely known that they’re his biggest obstacle in playing for a major university.

  • 11th and Done (Dunn)

    Haven’t both guys been to Bloomington recently? If so I don’t think Crean has backed off.

  • Anonymous

    He says he is turning it around and getting help. Does that mean anything coming from him? Probably not. But everything is speculation right now.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with you Mark. I don’t understand how the NCAA can obtain the information to determine these types of infractions, but whoever is responsible for this at the university can’t ?? Is there anything in place where a school can go to the NCAA first and make sure there are no issues?

  • Casey B.

    I think the official rule goes on to stipulate:

    “If the ‘student athlete’ in question is enrolled or plans to enroll at Indiana University, and possesses the potential to benefit the progress of the men’s basketball program, he shall immediately be deemed ineligible.

    “Furthermore, all ‘student athletes’ enrolled with or planning to enroll with any other major institution shall be deemed eligible so long as they meet the following requirements:

    1.) Their participation in a major NCAA sport contributes to a significantly large revenue for both their respective conference and the NCAA overall.

    2.) Their parent(s) requested less than $7 million for the services of their son/daughter during said athlete’s recruitment process.

    3.) The player has enrolled or plans to enroll at a university at which Myles Brand has never occupied a position of authority.

    4.) The player agrees to say ‘I’m really sorry’ for any and all major violations committed during his or her recruitment process and/or career at a given institution.

  • Anonymous

    Basically, he was proven to not have taken excessive money—the problem is that he’s taken too long as far as time to complete his eligibility. It would be nice to see situations like his treated more like prep school than college—I’d bet a lot of the prep teams in the US would give some of these “pro” teams in Europe a run for their money, and they just get to treat it like a 5th (or 6th) year of high school.

  • Anonymous

    The NJCAA is a separate entity from the NCAA with its own set of rules and bylaws. Even if it were under the same umbrella, his time at Northern Idaho would have fallen within his five year window to complete eligibility.

  • Anonymous

    I’m more than bummed out about this whole thing..although it’s not a crushing blow, it’s still a solid punch in the gut. Can someone explain to my why Cam Newton is still playing at Auburn and why Drew Bledsoe got away with his questionable academic situation and a kid who was honest and not flagrant is getting hit so hard? I think this punishes Guy more than our team. He’s gonna have a harder time getting the eyes of NBA scouts without a D1 jersey draping his frame.

  • Here’s what I know: no player under Crean, esp. with the current guys on the team and the future incoming classes, will screw up our program. I’m not saying mistakes won’t be made at some point (they are, after all, college kids) but if we got Chandler — and that’s a big if right now — I think Crean & Co. could help keep Chandler’s grades up.

  • The phrase I heard tossed around (from a guy who knows a guy) in regards to IU recruiting Chandler is “full-court press.” It’s not a done deal by any means, but Crean is going after Chandler. Prepare yourself accordingly.

  • Jack in Seattle

    Thanks for making me laugh at 6 in the morning. A hard thing to do.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    I’m afraid US/French relations have been permanently damaged by this. HA

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    I kind of agree with you here. I see CTC as one of those guys who is going to have things done “his way” because “he said so” and if a player started to get off track he would either be benched or dismissed if problems were to arise.

    I’m not saying I want Chandler, but I am saying that I’m pretty confident in coach and his ability to make good decisions at this point and the type of players he’s recruiting so whoever he thinks is worth a shot, I’m on board.

    I will say this. IU needs another big man next year so Zeller doesn’t have to be constantly worn down by playing the 5 and banging with the other teams’ biggest players. If he has to do that he’s in danger of having a Watford type freshman season where he wears out and loses his legs. That doesn’t help IU when it comes to the post season. If that guy is Chandler, and that’s who CTC recruits, then so be it!

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07 (“You sir, are a mouthful”),Yes, exactly, agreed on all points.

    Devin Dumes graduated, didn’t he? If Devin can do it, I think anyone can. And Crean hasn’t done anything — not one stinkin’ thing — that doesn’t warrant my full trust. I believe in our coach, his system, and his players, and I believe he could add a “troubled” piece like Chandler and our program wouldn’t suffer. I don’t like Chandler’s decommits or the rumors about his grades — and I’d be worried if Kelvin Sanctions was still at the helm — but I think Crean can get (and keep) Chandler going in the right direction.It’s official, I’m on the Chandwagon.

  • RobD

    I think you mean Eric Bledsoe.

  • Casey B.

    I think you’re misappropriating some fans’ hesitance about recruiting Chandler.
    What worries me about his supposed grade issues is his initial eligibility. I have no doubt IU has the resources to help him maintain acceptable grades if he’s fortunate enough to be accepted to the university, but can he get accepted? I think that’s where the uncertainty lies.
    If he can get his grades to a point where playing at a major university is realistic, then I too place a lot of trust in Crean and staff. As you’ve mentioned, they’ve done a lot of things right thus far.
    I just don’t want to compensate for an ineligible player (Guy) by vigorously recruiting another potentially ineligible player (Chandler). Can you imagine Chandler committing, and then us finding out months down the road that he’s not going to be allowed to play?
    I just hope we have more options to explore.

  • I see what you’re saying and I agree that recruiting and getting another ineligible player would be a major disappointment (and a blow to the chance of next year’s team getting to the NCAA tourney).

    That being said, and maybe I’m being overgenerous with my faith in Crean, but I’m guessing that they wouldn’t be putting the “full-court press” on recruiting Chandler if they didn’t think they could get him eligible for the start of next season. I’m sure nothing is surefire when it comes to Chandler’s grades, but Crean wouldn’t be going this hard after Chandler if they didn’t think he had a serious shot at being cleared to play.