Audio: Julie Cromer on Guy-Marc Michel ruling

  • 11/30/2010 9:36 pm in

Julie Cromer, IU’s senior associate athletics director for compliance and administration, took questions from the media following the university’s announcement regarding Guy-Marc Michel earlier this evening.

Listen to Cromer’s comments in the embedded media player below:


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  • Anonymous

    I think it was DD who asked the first question to Ms. Cromer, and it was an excellent one. Her response cleared any confusion I had. 10 games penalized for the pro games played and one year for the pro contract. This penalty extends beyond Guy’s 5-year window. Full stop.

    To those blaming the NCAA and throwing out conspiracy theories that the NCAA is going after IU in particular because Bob Knight used to coach here, think before you type. That’s completely, irremediably stupid.

    Others have been more on point: the Indiana took a gamble bringing in Guy with partial knowledge of his overseas activity. We lost. If you absolutely must blame someone, blame the Indiana coaching staff, compliance staff, or even Guy himself.

    I don’t think placing blame is necessary, however. This is a loss for IU basketball, a team that really needed an inside presence. This is probably a bigger loss for Guy-Marc Michel, a kid that didn’t understand the ramifications of his actions in France (who would?) and now can’t play the sport he loves for the team we all love, the Indiana Hoosiers. I feel really bad for him.

  • 11th and Done (Dunn)

    I hate it when people claim that the NCAA has it out for us too. It makes us sound like pUKe fans. “In-see-double-ayyy is just after coach Cal ‘fer no good reason, they hate us cuz were better’n errbody else!!!”