Harris not surprised at Indiana’s recruiting resurgence

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If Park Tudor point guard Yogi Ferrell declares for Indiana on Wednesday, as many are expecting, the pursuit of Hamilton Southeastern’s Gary Harris will instantly become the top recruiting storyline in Bloomington.

The five-star shooting guard, who just wrapped up his junior football season at wide receiver, made a quick trip on Sunday to watch the Hoosiers dispose of Evansville at Assembly Hall.

“I had a good time down there,” Harris told Inside the Hall on Monday evening. “I got to see the game and they got the win, so that was good to see. I got to talk with Coach Crean a little bit.”

Harris’ relationship with Crean has continued to blossom as the Indiana head coach has assumed the role of lead recruiter for the 6-4 guard.

“I do feel they’ve made me a priority,” he said. “Most of my contact has come with Coach Crean. He’s done a great job recruiting me himself. And his recruiting style is up there with the best.”

That recruiting style Harris is speaking of is paying huge dividends in recent months for the Hoosiers.

Indiana has landed eight commitments since August 9 and Harris said he could see a turnaround coming.

“I’m not surprised at all,” he said of the run of commitments. “I could see it coming. I knew Coach Crean was going to turn things around and it’s really starting to take effect. He’s really hit the state hard and done a great job recruiting the state. He’s getting a lot of talent from the state.”

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  • He’s ours.

  • so glad to see words from G. He has been my #1 wish since… Cody.

  • BaseballBuc

    I pray to Tijan…please let him be ours. I’m on my knees begging. In all seriousness, I want him as much as I wanted Eric Gordon.

  • HoosierFromCT

    Every time I see a picture of a recruit, I think it’s a story about his commitment. You need to stop doing this to me, ITH.

  • Q95

    i see our roster complete with indiana kids in years to come. what a luxury for any coach to be able to recruit quality players from within. not sure many coaches can make this claim. given our relative size in terms of population, this truely shows why this state is the nation’s capitol for high school basketball.

  • Yogi Kelin Harris

    Gary Harris reminds me of Eric Gordon (and I love EJ because he is carrying my fantasy team this year)

  • All Your Harris Are Belong to Us.

  • You gotta figure the recruiting budget is getting rolled over. Roy Williams had to charter private planes to see Cody; Crean just hopped in a car.

    Being able to drive to see these kids (although he might fly to Ft. Wayne to check up on Blackmon, Jr.) has to be huge … plus, since a lot of them are in the Indy area, he can drive to see several of them in the same day. (Not to mention the fact that they can drive to Btown for games/unofficials). Plus, as someone mentioned in another post, Crean can devote that extra time to breaking down film and devising plays and whatnot.

    As Michael Scott says, “It’s a win win win.”

  • Yogi Kelin Harris

    …aaahhhh a Michael Scott fan. Hopefully we can get him to commit to staying on The Office for another year or two. However Dwight as supervisor would be about as entertaining.

  • Anonymous

    However, we will NOT replace cream and crimson with mustard yellow.

  • I think The Office has run its course. Thankfully this year has been better than the previous two, but I’m ready to be done, I think — or, at least, I will not watch the show without Michael Scott (and there’s no way he’s staying b/c he can get good/full-time work in cinema now).

  • IUJeff

    First time commenting on ITH. I could no longer contain my exuberance for the recruiting job CTC is doing for Indiana. Gary is seeing the writing on the wall (or ITH). It is a very exciting time to be a Hoosier fan. C’mon Gary, we need you to be a part of the resurgence at IU!

  • Uncle Joey

    Yes, someone would have to transfer or declare for the NBA. But let’s be honest here, if we get a 5 man class in 2012 with all of these stud players, then someone on the current roster won’t be happy with their reduced playing time.

    I read an interesting statistic on another forum… there has been a transfer every year since 2000, and there hasn’t been 2 consecutive years where no one has transfered since sometime in the 60’s or 70’s (I could be wrong on that, I’d have to look it up to be sure).

    The truth of the matter is that transfers happen in almost every program, and its pointless to worry about it because the situation will always work itself out.

  • Uncle Joey

    I’m still worried about MSU… because he’s guaranteed to also get to play alongside talented players there.

  • MillaRed

    Michigan State is so………yesterday………

  • Anonymous

    And my #1 wish since YOGI! But I live 24 hours in the future!

  • Plane1972

    Correction – We are his.

  • MillaRed

    I heard Calipari called and asked for the extra cash so he could buy a small forward.

    Kidding Alex. Kidding………

  • Anonymous

    Yes, by some roster movement: transfer, retirement or going Pro, Indiana can only have 13 scholarship players by the beginning of school in August.

  • JerryCT

    PHD – just for you

    #1 “Aint No Brakeman on this Train” —— goes out Colin Hartman

    #2 “Aint No Brakeman this Train” —– this one Devin Davis

    #3 ” Aint no “………………….an almost to Yogi , I beg to play the rest of the song

    #4 ” Aint …………a few bars go out Gary Harris , I hope we at least get to the guitar part

  • Yogi Kelin Harris

    So after Crean locks up Yogi and Hopefully Harris….what does he do then and what do we have to talk about? 2015? Finishing 2014 with Blueitt?

  • Anonymous

    The commitment of Yogi Ferrell to Indiana, if it happens as we hope and expect on Wednesday, will be the crown jewel for Coach Tom Crean’s leadership of IU’s renaissance in basketball. We love you Yogi, welcome to Bloomington. The TEN commitments for IU basketball: 2011 Etherington and Zeller; 2012 Patterson, Jurkin, Perea, and now Yogi; 2013 Hartman and Davis; and 2014 Blackmon and Lyles, reflect the tireless work of Coach Crean and his staff (and families) and the great atmosphere and family environment created by the players on the squad. Great work! IU basketball is FUN once again! To get the commitment of Gary Harris would be the icing on the cake! Did I leave out any trite sayings?

  • Anonymous

    YKH… I have to echo your sentiments… but with all of these commits I can only hope we’ll have nothing to talk about besides winning. What a change from a few years ago eh?

  • kentuckyhoosier

    YOGI and HARRIS , that would compete the puzzle .Well done coach getting all the studs , but at all the positions.

  • kentuckyhoosier

    Its an AWESOME feeling when uk fans are asking me ” man what is Tom Crean doing up there ? “

  • Anonymous

    Still at least one 2013 spot to fill at that point, right?

  • BaseballBuc

    Probably tries for Darryl Hicks, and somewhere in there a big man.

  • Clinton Mills

    I agree 100%, first time I saw Gary I thought of EJ.

  • millzy32

    We do actually have a basketball team right now and they are playing a team tonight that took Oklahoma to overtime so maybe we could actually just start rooting on our team and not worrying at all about the recruits because we know that they are a done deal.

    It will be a nice luxury.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t really think of the one word to sum up what’s going on – “incredible” “amazing” just doesn’t do it justice. I keep looking at the rosters all the way up to 2015 and they are all stacked beyond my comprehension. How can a program make a turn like this? Other teams are going to have a tough time beating IU, especially in AH (if not close to impossible). One of the most intriguing parts is that there are not very many if any 1 and done players that jump out right away. These are 3-4 year kids – and we have all seen that experience goes a long way come tourney time – IU will have huge talent and experience!! IU is addressing every position too, studs at every location. This is just scary awesome news.

    It’s not just about this year, or 2011, or 2012, etc. We will be talented and competitive all of those years, but looking ahead even 4 years into the future!!!:
    2014 – Ron Patterson (G), Yogi Ferrell (G), Austin Etherington(G), Gary Harris(G), James Blackmon Jr.(G), Cody Zeller (F), Peter Jurkin(C), Trey Lyles(C), Collin Hartman(F), Devan Davis(F)……….and who knows who else

  • Anonymous

    ok – jumped a little ahead of myself with a couple players, but the way things are going…………….

  • Anonymous

    true – I try to put it into perspective too – but it is hard do – mainly because its not 2 or 3 players in the future – its eleven! and it doesn’t even include the players on the team now. IU isn’t putting pressure on a couple kids – if one doesn’t hold up then there should be another one more than capable of filling in to make the team successful.

    But I will try my best to wait it out (as hard as it is)

  • Yogi Kelin Harris

    Dukester I am so glad that coming to ITH now is not therapy anymore, therapy for losing recruits, losing games, injuries, player suspensions etc etc. Finally we can actually talk about wins, landing recruits, and actually rubbing something in Purdue’s face.

  • joe

    There’s Indiana High School basketball and there is everything else.

  • Anonymous

    Yup, MS is no UCONN.