Former Hoosier A.J. Moye suffers stroke

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CHICAGO - MARCH 15: A.J. Moye #2 of the Indiana University Hoosiers scores while under pressure from Brian Cook #34 of the University of Illinois Fighting Illini during the Big Ten men's Basketball Tournament at the United Center on March 15, 2003 in Chicago, Illinois. Illinois defeated Indiana 73-72. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) Former Hoosier and fan favorite A.J. Moye, who’s playing for the Deutsche Bank Skyliners in Germany this year, suffered a stroke Tuesday.

Some details from Eurobasket:

On Monday, Moye and another player collided with their heads, but the two players were able to continue to practice. On Monday night, the step father of Moye spoke with his step son and noticed that he had problems speaking. On Tuesday at the morning shoot around before the Eurochallenge game against Maccabi Haifa, there was abnormal behavior detected with the Los Angeles native. As his behavior got more intense, Moye was brought to a Frankfurt hospital. At the hospital his condition worsened. The diagnosis that Moye had a stroke has been confirmed in the hospital. Further diagnosis about his recovery and therapy can not be determined at the present moment.

Awful, tragic news. Our thoughts are with Moye and his family, and we hope after his recovery he’s able to again play the sport he loves at a high level.

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Update: A couple of encouraging tweets to mention. First from JMV:

from reps of former IU player AJ Moye in Germany.After suffering a stroke he is doing well and full recovery is expected. Great news.

And from Hugh Kellenberger:

A.J. Moye is in good spirits and is showing no signs of paralysis or loss of motor skills, his agent, Aaron Smith, said.

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  • Wow, that’s terrible. One of my favorite players ever. Hope for a full and speedy recovery.

  • Bryansmithiu

    One of the hardest working hoosiers ever! Hopefully he will recover quickly and become an assistant at IU!

  • CutterInChicago

    Terrible news indeed. Strokes are dangerous, lost a close relative to a hemorrhagic stroke. Awful stuff.
    Hope AJ makes it through this and has a 100% recovery

  • PM

    Terrible news. I was just doing some reading this week to check up on AJ and it seemed he was doing quite well. Hate to hear this and hope he is able to recover.

  • Terrible news! A.J. Is an all time favorite. Loved seeing him on the court. His heart and passion were unmatched. Thoughts and prayers to you and get well soon

  • Sbeasley7

    He was one of my favorite players at IU. Will say a prayer for him and his family.

  • Tbird086

    My thought and prayers are with one of the most loved Hoosiers. I pray that he gets well and then able to play the game he loved. My thoughts and prayers are with you A.J. Get well soon!!!

  • Bleeding Crimson

    Top 10 favorite Hoosier. Keep him in your prayers, here’s to a speedy and complete recovery.

  • Anonymous

    This is tragic news for a person and former player that most of us loved! It is especially poignant since it happened to a player “stuck” in the “Dark Ages” of Indiana Basketball, between the Golden Age of Coach Knight and the Renaissance Age of Coach Crean. I would like to suggest to ITH to start a simple petition (that can be presented to the IU Athletic Department) that readers on this site can “click” to signify there agreement with, recommending that the IU Athletic Department and the current Basketball Team choose some fitting way of honoring A J this season (perhaps as “Honorary Captain”), and establishing a charitable fund for his medical, rehabilitation, and living expenses as he overcomes this tragedy! Any out there who “second” this idea? This will also show the world what we mean by “It’s Indiana”! AJ was not the best player on his teams, his teams were not NCAA Champions, but we never quit caring about OUR PLAYERS!

  • Wish AJ and his family all the best! Hopefully he has a full and healthy recovery!

  • oldguy

    Sounds like a subdural hematoma to me. If so, assuming that it’s promptly drained, it should have a better prognosis than a cerebral infarct, which is what is usually referred to as a “stroke”.

  • BFowler

    Good Luck and Speedy Recovery A.J.! He signed a picture for me at a camp down in Bloomington one year and was just about the nicest guy you could imagine. He had just as much fun reliving his block of Carlos Boozer as I did. Steller guy and great to have amongst the IU alumni. We will keep him and his family in our prayer.

  • Anonymous

    I second your proposal. My wife used to work in rehab (stroke and heart attack…not alcoholics) and the recovery is not quick or easy. If anyone knows of a fund started, please share details with the rest of us. Thoughts and prayers for my favorite #2 at IU.

  • My biggest regret is that I wasn’t born sooner to chant “A.J Moye” at the Hall. Get well soon A.J

  • Anonymous

    Thought and prayers go out to the A.J. and his family.

  • Anonymous

    This is just awful. We all love AJ and hope for his complete recovery.

  • M&Choosierfactory

    Very sad.

    A.J. has been, and always will be, an outstanding representative of our school.

    Get well soon A.J.!

  • IUhoosier02

    If I remember correctly AJ Moye was the beginning of the name chant tradition at IU. Very sad news. Hope he recovers quickly. If anyone out there has the heart to rehab and get back to doing what he loves its AJ Moye. One of my all time favorites. Named my second child AJ after him and guyton. Our thoughts and prayers are with him!

  • Steelhoosier

    Horrible, horrible news. We all need to pray for him.

    On a side note, the article states that he is a native of Los Angeles. I thought he was from Atlanta?

  • Indiana Red

    I happened to serve him food a lot at one of his favorite restaurants in Bloomington. He was always very cool, and seemed down to earth. That aside, I loved chanting his name in Assembly Hall, and he did everything you can ask a player to do—give it his all.

    I look forward to chanting his name again as he walks onto center court before a game. Get well, AJ.

  • JoshuaHaltom

    Prayers go out to AJ and his family. Lets not forget that there are lots of people in this Hoosier state (and the world) that need all our prayers every day as well.

  • Rgold

    I was there as a student, and let me tell you it was pretty sweet. Loved AJ as a player, by far my favorite player during my time as a student.

  • Anonymous

    Completely agree. AJ Moye was one of the most exciting players I can ever remember watching because of his amazing, intense passion. I pray that he is able to recover completely.

  • MillaRed

    My second fondest memory of anything that is IU hoops (behind the Keith Smart jumper) is AJ blocking Carlos Boozer’s shot in the Duke game. Especially since Boozer absolutely threw him aside to grab that rebound.

    Many kids would have lost their composure. But instead of complaining he turned around and stuck it right in his mug. One of the greatest clutch plays I have ever seen.

    AJ is just one of those guys you have to love. Great, great Hoosier. Get well AJ!

  • Cweb7275

    Love that guy…..Get better A.J.!

  • Anonymous

    aw crap. i don’t want to start my day hearing something like this….moye will always be the man.

  • Jack in Seattle

    I can speak for a lot of us in saying that AJ is at the top of our favorite Hoosier lists. What a huge heart. Get better soon, friend.

  • Theproudesthoosier

    Aaaaaaa!!!!! Jayyyyyy!!!!!! Moyyyyyyyy!!!!!! Yayyyyyyy!!!!!! Get well soon #2!!!!!! You are in my family’s prayers!!!

  • Anonymous

    Greatest basketball game I have ever witnessed. My favorite Hoosier of all time. Get well soon A.J.

  • Anonymous

    goosebumps reading this – my thoughts and prayers go out to you AJ – its players like him that make me proud to be an IU fan

  • If any current IU students (like myself) are on these boards reading this story, I challenge you to help me get AT LEAST one AJ Moye chant started on Sunday against Evansville. Though since I’m in the West Balcony, you may have to start it first.

  • Anonymous

    That one block by itself – barely a second in time – will be remembered from thousands of Hoosiers for lifetimes !

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t that “type” of player chant followed by the claps start with A J Moye?

  • MillaRed

    I remember after that free throw clanked and Boozer got the ball. I felt
    like I got punched in the stomach. Then AJ jumped out of the gym to swat it.
    Talk about an emotional mood swing. I think I huddled up in the corner for
    an hour and rocked back and forth.

  • Mike

    I pretty sure he is from Atlanta, because that’s where the Final Four was and I remember hearing about him getting to play in his hometown.

  • Kim1iu

    Sorry to hear the terrible news. My Father had 3 mini strokes last week and is doing great. Hopefully A.J. will have a quick recovery too.

  • scb

    I’ll be in section L just above the GA seats. I was already thinking of doing that. Let’s get it done!

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    Our thoughts and prayers, as IU fans and I’m sure huge fans of AJ, will be with him and his family!

    Get well soon AJ!!!

  • Prayers to A.J. and his family. This kid is a true fighter and one of the hardest working kids that has come to IU. Hope for a speedy and full recovery!

  • HoosierFromCT
  • HoosierFromCT

    Don’t forget about the 2 clutch free throws to give us that 4 point lead. I like how I say “us” since i was a freshman in high school watching that and I remember for some reason cheering so hard for IU. I had no affiliation with IU at the time but AJ became one of my favorite players after that game,

    Get well AJ!!!

  • MillaRed

    Sorry peeps, testing something.

  • Just read some good news on AJ. He is in good spirits and is doing well. No signs of paralysis or loss of motor skills and a full recovery is expected. He is staying in Germany and his future in basketball is uncertain. Good news all around though.

  • Iuhoosierkyle

    I will always remember after the 2002 game going down to Showalter Fountain and just living it up. A friend down the hall from the dorms brought his megaphone. Did the AJ Moye chant more times than I can count. I even got to lead it once. One of my best nights ever in Bloomington.

  • Andrew

    Yes, exactly, Walton. I was a student at the time. Talk about a perfect player for whom the chant was born. Not just saying this b/c of the terrible news, but he’s easily one of my top 5 favorite Hoosiers ever. Bill Raftery said it perfectly late in the Notre Dame game AJ’s senior year, when he had the ball, back to the basket, on the baseline (guarded by a much taller player of course)…”Watch him, he’s clever”…and right on cue, he spun free for a beautiful reverse layup that was a huge play in a 3-point IU win. His knack for scoring (and passing) inside on much bigger players was beyond uncanny. A-JAY-MOY-YAY!

  • FightingHoosiers

    Fan favorite is an understatement. Moye was a class act his entire career at IU and played the game the right way. It was a privilege to chant “A-J-Mo-Ye” while he was there…and even for the next few years after he left. Get well soon AJ! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

  • 11th and Done (Dunn)

    i’ll be in GA. done and doner.

  • 11th and Done (Dunn)

    someone should film it also and email it to him.

  • i was lucky to catch A.J. on the old barnstorming tour before his freshman season. my family was back in bloomington visiting family and we drove over to a high school gym to watch him play with jared jefferies and some local high school talent against a team with Scott may jr and sean may. i told him after the game good game and i cant wait to see him in cream and crimson he said thanks and smiled a big smile. i didnt really know then I was watching the start of one of my 5 all time favorite Hoosiers. Ill never forget the moment I realized he had blocked that sure fire 100% game winner against Duke in the tournament. My family and I were just talking about him this week. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. truly a special guy

  • Anonymous
    The Boozer block – for memory’s sake.