• JerryCT

    Their 4 top scorers are all 6’5″ and under. I expect our guards are in for some trouble tonight trying to handle the speed. Interesting to see how CTC handles the PT if they “out quick” us

  • marcusgresham

    Back to that zone with Watford’s condorish arms out on the point. Maybe even a 3-2 or 1-2-2 with some combination of Creek/Rivers/Oladipo/Jones on the wings. If they’re 6’5″ or under that means they’d have to shoot over 6’5″ or taller.

  • 5’10 and 6′ for their top two scorers and rebounders. They did have Georgia on the ropes till the end. JR and VO should match their speed. Just hope we can do better with those TOs…Seems like Moore and JR (hard to believe) have the best assist to TO ratio and I suspect that will equal more PT. I see Mo and CW lighting it up….be nice to see a win by 10

  • stonaroni

    I see a lot of Rivers on the floor tonight sharing the point with VJIII. I think Hulls spells more time at SG than PG. Hulls will be facing a 5″ height disadvantage. If he can run to open spots as SG and let JR, VJIII or Mo dribble drive and hit him spotting up, he will be effective at the very least to stretch the D.

    If the Hoosiers get out an run look for VO to be electric in the passing lanes with big games from Mo, CW and VJ.

    I think a combo of zone and man for the game is good. IU has to improve their D, this game gives them an athletic team to polish up their D. D is defense just in case some have their mind in the gutter.

  • It’s only been two games, but the turnovers are a cause for concern. IU is ranked 290th in turnover percentage. They were 306 last year.

  • This will be a totally different game than Wright State, which I think is a good thing as we continue to learn more about this team. Wright State tried to grind it out and play halfcourt and this team is going to be running wild. Should be entertaining, for sure.

  • millzy32

    So we’re making progress you say? Outstanding.

    Actually makes me pretty sick to my stomach especially after reading that Butler had 6 turnovers in their first game against a lackluster foe.

    In your opinion what is the reason for our lack of fundamentals? Poor coaching or poor execution or nerves or what? Can’t keep winning turning the ball over this much.

  • joe

    so you’re saying we’re getting better 🙂

  • millzy32

    Not that anyone cares anymore but Jeremiah Davis is going to Cincinnati. Not so long ago we would all have been upset to hear this and now it is a ho hum occurrence.

  • MillaRed

    Another thing I saw is this team is very experienced. At least 3 SR starters and a JR. I think they might be more of a challenge than Wright State. I think we do a lot of zoning to see if they can shoot. We need to slow them down and make them run half court sets.

    I think it will be a close one.

  • Great question on the reason for the turnovers and it’s certainly something we’ll try to dig into more as the season goes along, if the turnovers continue at such an alarming rate.

  • stonaroni

    Good luck JDavis. That is a good fit for him. Cronin works hard. He is getting a lot of recruits that are 100-150 in the rankings. Maybe JDavis will help UC get back to a top 20 program? They definitely need better guard play.

  • How much longer will Cronin be around? I don’t think he’s made the NCAA Tournament yet at UC and he’s now in his fifth season with a losing record overall the past four years.

  • stonaroni

    I feel the turnover issue is more the players still trying to learn the offensive roles and the merry go round at PG.

    Better post/paint play and passing would take off 3 turnovers a game. Our interior passing is weak.

    Also, Butler is a gring it out offense, no way we can be compared to that offense. But, I do agree turnovers are the largest concern right behing the GMM eligibilty saga.

  • stonaroni

    Good question. His seat is hot at UC. I think the departure of Lance Stephenson might have bought him another year.

    Have you spent much time there Alex? UC’s campus leaves a lot to be desired and they are not even the best team in the city. They are the #3 program in the state and are way down on the list among those in the area such as IU, UK, OSU, Louisville, X, etc.

    I think the football team struggling this year might by him another year too.

    And, if UC gets rid of Cronin, who comes in next? At least Cronin is doing a decent job of recruiting.

  • guest

    So….any news on Guy? Starting to get really annoying…

  • stonaroni

    He came into a situation much like CTC. Look at how much better CTC has done with recruts. But, CTC has Indiana and championships to back him. UC doesn’t have that legacy. And, it is well known that Nancy Zimpher screwed Coach Huggins. She didn’t support the football program much either. Now that she has been gone for about a year, hopefully UC can get the town behind them again. It is tough to see Huggins go to WVU and win immediately. Huggings was loved by many in Cincy, and those who hated him at least respected him as a coach.

  • No updates. It’s in the NCAA’s court.

  • dbmcubs21

    I feel as though some of the turnovers are not a big deal right now though. All of the charges called last game (way more than average) and few passes were simply miss handled on the break. These things will go away. We still have a high number, but not quite as bad as it would seem.

  • I want to see how we respond defensively to a run and gun type team. I assume we will try and play man to man. Thoughts?

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  • cdog

    If we turn the ball over 17-20 times per game in BT play, we will be lucky to win four games. VJ III was back at it with more turnovers than points. The defense seems to be much better than last year, even without Guy in the middle. Offensively we are struggling to find the right rhythm. Most pleasant supprise so far: Victor O. Biggist disappointment: Derek E. DE came out that first game and hit two quick jumpers and that hast been the highlight of his season so far.

  • cdog

    It is amazing that a couple of strategic phone calls and I will know everything I need to about a potential job candidate. Yet the NCAA will take weeks to make a determination that a few phone calls and checking some documents could solve relatively quickly. It is almost as if the NCAA is telling member schools to not recruit foreign players. Again, they don’t have the high school B-ball structure and support like we have here in the states. Most of the good kids have to play on club teams in order to get better. It is not like Guy is someone that will be playing in the NBA next season. They need to start looking at the circumstances and what is best for the kid. It just doesn’t seem right to be punishing this kid.