Q & A: Etherington talks official visit, Zeller decision

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2011 commit Austin Etherington took his official visit to Bloomington this past weekend with his friend and Hoosier target Cody Zeller. Inside the Hall caught up with the Hamilton Heights senior on Thursday evening for a weekend recap, his reaction to the recent commitment of Hanner Perea and his thoughts on the upcoming decision for Zeller:

On the official visit and how it was different from previous visits:

The visit went good being with my family, the coaches and the Zeller family. It was just good to get that bonding and being with Cody because I haven’t been with him for a while. We had a good time. The only thing that was different was that we stayed the night there. That was pretty much the only difference.”

On his reaction to the ovation he and Zeller received when they walked into Assembly Hall and the size of the crowd:

“I was really surprised about that (the size of the crowd), seeing that many people there for something like a scrimmage. When we walked in I figured the fans would do something about Cody being in there, but then when they all stood up like that, it was a great feeling. I could only imagine what it will feel like when there’s 17,000 people there doing that. I think it made Cody feel good. It was just something really cool. I wasn’t really expecting it to be like that.”

On his reaction to the Perea commitment on Sunday:

“I hadn’t heard that he was thinking about it. I just knew that he was down to two schools. I always felt good about Hanner. Just being around him all the time, he’s always been around Bloomington and I know he feels like it’s home. It was really good news to hear.”

On the effect of the Perea commitment on the 2012 recruiting class:

“Hanner helps huge with other guys that IU is looking at. That was just the key commit that made other players know that IU is for real and that IU is going in the right direction.”

On why he’s taken on the role of recruiting his friends to IU:

“I just do as much as I can for my sake because I want to have the best four years that I can. I want to play with guys that I know and talking to guys and becoming good friends with them just helps with them deciding on a school and knowing someone at that school. That’s a big key in their decision making.”

On what advice, if any, he gave Zeller about his decision over the weekend:

“I don’t say much to Cody. I just tell him to make a decision that’s best for him and no matter what his decision is, he’ll still be one of my good friends. But I’d really like for him to come play with me and I know we’d have a good four years together.”

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  • Marsh21

    Fully agree! This kid is a legit 4 year impact player for us. He could turn pro early but what a program kid he will be. If he develops some sharp shooting and get the ball handling at the next level he will be a beast.

    I love this kid already!

  • Marsh21

    I don’t see a lot of separation between the two at this point. I’ll take both but won’t cry if we lose Harris. I hope we get him but Ron Patterson is also a stud and will be a great defender as well! Harris might have a little better shot at this point but not for long.

  • Anonymous

    IU’s Freshman Class Profile:

    SAT scores: 1090 – 1310
    GPA: 3.4 – 3.9


    If he’s making nothing but an academic decision, it’s not Butler hands down. In terms of prestige, having been on graduate admissions boards, Indiana and UNC still beat Butler.

  • Anonymous

    For the record, Butler’s B-school is ranked 63.

  • millzy32


    Yogi can play the 1 or he can play the 1 or maybe in certain unusual lineups he can also play the 1. Yogi may know Yoga and actually be flexible in real life but he’s playing the point and point only IMHO.

    PS I would still love to have that 3 guard lineup in the game though.

  • millzy32

    Rick Fox of “Dancing with the Stars” fame. And formerly married to Vanessa Williams Fame?

    Never heard of him.

  • Plane1972

    I apologize for starting a pissing match here. You’re right, it would not be Butler (poor choice of words on my part). My singular point is that IU and UNC do not “crush” Butler academically and should not be discounted as easily as some would purport recently.

    I’ll leave it at that.

  • Anonymous

    Frankly, Butler scares the hell out of me. I do not want it, and my bias is certainly toward the big school prestige that IU can afford Cody, but I can very easily see him going to Butler. My point was merely that when one thinks of strong academic institutions, Butler does not jump to mind. IU as a public Ivy does. UNC certainly does. But we never know what a kid is going to do.

  • Anonymous

    Your point of not playing 35-40 minutes a game I would think would be even stronger with Yogi, who might weigh 160 if he’s had three big meals that day. You always need depth and flexibility.

  • Anonymous

    I’d adopt Etherington and Patterson both. I just love every word that comes out of both their mouths.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for pointing out that Etherington’s dad is only a year older than I am. Anyone have some Geritol I could take?

  • Anonymous

    We got George Leach right out of Charlotte!

  • Anonymous

    Judging from the shooting and athletic skill, AE could end up being the player Pat Graham would have been without the foot injuries. Pat was lights out and before his feet failed him was a far better athlete than most people know.

  • Anonymous

    Just think, he is 6’2 maybe 6’3 with shoes has nearly a 7 foot wingspan and is extreamly athletic with a great motor…he already has a big ten body and up to this point in time he is a proven winner…might be going out on a limb here but maybe a young D. Wade (didnt play varsity to Jr. year)

  • Proud Cowboys/Cubs/IU Fan

    That wouldn’t be right, because do we really want to start three freshman guards and leave out Watford and Creek (assuming he doesn’t declare for the draft after next year).

  • Proud Cowboys/Cubs/IU Fan

    I don’t think he could turn pro, because it’s not like he’s Mo Creek and will have to be the star of the show. He’ll have to stick around until he’s a full time player. Plus since there will be too many other great players in 2012 why would he leave after 2013 if he knows what’s coming in in 2014 in Lyles, Blackmon, and hopefully Blueitt.

  • Windycityshowdown

    On this website it’s pUKe.

  • Outoftheloop

    ?Austin and Ron are TRUE HOOSIERS! I love them!

  • Outoftheloop

    Austin will rewrite every IU 3-Point shooting record, he will hit 45% on 3-Point shots, 50% on all FG, and 90% on FT, rebound , play great defense, and be a total team guy. What a great recruit!

  • Outoftheloop

    Dakich has now said that IU , UNC and Butler will each get Cody. Dan is now a media fraud! He does NOT KNOW ANYTHING! But neither do we.

  • Outoftheloop

    For a private school 1070 is VERY LOW!

  • Outoftheloop

    Ron Patterson is THE LEADER for 2012! Can yo hear me Yogi. It is time for you to step up an become a leader at IU!

  • Outoftheloop

    Austin will start as a freshman with Guy, Cody, Christian and MO, Indiana will go to the Final Four! Welcome back to the Big Time!

  • Diesel

    Is Austin playing the point in your lineup?

  • Agree 100% Jerry. This is why I love Elston and Capo, they bring a mean-streak that IU has been lacking.

  • JerryCT

    ” mean streak” … yes that is the phrase I was searching for. I think Rivers has that capability too.

  • Gustin

    He will be a silent assassin at IU. Receives the least amount of attention but will contribute as much as any of the other higher profile recruits.

  • Milli132

    very excited about the upcoming classes coming in but……i cant help but be constantly disappointed by IU football. We have a good coach in Crean so how about we work on a solid football coach that can make IU respectable in football. Why not dominate in basketball and football???? 🙂