Guy-Marc Michel’s status under NCAA review

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Per a statement from Indiana head coach Tom Crean:

“The NCAA is reviewing the status of Guy-Marc Michel. Prior to attending North Idaho Community College, Guy participated in club basketball in France, where he finished high school and enrolled in some college courses. In three years with the French club, Guy participated as a member of an amateur team. In his third year, he was ‘called up’ for limited participation with a team that included professional players.

Given the experiences of other international student-athletes who have participated in European basketball systems, we anticipated some extended review of Guy’s status.

We have great respect for the NCAA’s process, particularly because we know they have a practice of reviewing each individual student-athlete’s case on its own merit, with a focus on what’s best for the student. We also appreciate the NCAA’s increased understanding of the circumstances facing international student-athletes, which led to recent rule changes that permit immediate eligibility for entering freshman with the same competitive experiences as Guy.

With these factors in mind, we are hopeful for a positive resolution to Guy’s case within the coming weeks. While he is not eligible to compete at this time, he will continue to improve in practice, and he’ll continue doing very well in the classroom, until the process is complete. We will have no additional comments until the matter is resolved.”

This is definitely not the news anyone wanted to hear less than a hour before the exhibition tip-off, but let’s hope for a speedy resolution from the NCAA, and ultimately, full clearance for Michel.

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