• Mhstorie

    Let’s do this! IU Basketball is upon us!

  • Liking the guns on Watford! How about that ink on Elston too. Dude ought to dye his hair purple and starting channeling Rodman.

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking the same on Watford’s arms—that was his biggest downfall last year. If he’s bulked up enough to hold his own down low without getting his shot shoved back in his face he may see time at the 4, which puts a defensive pressing trio of some combination of Creek, Rivers, Oladipo, and Sheehey in together for periods of the game. Don’t get me wrong, I still think he’s best-suited to play the small forward, but if he can slide into the PF spot and not be over-matched that’s just one more trick in CTC’s bag.
    Elston had a lot of that tattoo last year, but I guess every time his arms get bigger he’s got more surface area for his artist.

  • Anonymous

    + Those protein shakes they were downing are working

    + Let’s not lose sight of the fact that, experienced somewhat or not, these two, who were likely handpicked by the coach to speak to the media, are still only 19 or 20-year old sophomores

  • RobD

    these guys were boys last year. this year they look like men. good representatives of the new era of IU basketball

  • I just love Elston. It’s been a while since IU had a player that was physically intimidating. I’m really hoping his game takes a “leap” this season, and think it can.

  • HoosierNshaker

    First game of the season tonight (even if it is an exhibition)…get out there and support the Hoosiers.

    Look at the arms on those guys, looks like Cook Hall is definitely paying off.

  • Andrew

    Very much agree. I’ve always thought he’s really our x-factor. I know much of the talk regarding this season has been about Watford’s move to the 3 and Creek’s knee, which makes sense, but I think what’s gotten overlooked is how important it would be if DE is good enough to be on the court for 25+ minutes a nite. His versatility allows IU so many different looks. On a team full of bad defensive players and freshmen feeling their way out, I never really understood last year why he was seemingly held to a higher standard, and would be immediately pulled after one mistake or defensive lapse. Whatever, that’s water under the bridge now. Can’t wait to see him this season. Assuming we stay healthy (fingers crossed), I truly think #32 is the key to a successful season.