Hanner Perea joins Indiana’s 2012 recruiting class

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UPDATED: 2:43 p.m.

Indiana’s 2012 recruiting class just became significantly better.

The news was broken by Evan Daniels of Scout.com: Five-star forward Hanner Perea has given a verbal pledge to the Hoosiers. Perea joins Ron Patterson and Peter Jurkin in IU’s 2012 recruiting class.

The commitment followed a weekend during which IU hosted some of the state’s most talented prospects, including Perea, Cody Zeller, Austin Etherington and Yogi Ferrell. For Perea, it was time to pull the trigger.

In Perea, Indiana adds a player with solid NBA potential and the kind of measurables scouts drool over. A 6-foot-8 forward, Perea possesses great athleticism and enough talent for Rivals to tag him the No. 10 overall player in his class. He is the highest-ranked commitment Tom Crean has reeled in at Indiana, and it was the coach, Perea said, that made his final decision easy.

“That’s why I committed, because I know he’s going to help me make my dreams come true and is going to help me get to the next level,” Perea told Inside the Hall by phone shortly after leaving Bloomington Sunday. “He was really happy.”

Perea hit town Friday night and took in the Night of the Living Red scrimmage seated next to Zeller and Etherington. The trio was joined a day later by Indianapolis point guard prospect Yogi Ferrell at the IU-Northwestern football game. The four recruits, all part of the Indiana Elite program, took in the game from the east side of Memorial Stadium, seated with members of the team and sandwiched between Tim Buckley and Crean.

The weekend itself has been hailed for awhile as one of the biggest in memory for Indiana basketball’s recruiting efforts, and Perea’s commitment certainly lends that opinion credibility.

Perea said he chatted with Ferrell about his commitment before ultimately deciding to pull the trigger. Now, Perea said, his conversations with his friend will take on a different tone.

“He knows that I would love to play with him,” Perea said of Ferrell, adding that his commitment would give the Park Tudor point guard “one more reason to come to IU.”

More generally, Perea talked about the entire cluster of talented Indiana Elite prospects considering IU, including the ones he joined in Bloomington this weekend. Echoing the sentiments, surely, of IU basketball fans everywhere, he talked excitedly of the possibilities in front of them should they come to Bloomington together after high school.

“We’ve been playing together in AAU. We know everything about each other,” Perea said. “I would love to play with them (in college).”

(Photo credit: Jack Arent/adidas)

–Alex Bozich and Zach Osterman contributed to this report

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  • Tommyboy6754

    Cody Zeller and Yogi next?

  • WestCoast Hoosier

    I love getting Hanner.

    I hope we get Cody, and Yogi and Gary and etc.

    I love the enthusiasm of all of the posters on this site.

    I love the record number of posters.


    But I have to throw in a few cautionary comments:

    1. When we talk about what a great group this would be — and it would — but remember this. Other schools are also getting great classe.

    MSU, Duke, OSU, Illinois, etc.

    Kentucky, e.g. has been pulling in recruiting classes for the last few years like these.

    2009 (per Scout, #1 and #6 PGs, #2 and #4 Cs, #10 SF),

    2010 (per Scout #1 C, #2 PF, #3PG, #5SG, #12SF),

    2011 (per Scout, #1 and #5 PF, #1 PG, #1 SF).

    Granted, I like the sound of the type of people we’re recruiting much better – academically smart kids, nice kids, kids you’d like to be around, character kids. Thank goodness!!! I’d rather not get a kid than take someone who we’re going to regret later..

    But, still and all, are we talking classes better than those that, e.g., Calipari has been pulling in?

    And note that Calipari hasn’t won diddly with all these fancy dandy classes – at least not yet.

    Remember also that there are also always issues with things like injuries, graduations, transfers, folks turning out to be worse (or better) than advertised, etc. E.g. If not for injuries, IU would have had national titles in 1975, 1982, and perhaps 2002.

    And Duke and NC and Michigan State and UCLA and Butler and all these other schools aren’t sitting on their hands either.

    So, just a cautionary note or 2 – and I would add that I strongly hope that these cautionary notes are blown away in the wind of IU’s success.

    Go Hoosiers! Great job, Tom Crean!

  • Anonymous

    I’m 40 and didn’t get to see McGinnis in college (and barely remember him in the pros when he was past his prime,) but Tolbert was just intimidating. He was 6’9″ and played center on the ’81 championship team (with 6’10” Landon Turner at the PF.) Tolbert was lean, but still muscular and he could run like a damn gazelle. He somehow had a knack for getting loose on the break as a bit of a trailer, and he’d come flying down the lane and get the ball. When he rose for the dunk he always came in with the ball cocked behind his head and his knee way up (kind Hermes on the FTD Florist logo, but more menacing and far less effeminate,) and anyone set up to take the charge either got the hell out of the way or concussed—usually just got out of the way.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, but we’ve had so many football teams buried ours SHOULD be called Memorial Stadium.

  • Anonymous

    …with a moat around the outside of the building known affectionately as “Crean’s Creek”.

  • kentuckyhoosier

    Or maybe a lesson in persaverance and what the ” right way ” can lead to

  • CutterInChicago

    Good points and your cautionary note is not without merit. Getting talent is a fabulous thing but getting talent to produce is another matter. The nice thing is with the improvement of talent, we will be able to evaluate Crean and his staff on the X’s and O’s with their recruits running their system. And that is a good thing in many ways (e.g. its been a long time since we’ve had the luxury of looking at an IU team and saying “that guy is not blocking out” or “why in God’s name are we not running a pick-and-roll more often” and (a favorite) “why aren’t we running Mike Davis’ Orlando One offensive set?”
    The main thing here is that we are getting guys who are obviously an major upgrade over the last few years. That will lead itself into new, better areas including online debates with folks as to the merits of our coach and program, as well as the recruiting etc. I look forward to that.

  • N71

    I see this recent success as a ticket to the final 4 where each team at that point has a chance to win because they’re all good. Coaching then becomes the difference maker and we really don’t know what we have in Crean yet on that front. Bob Knight was an ass but once he was in a final 4 he was great. Crean is not an ass so I don’t know if that handicaps us or not. Only time will tell and I like our odds. Crean is our coach and we will sink or swim with him, not Knight, or anyone else. We’re “all in” with you Tom.

  • Future roster predictions are quite funny. Wow.. There are only 5 starting spots and multiple roles to be handed out. Just admire the depth of the future team. Injuries, practice, and academics will play a huge role of who starts and who plays.

  • Gustin

    Count me in the AE fan club also. I can’t wait to watch his star shine at IU.

  • HoosierDNA

    ITH is a great website which is documenting a great resurgence in IU Basketball. I am so pumped over the recruiting effort and the quality of student athletes committing. Indiana…my Indiana…

  • Umm, not at Purdue.

  • Couldn’t agree more – perfect!

  • Anonymous

    That’s how James Hardy came to IU as well, Davis wanted the entire class and had to get Hardy a football scholarship to make it happen. That had mixed results for IU athletics (good for one sport, bad for another.)

    I don’t see it happening here, though.

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  • Anonymous

    What is this invitation about?

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    Chris Nunnink md

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