Tyler Zeller talks Cody’s decision to Seth Davis

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NEW YORK - MARCH 30: Tyler Zeller #44 of the North Carolina Tar Heels dunks the ball against Rhode Island Rams at Madison Square Garden on March 30, 2010 in New York, New York. (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)In his North Carolina postcard, published yesterday on SI.com, Seth Davis has a bullet on the Cody Zeller decision with a little insight from his older brother, Tyler.


Williams has already put together a fine recruiting class for next season, but it would be even better if Zeller’s younger brother, Cody, a 6-10 forward from Washington, Ind., would join Tyler in Chapel Hill.

Cody is also considering Indiana and Butler, and when I asked Tyler where he thought Cody was going to end up, he said he honestly did not know.

“I don’t think he knows, either,” Tyler told me. “Obviously I’d love for him to come here, but it’s his decision.”

I’m sure it’s a tough call, but I still think Cody’s gonna stay home and play for IU.

Add Davis, a studio host for CBS Sports, to the growing list of media members that are calling Cody to IU.

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  • Gustin

    Sure hope Tyler’s comments become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Let the dominoes fall IU’s way!

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    One can only hope . . .

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    One can only hope . . .

  • Evan

    That was Davis’ comment, not Tyler’s.

  • Correct. The portions in quotations were Tyler.

    The last part was Davis’ prediction.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    I really think that if Tyler thought Cody was going to IU then he would have at least seemed a bit more optimistic. “Obviously, I’d love for him to come here, but it’s his decision” – I read that like he’s saying I’d love for him to come here but I won’t be disappointed if he doesn’t.

    The phrasing of his statements and the overall tone of his statements leads me to believe he also knows Cody is leaning towards IU. Words like “I don’t think he knows, either” also lead me to believe that he’s setting himself up for a mild disappointment.

  • BaseballBuc

    There’s hardly anyone in college basketball who I respect more than Seth Davis. I hope he’s right.

  • SeattleHoosier

    Has Cody mentioned when he will make his decision?

  • He’s expected to announce his decision before the early signing period begins on Wednesday, November 10.

  • oldred1976

    I have refused to comment on Cody’s recruitment and other than the following statement, will continue to do so. I’ll be glad when this is over, good or bad. Wish him the best no matter what his decision is.

  • RobD

    does your commentary have some significance that this site doesn’t know about? why have you refused to comment?

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    I really like the way the Zellers have handled this recruiting of Cody and I think the way the handled it was driven by “IU Fans”…..here is my thoughts and theory.

    It would be so so EZ for a kid to get caught up in a school, coach, and fanbase that want him to come to IU so so bad, that it is best to say little, stay away from the cameras, twitter, and facebook and just manage the process.

    The Hoosier Nation is so so strong that I believe Cody is well aware of what he would mean to the program and everything that comes with it, more than what he would mean to UNC or Butler. Sure those guys have expressed how much they want him there just as Crean has, but the difference is Hoosier Nation….who have been dialed in from day one on Cody.

    Now in about 10 days……we will see if it pays off.
    IU 90%
    Butler 7%
    UNC 3%

  • N71

    Lost is that I think Hanner is a lock. Within a week his decision will be final and IU will be hailing another top flight recruit. Cody will hopefully follow but if not, Hanner is #10 in 2012…not bad. Put him with Ron and Peter…wow. Yogi and Cody would just be gravy. Hanner is the big ticket in all this noise.

  • cooper

    right, why comment that you refuse to comment, what would the significance of your comment be?

  • I was talking about our experience in B-town last night with the wife… you know your raising your kids well when your 3 yr old daughter says, “Yeah, Cody Zeller.” with just the mention of the name Cody. And the 4 yr old boy starts into the Cody Zeller chant. They understand “It’s Indiana.”

  • Anonymous

    I’m optimistic about it, but to be devil’s advocate, is there any chance he doesn’t want to take on that kind of pressure? If he comes to IU, he’ll be expected to take us to the final four. I’m not saying he doesn’t want the pressure, but maybe as an Indiana guy he knows how high our expectations can get.

    I don’t really believe that, just saying it. With no inside info, I’d say maybe more like 70%, 13%, 17%. 90% is awfully high without knowing the conversations in the Zeller household. But man do I hope he (and Yogi and Hanner) all come to IU.

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    I thought about that as well psvirsky, however I then thought about, if you ‘know you don’t want to be a brain surgeon then don’t sign up for any classes that could lead to that’. Cody knows what is expected at IU, but he put IU on his final list, took an official and unofficial visit….so he surely knows what the deal is…..don’t think the kid is really worried about that type of pressure…ESPECIALLY if you have Hanner, Yogi, Etherington, Jurkin, and Patterson on the way to relieve some of that pressure….

    I say that believing if Zeller commits, Yogi will follow and Hanner will have committed already or soon after.

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    You are officially the dad of the year….!

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree. Obviously I don’t know him but he seems like he understands the pressure and is ready to face it (if he chooses IU). If anything, him choosing Butler or UNC is a way of going with less pressure.

    And again, agreed. Through my own Indy journalist connections, at this point, everyone pretty much assumes/knows that if Zeller commits, Yogi and Perea will be right behind him. And if that happens…….

  • Anonymous

    i sure hope cody calls a press conference when he announces his decision. i’m anxious to see if it would be a record breaking turnout. and also wondering if it could be live streamed? nov 10 isnt too far away….

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    It would not shock me if it was a shown live somewhere…..also wouldn’t surprise me if IU fans showed up to see the ‘decision’. As I mentioned before, Cody commits to IU ITH headline will pull 250 comments easily in 24 hours. Ferrell and Perea could come close to that…..I go with low 200’s….no offense guys.

  • Anonymous

    It also wouldn’t surprise me if he simply called the coach with little to no media involvement whatsoever, he’s so low-key.
    Either way, I bet there’s none of this “3 hats on the table, which one do I put on” BS.

  • RJG

    I agree with your assessment of Cody, that low key no BS attitude is why he would be such a great fit at Indiana.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that UNC is less pressure. The only way it is less pressure is if he’s not starting/playing significant minutes. Otherwise a championship will be expected from the time he sets foot there (like every other year). I also find it interesting that some think UNC makes it a lock for CZ to be a first round NBA pick and IU doesn’t. I might be in the minority but playing at IU and being “the guy” and helping to turn around a program has to be just as good or better for his prospects as a pro. Either way “the decision” can’t come quick enough.

  • Anonymous

    I think he might just mean he doesn’t want to get wrapped up in the hoopla and have a let down. He will wait and see before says anything. He will have to clarify though because I’m only speculating

  • Anonymous

    I hope Hoosier fans wouldn’t expect Cody (alone) to take us to the Final Four. I thought most fans realized that Cody isn’t IU’s biggest recruit in the terms of talent alone. His recruitment is bigger in the fact that he’s Indiana’s favorite high school player now, and that his commitment would surely add others. Don’t get me wrong – his talent will be an awesome addition, but I am not going to put pressure on just him to take IU to the final four – I will expect the team to reach it though.

  • Anonymous
  • banner6

    I absolutely agree, I think that while Cody would most definitely add an element that we don’t have a lot of depth at right now (a very skilled big man/post player…even if Guy does pan out he really is the only play that can be a “true” five in terms of ability), the more exciting part about a getting Zeller would be the assertion that IU is once again THE serious recruiting power in Indiana. It’s unreasonable to expect him, at 18 years old, to be “the savior” of IU basketball. Rather, he would be another piece to a puzzle that will include a FULLY healthy Creek, Watford, Jones, VO, GMM (with another year of strength and general basketball development), along with the rest of the team that is obviously improving by leaps and bounds seemingly every time we see them. Tack that on to the huge numbers of big time players graduating in the Big Ten after this year, and I tell ya, I wouldn’t want to play this team next year.

    I guess what I’m saying is that all recruits, not just Zeller, should see IU not as a team where they’ll have to come in and do everything, but instead as a team that is rapidly developing into what CTC has seen all along. Granted, there are still obvious holes, but someone said over the summer that from a coach’s perspective, rebuilding a team is like being a sculptor, you see the final product out of a raw block of stone, and it takes everyone else a while to see what it is you’re trying to do. I think while there are still some pieces to chip away, we’re starting to see what CTC is trying to create in B-Town.

  • Anonymous

    Perea commits to IU according to Evan Daniels!!!!!!

  • hoosierfan32

    Where did u see this? i freaked out when i saw u posted this is it true???????

  • Anonymous

    WOOOHOOO! Hopefully Cody is right there with him

  • Anonymous

    It is everywhere now. And it is true!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe not less pressure overall on the program, but less pressure individually. They’d expect him to be a great player and go for championships but he wouldn’t necessarily be seen as THE GUY to do so.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed and I think most rational fans won’t expect him to do it alone. But of course fanbases tend to do stupid things, like get disappointed in Crean last year when they still weren’t ready to compete.

  • 11owenst

    I think we got him

  • KosherKid3

    cody zeller seems like a great kid. he knows how much the state of indiana and iu fans nationwide want him and need him to be the catalyst for returning our coveted basketball tradition back to the forefront of college basketball. it is the brave, honorable, and exciting for him, and he WILL make the right decision.

  • Anonymous

    As badly as I want it to be IU, I think the entire family has put in enough due diligence that whatever decision he makes will be the right one, at least for him.