Q & A: 2013 Cleveland Benedictine forward Mark Williams

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One of the new names to emerge on the IU recruiting radar from Friday’s Hoosier Hysteria was 2013 Cleveland Benedictine forward Mark Williams. The 6-7, 235-pound Williams spoke to Inside the Hall on Monday night about his experience at Hysteria and his interest in the IU program:

On his experience at Hoosier Hysteria

“The whole experience was great. The tradition speaks volumes. The fans were very involved and everybody loves basketball there. And that’s my love so that place and me, we get along well. The players are cool. It just was a great night. There was a lot of energy in that building.”

On how the visit to Bloomington came about

“Coach Tim Buckley came up to open gym. And then two days later, Coach Tom Crean came up. Coach Buckley came up last Monday and Coach Crean came up last Wednesday and then Friday I was down (to Bloomington).”

On his game and style of play

“I am a classic type player. I’m the type that will walk you down to the post, use jump hooks, a very fundamental type person. I recently developed a nice little jumper and have found my perimeter game expanding. I’m trying to be an all-around force.”

On the scholarship offer from Indiana

“Coach Crean did offer me. It’s a funny story because on Friday while my parents and I were talking to him, I guess he offered, but we were like uncertain, so my dad asked Coach Buckley, ‘did he offer us?’ And immediately, like no later than five minutes after, Coach Crean came up to my parents and I and was like, ‘yes, we definitely offered.'”

On getting his first offer from a major program like Indiana

“It’s big. Anybody would be very grateful and happy for the opportunity. It’s big. I’m just going to keep a level head about it and keep working hard because I want these offers and this publicity to keep piling up.”

On where things stand with his recruiting process

“It’s only my first visit. I’m going to visit some more schools and have an open mind about things.”

On the schools he’s hearing from besides Indiana

“Ohio State, Michigan State, Penn State, Wisconsin, West Virginia. And there’s others like Akron and places like that.”

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  • Anonymous

    Good to know we aren’t lumped together with Akron ha. Haven’t seen any clips of this kid but like most guys CTC is going after I’ve read good things. Would be more than happy if this kid decides to be a Hoosier!

  • I know he’s holding a backpack strap in that photo, but if he raised the other fist, that would be a perfect photo for a boxer (he could even throw on the hood for flavor).The kid looks tough and loves fundamentals — what’s not to like?Once again, Crean gets in on the talent before our rivals…

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    Gotta love a kid who uses the words ‘classic’ and ‘fundamentals’ in describing his play. I know IU has some 2013 offers out there with Devin Davis, Smotherman etc, no problem with crossing the border and going after Mark Williams. See Thad two can play that game….

  • 11th and Done (Dunn)

    “And there’s others like Akron and places like that.”- ouch!!! said MAC conference fans. 235 pound fundamental post player. i can dig.

  • Anonymous

    I’d venture to say at his height weighing 235 he doesn’t get pushed around much–the fact that he’s heard from Wisconsin would add to that.
    I think he was a bit redundant though, because he initially mentioned Penn State, and then said “Akron and places like that.”

  • Diesel

    Saw on the Scoop that OSU may be backing off Hollowell a bit. What’s up with that? Wonder if Coach Buckley sent a text threatening to deport Matta to Iowa?

  • millzy32

    235 and a sophomore in High School @ 6’7″. By graduation he’ll be a 6’8″ or 6’9″ 260 pound monster. Sign this kid up.

    If we sign him I’ll go watch him play and let everyone know what I think. I’m sure he’s pretty outstanding if they’re making the trip all the way up here to Cleveland.

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    Nice…hey these days that is the way to go in recruiting, threatening a kid or paying his dad $10K. I think Drew and Calipari should write a book together…

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    I didn’t realize he was a 235 pound sophomore…wow. We will need that type of size to replace Elston and match up with PJ and Cody…here that Cody I am counting you on the team already.

  • marsh21

    OSU has their 3 and 4 spots for the 2011 class locked up already.

  • JerryCT

    HELP ! …..I am continually “lost” as to what specifically CTC means by “offered” . I assume this is a risk free expression that we would consider a player for a scholly but has no binding commitment.

    TRUE ?

  • JerryCT

    HELP ! …..I am continually “lost” as to what specifically CTC means by “offered” . I assume this is a risk free expression that we would consider a player for a scholly but has no binding commitment.

    TRUE ?

  • stonaroni

    Hollowell is a 2012, but having locks in the class before him isn’t good either. This is just me, but I have seen many clips of Hollowell; I am not a big fan. He just doesn’t seem to have the motor that most of the other guys CTC’s recruiting. The term that comes to my mind every time I see a clip on him is “lethargic”.

    For some reason I feel like he is losing ground much like JDavis has. For Hollowell’s sake, I hope I am wrong.

    I would like to see us lock up Yogi, Hanner, and CZ here over the next few month. A kid like Williams who will end up at least 6’8″ and a beast like Hanner in 2012, a 7′ Jurkin in 2012 and a 6’10” CZ in 2011 would be a nice fit together. Williams would be coming in when DE and Capo are phasing out.

  • stonaroni

    It is all verbal. And, there is no risk until signing day. JDavis was getting courted by IU, he had a scholly offer. I am sure by now it has been rescinded.

  • Jacobdetroy

    I am curious as to why you think JDavis is “loosing ground”, or has possibly lost his scholarship offer?

  • GFDave

    Glad to see CTC going after some size. Just looking at the Hoosier Nation Prospects list for 2013, he is the biggest player by far in terms of weight. Hopefully, as others have noted, he grows some more and becomes a real banger.

  • Great comment. My very good friend whom I lift with every morning’s father was a big ten coach who used to coach in Indiana until last year (hint hint) and he is VERY touchy about coaches who ‘offer’ a lot of players scholarships. His take on Crean is that he is one to make a lot of ‘offers’. I wonder how you handle that when stuff goes awry or you change your mind? Like what happens if Chandler and Zeller committ on the same day? Pants down looking stupid or do you handle it creatively by ignoring peoples phone calls?

    When my unnamed ex-asst coach friend goes after Crean I do remind him that about 50% of the top 25 in the 2010 class had Kentucky at the top of their list. I think the players and coaches both know they have an ‘offer list’ that has a ranked order.

  • Bubbajess

    then they decide who they want!!

  • Mrfilthierich

    hands down best in class in the post will do great things in the very near future bet my life on it

  • Outoftheloop

    YKZ, you are SO Cheap! No self-respecting Dad (yes I see the ironic oxymoron) would accept less than $100K! And that is per year!

  • Outoftheloop

    I like Hollowell!

  • Outoftheloop

    Not at all. It means that we absolutely, must have you, it is all yours to take, right now, UNTIL it is gone! So wait and “think it over”, or see what “other offers” come in, at your peril! Because some kids believe, BEFORE we offer them, that IT IS INDIANA! Those are the guys we really want! They will become Hoosier Heroes…Elston, Hulls, Oladipo, Sheehey, Etherington, Patterson, Jurkin, Blackmon, Lyles… With those players you watch them, see if they can contribute to your team, recruit them hard, tell them what need they fill or role that they will play, and ask for the commitment, and you both live with that commitment! In the future there will be VERY few like Zeller that we will hold the scholarship for until they are ready to make their decision. Cody IS that IMPORTANT! Yogi is NOT! Yogi is starting to appear vain and self centered. I hope not. But didn’t his Dad say that Yogi REALLY wanted to go to IU and that IU should up the recruiting of his son? If so, Indiana has shown his son all of the LOVE. Now it is time for Yogi to be a LEADER in building his Indiana legacy, and not the last one to hop on Ron Patterson’s BUSS to Bloomington!

  • Outoftheloop

    Crean fired McCloud who was a liar and a fraud. His take on Crean is totally worthless! Did Painter fire/retire someone?