Baylor in hot water over Perea recruitment

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KANSAS CITY, MO - MARCH 11: Head coach Scott Drew of the Baylor Bears calls out in the second half while taking on the Texas Longhorns during the quarterfinals of the 2010 Phillips 66 Big 12 Men's Basketball Tournament at the Sprint Center on March 11, 2010 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)This one comes from our friend Jeff Goodman at According to this report, Baylor assistant coach Mark Morefield “sent dozens of texts to Hanner Perea’s AAU and high school coaches in July while they were coaching events,” a violation of NCAA rules. The coach in question wasn’t supposed to be recruiting off-campus at the time anyway, a restriction placed upon him by the university for “previous texting infractions.”

The most damning part of the report, at least in the realm of public opinion, might be this:

Morefield also sent a text to LaLumiere coach Alan Huss, which was obtained by, saying that if Perea didn’t go to Baylor, he wouldn’t be back in the United States.

“I guarantee u if he does [commit to another school] he will be in Colombia for the spring and summer and next year. Don’t forget it,” the text said.

You might recall Baylor coach Scott Drew, who ran the family business as coach at Valparaiso for one year before taking over the troubled program in Waco in 2003. He inherited a team in tatters after the murder of one teammate by another.

Since his arrival, Drew has managed to rebuild the Bears, and last year took them all the way to the Elite Eight, led by Ekpe Udoh, Tweety Carter and LaceDarius Dunn. The last of those was expected to lead Baylor this season, but his status right now is rather unclear following a domestic violence incident.

Perea, a touted and talented recruit in the 2012 class, has listed Indiana and Baylor as his top two schools. He enrolled at LaPorte (Ind.) La Lumiere this fall, and has played his AAU basketball in the Indiana Elite program since coming to the United States.

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  • Outoftheloop

    NO ONE IN AMERICA thinks that you can “hide” a text message, ask Tiger!

  • marcusgresham

    This guy and Favre showed the same things in their messages—Favre literally, Morefield figuratively.

  • marcusgresham

    I’d be more than mildly curious what the people in Lubbock have to say about the people in Waco

  • Outoftheloop

    The Head Coach IS ALWAYS MORE guilty than his assistant! We are not talking about an organization with 100’s of employees around the world. IU lists the Head Coach and 4 assistants. They see and work with each other 10 hours/day, 6 days/week, 50 weeks /year. There is NO PLACE TO HIDE! The Head Coach KNOWS (or could easily learn) everything! So you have only the “Calipari Defense”: “I did not personally do it” (at least you can not prove that I personally did it).

  • MillaRed

    Ha! That’s funny………..

    Showed his junk.

  • Outoftheloop

    Then WHY would someone who values building a “clean” program hire him in the first place? The answer is to get the “job” (getting top recruits by any means possible) done and to take the “fall” when you are caught cheating.

  • Outoftheloop

    Being the first to “get in on” a kid might give you a slight advantage; being first to get a “verbal” from a kid definitely helps but does not prevent other schools from continuing to recruit the kid IF the kid allows it; being first to get the signed NLOI is the prize. Even a basketball fan in TX should understand this much!

  • SM

    I hope you are joking about #2. Let’s look at the substance of the text message:

    “I guarantee u if he does [commit to another school] he will be in Colombia for the spring and summer and next year. Don’t forget it,” the text said.

    The language used here definitely is aggressive and threatening, and does not seem at all concerned with a “homesick” college freshman. He’s guaranteeing that HP will be in Colombia for spring and summer–meaning this coming spring and summer–and next year–meaning 2011. You’re saying that they think that HP would only feel at home at Baylor, after he’s already living in the U.S. (in Indiana, no doubt) as a teenager prior to entering college. Why would he feel so homesick in the year and a half before even going to college that he would suddenly decide to go back to Colombia, the only reason being that he didn’t decide to go to Baylor, where he wouldn’t even be at that point. Why would choosing Baylor suddenly make him less homesick when he still has a year and a half before starting school there or anywhere?

    Secondly, you say that if he doesn’t qualify at the school he selects, he would “wind up going back to Colombia.” Presumably that would only happen if he does not qualify after finishing his senior year of high school. I’m not sure exactly how the rules work with international players, but I would assume that if he couldn’t get admitted to the school of his choice, as a top recruit he could get in somewhere. If he gets homesick after that, it would not be in spring, summer, or “next year,” but sometime in 2012.

    Finally, just look at the language used. This is not a text indicating concern for the player. Making “guarantees” that someone is told at the end “don’t forget it,” is definitely a threat. There is no concern for the player’s well-being here at all.

  • Outoftheloop

    If Hanner could be deported “if he didn’t go to Baylor…if he does commit to another school”, then he could be deported for the same reasons if he goes to any school in the US, including Baylor. The Baylor assistant coach was simply trying to bully a weak and uninformed kid (about the law on immigration). Very sick behavior!

  • oldred1976

    Millzy32 I’ve eaten alot of barbeque Texas and otherwise but I don’t ever remember it smelling like what’s going on in WACO

  • Greg Amstutz

    Come on, you guys act like you don’t think that this kind of thing happens all the time. You think that you know a guy just because you see him on TV. Wow, they all are violating this rule, I got friends who played college D1 ball, and they all got money, cars, etc. You are crazy if you think this don’t happen.

  • Anonymous

    That’s why I found it kind of hard to believe – thought maybe there was more to it like maybe it was intended to be a joke or something. I know text messages can be interpreted different ways and this is just part of the conversation, but Baylor I guess turned it in themselves so it must have some substance to it.

  • Anonymous

    ha – so I guess my post was ignorant – dangit and I tryed two make shure I spelt everything reight befour poesting that coment two.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah and like KS this coach was doing it while he was being punished for something similar. On top of it all he included threats along with the texts. We all know what the NCAA can do when it comes to illegal texting. What about threats like this? I’m not for sure if this falls under any different rule guidelines or not. Never really heard of it happening before. Baylor could be in trouble.

  • IUBB

    For whatever it is worth, Bob Knight (along with the many other Big XII coaches) strongly dislike Drew and his recruiting practices. Some will not even shake hands with him after games.

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    I agree cheating happens all the time…..but threats of deportation….come one…

  • Anonymous

    Hanner has all the power. They want him. He’s the desired commodity. It’s basic economics supply and demand.

  • Anonymous

    not directed at you in any way man…merely suggesting Baylor assistant knew better and made the wrong choice. I’m buying a dictionary four yew to…come two Hoosier Histeria and i’ll git it two ya their;)

  • John

    as someone who is close to hanner, you IU fans are going to be excited soon

  • Q95

    my concern with recruiting against an outlaw program is you never know what a kid is promised. i am hopefull this kid sees through the smoke and gets some sound advice from trusted sources. this program is a loose cannon.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, that leads me to believe that something dirty is going on down there. I think it more has to do with the fact that he consistently talks down other universities when he talks to recruits though.

  • Anonymous

    This weekend works for me;) Can you elaborate on soon?

  • Outoftheloop

    I disagree. Give me the names of three DI basketball players, NOT at U Conn, USC, KY, MI, Memphis, Baylor, OK, where there is ANY evidence that they got money and/or cash. You can’t do it! It should not be that hard. when you say “,,,this kind of thing happens all the time”, you are excusing the few who do cheat! We are not talking of BS talk, we are talking about some evidence to back up what you say.

  • marsh21

    This guy has a history of aggressive recruiting, just ask Rick Barnes. Barnes has been complaining about Drew for about 2 years now. He will do whatever it takes! He actually sent a kid a picture of Rick Barns, Bobby Knight and Drew with x’s through Barnes and Knight with a statement, “which coach has landed a McDonalds All American”.

    Not all apples fall close to the tree, some just roll away.

    I hope the NCAA takes the SOB down.

  • Hoosierfan89

    How are you so connected to hanner?

  • Anonymous

    The fact that you have to eliminate 7 powerhouse schools in the parameter of your question actually proves his point. Some of the best schools are doing this, not just the desperate ones. Considering people like Calipari have had plenty of assistants take jobs elsewhere, this could become a huge problem in the future if it isn’t addressed.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll assume that was a joke. Otherwise it’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on here.

  • Anonymous

    Again, why the shouting? But further, while I grant that the coach definitely assumes responsibility for the overall atmosphere that would allow for this sort of behavior, let’s think for a minute. The various assistants are all responsible for different recruits and recruiting contacts. To me, the idea that this assistant got way too upset with the high school coach for telling him something he didn’t want to hear, and he went way too far with the deportation threat, that all seems plausible. At that point, he’s done all of this without the permission or knowledge of the head coach, who I’m quite sure doesn’t read every text message the coach sends. I’m also quite sure that if the assistant coach realized he’d gone way too far and wanted to protect himself (instead of the program, which isn’t smart since it was going to come out sometime, but let’s be honest, the guy threatened a recruit with deportation, how smart is he going to be?) so he told no one about that text message. And again, even if the head coach makes it a policy to read every single message sent, it’s not like the assistant couldn’t have deleted it from his phone, which while not “hiding” it per se, it would extend the inevitable. Just calm down before you destroy everyone involved. There’s room for subtlety here, but then, considering your ALL CAPS and exclamation point style, maybe subtlety isn’t your thing.

  • Casey

    Has someone not had their morning coffee yet? You want to slam people go to another site.

  • Anonymous

    I know – just thought it was funny – I always try to be careful when posting something about lack of intelligence so it doesn’t backfire on me and in a way it kind of did. Trying my best to make it this weekend. Hopefully see you all there.

  • cdog

    I think there is a former assitant coach, now coaching HS ball in NJ, that can answer that question. No one knows what he did, but he was fired for something Tom Crean thought was inappropriate.

  • Anonymous

    Jayrig, you must not read my posts then. Loop can’t lay claim to the dumbest thing on this site..that honor is mine…and many others here will attest to that. Let’s everybody calm down and get back to discussing what we love…iu basketball and the team’s future with CTC and our awesome recruits. Baylor will get what’s coming…so will Calipari…and any other crooked participant out there.

  • Anonymous

    Jayrig, you must not read my posts then. Loop can’t lay claim to the dumbest thing on this site..that honor is mine…and many others here will attest to that. Let’s everybody calm down and get back to discussing what we love…iu basketball and the team’s future with CTC and our awesome recruits. Baylor will get what’s coming…so will Calipari…and any other crooked participant out there.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if Perea will forbid them from breathing around him as a result of this. Have you seen his build? I wouldn’t want to piss him off.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll gladly send you multiple links to reasonable posts of mine that the poster above has jumped all over needlessly and senselessly, without contributing anything substantial to any discussion. In the past I’ve tried to be tolerant, and point out things I was trying to get at in order to better explain myself, but it’s never effective. I would have let this go, except for the fact that he decided to jump on just to SHOUT at me and say that I believe something that no one else in America believes…or something…it’s kind of hard to tell what his point was, to be honest. And I didn’t slam anyone. I thought it was a joke. I still do think that. And that premise negates the rest of my statement, hence the usage of “otherwise”.

    But go ahead, say I should be banned. Personally, I love reading/posting here, it’s the most reasonable, thoughtful, and interesting collection of people I’ve seen online. I’ve only ever had a problem with one poster, and that’s just because he apparently has a problem with everything I write, to the point that he responds with one-line contradictory statements with no point or backing. (Also, the ALL CAPS/exclamation points style is quite irritating, and the near absence of that style of online communication is another reason this site is great.)

    Anyway. You obviously took my statement wrong, which happens. But lets not send people elsewhere. Take it easy. If you want to see my normal posts, feel free to go back through and find them, and if you still think I deserve to be sent to another site, I’ll gladly consider it. And we’re all registered, I’m sure the people with actual authority would gladly step in if need be, and I’d encourage that. So lighten up.

    And I don’t drink coffee.

  • No one is going to be banned. Everyone is free to post their opinion as long as personal attacks are made. Let’s get this back onto topic and move on, please.

  • Anonymous

    I think there’s a possibility that he’s using caps because there’s not way to switch to italics. I’ve done that in the past and thought, “damn, I wish I could italicize this instead.” Not sure, but a possibility.

  • Linback93

    Gosh i hope that Duke and UNC don’t jump into the mix all of the sudden since this happened