• stonaroni

    I am glad we got this kid. He is smart and a good all around kid, the type that IU basketball was built on.

    I also feel he is very underrated in his class. When he got on the scene about 15 months ago, he was ranked #57. Then he settled around #80. Then he got hurt and fell out of the rankings altogether and now has resurfaced at #98.

    I have said it once and will continue to say it. There are very few 6’6″ small forwards out there who has his complete game. Just because a kid is a great athlete and a thunder dunk superstar doesn’t make them a better basketball player than AE. And, with the way he shoots the ball, he will fit in nicely here at IU.

    Remember, the Sporting News ranked AE as the #2 shooter in the nation in the Class of 2011 right behind Rivers.

  • Anonymous

    I dare anyone to try and find anything bad about this kid. Everything that I have heard come out of his mouth just reassures me even more that this kid is exactly the kind of kid we want at IU wearing the candy stripes. Don’t think we will ever hear him talking about how he needs more touches, shots, minutes etc etc which in this day and age is something in itself. Good get coach !

    Also think he will compliment what we already have in more ways than what any of us realize once he actually is playing in games. Austin, if you are reading this, thanks for being a Hoosier you’re already a favorite.

  • marcusgresham

    I’d venture to say with his relentless recruiting of his friends, he’s been a huge asset to the program before he’s ever worn the uniform. You can also take that a step further, as his little brother is rumored to be pretty talented, too.

  • Anonymous

    exact example of the kids I want on to see on the IU basketball team

  • Outoftheloop

    Many of us, including myself, get very worked up about the rankings of individual players, of recruiting classes, etc., and we sometimes forget that these young men are human beings, going through all of the growing up experiences that we had at their ages. I am totally sold on Austin Etherington, as a person and as a very talented basketball player. If he were eligible this year, I think that he would get lots of minutes and that he would produce good results. I am happy with the Class of 2011 right now! If Cody Zeller decides that he wants to be an Indiana University basketball player, then our class for 2011 becomes even better! But I am happy right now! The same is true for Victor and Will. Everything that I have read, heard and seen about these two guys makes me really happy that they will be playing for MY team! IU has definitely improved it’s 13 man scholarship roster with these three guys in the Class of 2010 and 2011. They join Jones, Pritchard, Guy and Roth (Class of 2008), Creek, Watford, Elston, Hulls, and Capo (Class of 2009), to give IU 12 outstanding basketball players and great kids for the next two years. Let’s play some basketball, win some games and have some fun! Coach Crean is doing everything possible to get more great basketball players/great kids to come to Indiana (this weekend in Bloomington is totally unlike anything I have ever seen before!). At some point the recruits have to “know” that it is Indiana where their dreams will be realized. But the period of uncertainty about “can IU get any good players to come to IU” is now over.

  • Everytime I see something on this kid I like him more and more. He’s got a good head on his shoulders and seems to deal with all this pressure and attention very maturely for a young man his age. Definately the kind of kid I would want in the Hoosier family or hell even my family. Hmmmm wonder if he and my sister would get along…….

  • Anonymous

    completely agree with you – its one thing to have a highly rated player or highly rated class, but without the other tangibles like hard-work, enthusiasm, unselfishness, intelligence, modesty, and much more then the high ranks don’t excite me. Crean is putting it all together.

  • marcusgresham

    I know this thread is in regards to AE, but I’d like to give a big thumbs up to the parents of all the recent players Crean has gone after because it sounds like they’ve all been well-raised.

  • oldred1976

    I agree with all of you. AE is a quantity of Quality. I’m gonna throw a name out here been thinking this for a while,nobody else has said it that I know of (maybe because I’m older than most on ITH) See what you think AE = Randy Whittman. (sp) OK I said it. Your opinions are also valid.

  • HoosierInNy

    AE you are the man! Can’t wait for you to don the cream and crimson! Go IU!

  • stonaroni

    Time will tell but I know this much. In the summer he spots up and shoots and plays a very strong perimeter game and looks to feed the post, drive and get kick outs for jumpshots and 3 ptrs. In high school ball, the rock is in his hands at all critical times. He has to create his shot, take it to the rim, battle down the lane and be the leader on every play and guard the other team’s best player. All of this equals an all around game.

    What is crazy is in high school he will make a couple 3’s a game. In AAU he goes out and plays in these big games amongst the best talent in the country infront of big time coaches and nails 5 or 6 3’s in the flow of the game. It is like he has ice in his veins. The kid has a silky smooth touch and I would bet anything that whether a freshman or senior at IU, when they see a zone, AE will be busting some 3’s.

    He may be the best pure shooter we have had since Alford.

  • Anonymous

    I follow a lot of recruits on twitter and AE is by far the most mature of them. I love what he brings to IU