A couple of notes on 2014 commit Trey Lyles

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I had planned, as of Thursday, to write a fairly lengthy piece on 2014 Indianapolis Arsenal Tech forward Trey Lyles prior to his visit last Sunday to Bloomington.

But alas, life happens and I never got the opportunity to write a story after my conversation with Trey’s father, Tom, last Wednesday night. So as an alternative, here are a few key quotes I took away from talking with Tom Lyles last week about his son:

+ I asked Mr. Lyles to explain why he believed his son was garnering so much recruiting attention at the age of 14. Since Trey’s father played professionally and also serves as an assistant coach for Tech, I asked him to answer from a coach’s perspective rather than as his father. And in talking with many parents and recruits over the past three years, this was one of the most impressive answers I’ve ever been given:

“First of all, Trey studied the game. He was truly a student of this game. Not just the running and gunning, the shooting, the dunking. He was a student of the game as in he went back and kind of checked out the legends of the game. And studied a lot of what Rick Barry was doing. Jerry West, Hakeem Olajuwon, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Darrell Dawkins, Moses Malone, Tiny Archibald, Pete Maravich. The kid’s done his homework. And I’ve always told him, ‘before you go any place, you have to know where you’re coming from. You have to know where you have been before you can go anywhere.’ So I think that right there, understanding and being a student of the game, I honestly believe that has given Trey the basketball IQ that he has which I think is just impeccable for a kid his age. Second of all, his work ethic. The kid will work. And he wants more, he wants more, he wants more. 6 o’clock in the morning workouts. We hit 6 o’clock in the morning workouts twice a week, sometimes three days a week. And the 6 o’clock in the morning workouts are harder than any workout that he’s probably been through with any other coach because like I told him, ‘being in middle school, I was training you for high school. Now that we’re in high school, I’m training you for college.’ “

+ And along the same lines, more on Trey’s game:

“Right now the kid is about 6-10. And as a father, I’m very, very happy for him. As a coach, it’s pretty impressive that a kid his age at that size can play every position on the floor and play it fluently. If you need him to be the point, he can run it. He has the handles of some of the best point guards out there. He might not be as fancy with his ball handling, but that’s not what we work on. We don’t work on being fancy, we work on being precise. Fanciness causes turnovers and it’s just for show. We’re about being precise and making things happen. If you need for him to go in the post and play that five position, that’s where he started at. We started on the footwork and the fundamentals, understanding the basics of the game. If you need for him to step out and shoot that midrange shot consistently, he can do that. If you need for him to step out and hit the long ball, college or NBA distance, he can do that consistently. If you need for him to be that wing man and fill the slots and run the floor, he can do that. I’m strictly speaking in a second-party sense, as a coach. It’s amazing that a kid 14 that’s his size, for him to be able to do that, that’s probably the part most of the coaches are impressed with.”

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  • Anonymous

    I think we hit the lottery!

  • GFDave

    These are the answers of a coach alright. No question about it. My son played travel baseball and his coaches were always talking about being a student of the game. Being humble and not having all the answers and understanding that knowledge and work create results. I’m impressed, and as g_bo above said, we’ve got a real winner here.

  • GFDave

    These are the answers of a coach alright. No question about it. My son played travel baseball and his coaches were always talking about being a student of the game. Being humble and not having all the answers and understanding that knowledge and work create results. I’m impressed, and as g_bo above said, we’ve got a real winner here.

  • larrydee

    wow….no doubt the father and son are truly focused on what is fundamental and important to becoming a really GREAT basketball player and person.

  • Bigmikehj

    I’ve heard a few people griping about IU offering a kid that hasnt even played high school basketball a scholarship but I’m happy as hell that this kid chose IU and not OSU, NC or any school in Indiana. And at 6’10” as a freshman???? Should be special.

  • Mariner

    As a strong “student”, any chance he graduates high school in 2 years?

  • RJG

    This sounds like a really special young man and we are lucky to have him committed this early. Until the last couple of years I never really followed recruiting very much as I always just assumed that IU would be getting great players. Does anybody know if kids that commit this early typically keep the commitment or go looking for better offers when they’re a little older. If he’s this good at 14 I’m sure that there will be other coaches trying to steal him away in the next few years.

  • Anonymous

    Everything you hear and see about Trey is impressive. He is going through the right steps to be a very high-caliber player and with his maturity at a young age and a focus on perfecting the fundamentals of the game the sky is the limit. Wow this conversation is great! Dad sounds like a great person and influence which helps further convince me that this verbal is rock solid and it is a huge win for IU.

    I don’t believe we all fully understand what a talent this kid is yet, but I am set on catching a game this year. At this rate he may be a 7 footer by then!

  • James

    i keep trying to not get excited about this kid…but its getting pretty hard to do.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    So, in other words, he has Kevin Durant type potential and we’ll all get to root for him and watch him at IU for a year . . . okay, I’LL TAKE IT!!!

  • Geister

    Lyles is now ranked #1 in the class of 2014 by ESPN. For whatever that’s worth.


  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    You don’t hear comments likes this about kids these days….
    + Student of the game
    + Studied the history of the game
    + Magic, Moses Malone, Pistol Pete, Tiny, Dawkins, Jabbar, Bird etc…What No Lebron or Iverson?

    This kid is special, gives me a garnett vibe who had the same respect for the history of basketball. I commend his dad and family for this type of support and instilling a solid family and basketball foundation in him…..Trey I am committed to attended at least 3 of your games this year in IU gear…scouts honor!

  • Bryan

    Oh man, I try to avoid getting too up or down thinking about long term recruits (i.e. kids more than 2 years out), but this kid is hitting all the high notes early on. I’m trying to remember the last long term recruit IU has had like this, and the only one I can think of is Damon Bailey. Obviously the hype around Lyles isn’t quite that big, but I do wonder if Coach Crean will bring up Lyles’ name to his existing players to motivate them, the way Bob Knight would tell his guards that Damon was coming to take their jobs.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps he has studied…the skyhook!?!?

  • oldred1976

    OK it’s a long time from now but can you imagine the look on a large, lumbering Wis. team’s face while watching Lyles bring the ball up court and run the point!? Man I gotta be there for that one.

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    If Trey Lyles is the kid that brings back the sky hook he will immediately become one of my top 5 players of all time….

    1. Jordan
    2. Kareem
    3. DJ White
    4. Cappie Pondexter (sorry but she is a treat to watch)
    5. Alford
    ……..Trey Lyles if he has developed a sky hook!

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    The Hype around lyles will only increase as his high school career takes off…..

  • SteelHoosier

    If he truly believes half of the things his father is telling him, if he has half the ability his father is telling us, and if he works half as hard as he apparently has, then he will be one of the greatest players we’ve ever had at IU.

    I love his father’s attitude.

  • West Coast Hoosier

    What I like is that his Dad sounds like the kind of Dad any kid would want. Just sounds like a rock solid person.

    Rock solid Dads tend to have rock solid kids – happy, proud but with ego in check, willing to work, eager to learn, interested in helping the community as his Dad has done, etc.

    Forget about basketball – just sounds like the sort of person you’d just like to be around any time.

    Which is be exactly what you want on your team as a teammate — and as a friend.

    Very impressive.

  • Anonymous

    “fanciness causes turnovers and it’s just for show”

    gotta love the kid is this young and has been taught this for years. seems like he will play within himself and not try to do too much.

  • N71

    I’d love to hear what Bruce Weber at Illinois has to say about IU’s recruiting trend. He’s has got to be thinking, oh crap…Indiana is getting ready to roll for the next 10 years. Trey looks like a one-and-done talent but it will still be a treat to have him for even 1 year. He’s an Indiana kid and Indiana is his home. In Indiana basketball is more than a game, it’s our way of life. A young man who loves the game and wants to come to IU will naturally be loved by us all. I credit Ron Patterson for getting this Indianapolis ball rolling. Thank you Ron and we’re looking forward to Yogi, DSR, Jeremy, and Mr. Harris to join the party soon. Hanner and Cody would also be nice.

  • Baseball Montgomery Buc

    Or the “dream shake”

  • Diesel

    Wow. Just wow. Talk about player development. Perhaps there is a position in the IU staff for Tom Lyles?

    And since we are talking about recruiting the youngins’, how about a 2016 up and comer……Vijay Blackmon, ranked #1 by Hoop Scoop and oh yeah, brother of James Blackmon, Jr.

  • Anonymous

    been off the site a few days and this, albeit a long time from now, is just great news to come back to. This kid already has a great feel for the game looks like a great pick up if Coach crean and the rest of the team can keep this commitment from wavering…

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately I think we’ll get the lump sum instead of the 4-year payout, but it’s still damn good news.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately I think we’ll get the lump sum instead of the 4-year payout, but it’s still damn good news.

  • Anonymous

    “Practice? We’re talking about practice?” Hell, he even works in practice. Yee haw!

  • Anonymous

    From what I’ve heard thus far that description sounds like it could fit the Zellers just as well as the Lyles family.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what’s going thru the mind of the other recruits as they watch this wave of recruiting at IU. Just a few months ago it was Austin Etherington and … honestly, I’m kind of amazed when I pause to consider what’s just happened in the last several weeks with PJ, Buss, Jr, and Trey. Top talent, 3/4 from Indiana HS… I wonder what Cody Z is thinking about right now? I’m not sure we could have wrote a better script when trying to lure another star Indiana HS recruit to Bloomington.

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    I wonder what Painter is thinking right now…..He HAD the upper hand, that is all but gone….Once IU starts winning, painter will be recruiting preferred walk ons

  • Anonymous
  • Guest

    You had a kid? Congrats

  • Anonymous

    AE, HP, Harris, Hollowell, and possibly Yogi visiting IU this saturday per their twitter accounts. I had links to all of them in previous messages but the comments never showed up.

  • Anonymous

    Have to like the kids CTC is getting. The kids we now have are all good kids and hard workers. Keep them coming Coach!

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    I posed this same question a few days ago . . . I know Yogi is waiting on Zeller (or seems to be) to make his decision but I can’t see any other reason for Perea to be coming back again this weekend unless he is planning on announcing his commitment very, very soon! I can see Harris, Hollowell, Yogi, and Zeller waiting until November but for some reason I think Hanner is going to want to be the next guy to commit and it could happen after this weekend.

  • Jtravis33

    I think the tables have turned with CZ. It looks like some of these guys that planned to wait for CZ maybe taking a different look at this. Why not commit now and force CZ to join the group? If Perea + 1 of the others (Yogi, Hollowell, Harris, DSR) commit, then that forces CZ’s hand

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    The trend I see, Crean is selling these guys on ‘their own success’. Most of these guys like Lyles and Blackmon played together during the aau season and can see how good they will be together. Crean is having them visit together alot to show them, what could be at IU. It is a helluva move. Not too mention Yogi returning again…….

    I also think he is turning up the heat on a few of them, Hollowell and Harris visiting together puts pressure on both on a committment from either….they play the same spot. The visit of the entire staff to see Wanna Bail, who plays the same spot as Hanner, no coincidence.

    Finally this is all a grand plan to lure the other big fish Zeller, who could not possibly turn his back on what IU is offering in a school, facilities, current roster, future roster, and aau teammates.

    The guys knows what he is doing…..and is totally different recruiting style than Denim shirt and Mr. Call In Sick…..

    Denim shirts style was get a great phone plan with unlimited minutes
    Mike Davis style was ignore the state, ignore the neighboring states and go after Lebron who said I am not going to college.

  • Devin Davis is supposed to be coming this weekend too

  • millzy32

    If we’re talking brothers then how about Austin Rivers? I know he isn’t even considering us but maybe a reconsider?

  • I got a kick out of the Dawkins reference – not sure what Chocolat thunder brings to the table for a young student of the game. Now studying Moses Malone, Bird, and Magic should be on every students most do list…great kid – shows what a good coach, tradition, and now some stability (CTC 10 yr contract) bring to the table..

  • millzy32

    How about a huge W against Michigan for our football team while all these recruits are in town. Come on Chappel lets get 5 TD’s and outscore the so called Heisman front runner and his team.

  • Dmglotz

    James Blackmon Jr and Trevon Blueitt to play this weekend in Louisville at the John Lucas Midwest Invitational at Hoops basketball facility.

    If you live fairly close, come out and represent IU fans!!! I’m in New Albany and I will definitely be there!

  • Anonymous

    He studied Dawkins in astronomy class, because Darryl was from the planet, Lovetron

  • Anonymous

    He studied Dawkins in astronomy class, because Darryl was from the planet, Lovetron

  • As long as IU wins more than 10 games this year, we’re going to keep his commitment. When we make the NCAA in 2012, we won’t even have to worry about it.

  • Agreed. When Scout and Rivals have him in the top 5 during his junior and senior year of high school, the hype will not only be immense, it will be validated.

  • The main reason I believe Lyles and Blackmon, Jr. will carryout their verbals to IU is because both of them seem to have outstanding fathers (who understand the “game” of recruiting as well as the game of basketball).

  • Painter has to be shaking his head and kicking himself. He still has a shot with the 2013 class, but if he doesn’t land the top talent there, I’m going to start putting down Purdue as finishing 6th in the Big10 every year after this one — which makes me giddy. I won’t be around to see PUke fall back in to mediocrity, but I can watch and relish from afar.

  • In our dreams. He’s going to Duke or UNC. We may have the less talented Rivers… but at least we have The Creek! (sorry, couldn’t resist)