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One of the great things about our growing community is the opportunity to dabble into new ventures. And the magazine you see above, the 2010-2011 Maple Street Press Hoosier Tip-Off, is a perfect example.

The magazine, which is $12.99, is 128 pages, contains no ads and can be ordered online here and will begin shipping on October 11 (it will also hit newsstands on October 26). Our resident ginger, Zach Osterman, served as editor and did a fantastic job. There are also stories by Ryan Corazza, Chris Korman, Hugh Kellenberger, Dustin Dopirak, Jordan Cohen, DeAntae Prince, Chris Engel, Ryan Gregg, Lee Hurwitz, Peter Stevenson and yours truly.

We hope you enjoy.

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  • HoosierES

    Awesome. You guys do excellent work. Looking forward to this.

  • IU_Fan_99

    ordered. $5.00 for shipping? worth it!!

  • Casey


  • MillaRed

    Picked up one for myself and one for my buddy.

  • HoosierMick

    I ordered mine… er, um….. one for my son for his birthday already! I can’t wait to give it to him (and then tell him he has to go to bed because it’s a school night… so I can read it!)!

  • Bucky

    The cover shows #12 barely avoiding a large dangerous pit in the middle of the court – whoa, the rule changes have really made this sport exciting!

  • Old Sports Dude

    Holy red & white striped pants what a great magazine to come out with. You guys are the best, the very best! I will certainly order it. Keep up the great work. I can’t wait to read all 128 pages.

  • Hoosiers-n-Ohio

    Does anyone know anything about a player name Michael Carey ?

  • Outoftheloop

    Is there any way to include the season stats, record, roster, etc. for the Hoosiers going back to the first banner in this really good magazine? I am always thinking “when was IU’s last Big 10 Championship”, “who was on that team”, “how many points and rebounds did Steve Downing have in THAT KY game?”, etc. Maybe as a separate supplement?

  • Anonymous

    Not to steal readers from the magazine, and it doesn’t have info on every game, but I’d suggest a copy of the ESPN College Basketball Encyclopedia.
    Get this magazine first, read it cover to cover, then put that one on your Christmas list.

  • Iuhoosierkyle

    Oh no! Watford fell down the pit!

  • Anonymous

    I believe he is a teammate of Wanna Bail down in Texas, a wing player from the 12 or 13 class. I will look him up and hopefully have more for you………..

    PS: I will order the mag in the next day or so……….thanks

  • Anonymous

    HnO, I thought he was a wing but what I read states he is a 6’5 pg with a huge upside, he too is from the Bahamas like Wanna.

  • jcopey

    Just ordered this for my vacation in two weeks! Can’t wait to be sitting at the pool in Cabo busting out my Hoosiers speedo and basketball magazine! Great job guys.