A notebook of all things Indiana following Tom Crean’s lecture

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BLOOMINGTON — Mostly because I just can’t get enough of datelines, I thought I’d bring you just a few of the highlights of Tom Crean’s Thursday night lecture to students and fans at the IU Auditorium. Enjoy.

+ Perhaps the headline announcement was that Hoosier Hysteria will take place Oct. 15, so there’s that.

+ Crean said that, according to his players, Verdell Jones is right now perhaps the best player on the team. Pointing out that he himself has not been able to assess the team personally per NCAA rules, Crean has polled his players on any number of topics, and on this one in particular, Jones’ name was the one most continually mentioned.

+ Talking about the coming season, Crean said the three areas in which his team needs to improve the most are rebounding at both ends, defensive intensity and decision making.

+ With Franklin College already on the schedule, Crean told the crowd he expects to add one more exhibition, likely on the Monday before the Hoosiers’ season opener Friday. (So Nov. 8 before the Nov. 12 game against Florida Gulf Coast.)

+ Crean also highlighted three “great fights” every team struggles with: division from within, outside forces and fatigue. “Fatigue might be the greatest of them all,” he said, “because it is so easy to believe that you’ll do better tomorrow.”

+ Crean said he never picks wins and losses or projects a record for his teams. He also declined to name which team he wanted to beat most when questioned by an audience member, saying he didn’t want to give anyone “bulletin-board material.”

+ Asked to share his most embarrassing moment, Crean told of a time in eighth grade when he scored a layup into the wrong basket during a basketball game.

Quotable: “I do know that if you walk into any game, and you don’t think that you’ve found any way to beat that team, you’re a joke.” –Tom Crean, IU basketball coach

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  • SeattleHoosier

    I love Tom Crean’s energy,,,but it makes his speeches hard to follow. You just never know where he will go next.

    Glad he’s our coach,though!

  • aerialM

    it’s the last bit – about a way to beat a team – is what I like about Tom Crean. He’s the right man for the job & we are headed in the right direction.

  • Anonymous

    – Verdell as the top player? – makes sense
    – things they need to work on? – same as last year – decision making is the key
    – exhibitions – snooooze
    – Outside forces? keg stands, women, and friends
    – crean wants to beat michigan state more than anyone
    – scoring a lay up for the other team? we all have at least come close to it
    – hopefully we don’t turn into a joke

  • Anonymous

    Three key factors to combating fatigue:
    1.–Busting your tail in the off-season (saw that footage)
    2.–Experience (getting there)
    3.–Depth (getting there, too)

    Once you can overcome fatigue you can begin to use it in your favor by forcing it on your opponents; see “running game” and “full-court press”

  • Anonymous

    Beating MSU would be nice..proof that we’re back to fight in the Big10, but i think beating Crimetucky in KY would help our recruiting and start an avalanche of “IU is BACK” talk.

  • Anonymous

    Concerning the ‘fatigue’ issue, I believe this is what a certain former IU basketball coach referred to as ‘mental toughness’. He said something along the lines of “Everyone wants to win, not everyone wants to work to prepare to win”. Sums it all up pretty nicely. Lots of teams have talent, skills, etc. Only the best combine that with the drive to push themselves. I trust we’ll see some evidence of that from this team starting in about 3 weeks!

  • Outoftheloop


  • Anonymous

    My mistake…beating the SNOT out of Purdue;)