IU to host Franklin College in exhibition game

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Per IU Media Relations:

Indiana University men’s basketball coach Tom Crean has announced that the Hoosiers will play their first exhibition game of the season at 7 p.m. on November 3 against nearby Franklin College. The game will be shown on Bigtennetwork.com.

“I think the more you can involve institutions from the area during the exhibition season, the stronger it makes both programs,” said Crean. “We appreciate the efforts of Coach (Kerry) Prather and assistant coach Adam Martin (Bloomington South graduate), and are excited to have them on the schedule.”

The two teams will meet for the first time since the 1935-36 season. IU holds a 7-0 advantage in a series which began on January 8, 1916. The contest will mark the Grizzlies’ first exhibition game with a modern NCAA Division I level program.

“We are very appreciative of Coach Crean’s generous invitation, and I applaud the fact that he has gone out of his way since coming to Indiana to engage the local small colleges to this extent. He is a class act building a solid program, and I am confident he is the right man to return IU basketball to a level of perennial national success. I’m a big fan of the work he is doing with the Hoosiers,” Prather said.

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a problem with having an exhibition against one of the smaller state schools (i.e., D-III or NAIA,) but I’d also like to see one with one of the higher-level D-II programs, particularly USI, which would be a pretty good test in most seasons (U of I would be another possibility.)

  • millzy32

    I understand what they are trying to do with the fact that this kind of ends up supporting a local school but the simple fact of the matter is that this is going to be a Globetrotter type game.

    I actually think that Crean looked at Lynch’s out of conference schedule and said “you think you scheduled easy opponents? You ain’t seen nothing yet”. A twisted sort of one upsmanship.

  • Jselmeyer_sdhs

    My thoughts exactly. How about Northern Kentucky University, Southern Indiana, or Kentucky Wesleyan! Great D2 programs!

  • HoosierNshaker

    Disagree. Kudos to Crean…It’s great that he’s involving in-state local collegiate programs for preseason basketball. Coach Prather is right the competition makes both programs better and raises awareness of Hoosier basketball state-wide. Both programs benefit from this IU gets more in-state attention and Franklin college can recruit more successfully knowing their little school get’s to play a traditional power house. Besides people think our exhibition games matter? I believe they have no effect on power rankings or W-L percentage? They are good to get the team up to speed with competition, but they have little more value than that. Glad CTC sees the bigger picture for marketing the Indiana Basketball program in Hoosier country!

  • Knasmiley

    CTC stated he would get the smaller schools involved in this and he is keeping his word, this has nothing to do with who plays the weakest schedule,

    I guess some find fault in everything, that has to be draining in real life, better you than me my friend…..

  • Anonymous

    I love that CTC is keeping his word about keeping in state schools involved, what a dream it must be for the kids at Franklin College to play on the Assembly Hall floor.

    milly: this is an exhibition meant for the kids to play a little ball and the kids from Franklin College to have a dream come true and play in AH, that is a once in a life time thing for them. I am proud to have CTC doing this for Indiana schools, means alot to the ones involved and that matter.

  • HoosierDavey

    A couple years back, Crean had another Indiana D-3 school, Anderson (my alma mater), come in for an exhibition game. It was a predictable blow out, of course, but generated a lot of excitement at that school and strengthened their program (most of that AU team went deep in the D-3 tourney last year). I think there is a lot of value in the state’s premier program helping to strengthen basketball throughout the state’s universities (well, I hope we weaken Purdue, but that’s another story 🙂 ). I like the idea of having one of these schools per year, and USI and U of I would be great for the upcoming years.

  • WALT

    It is an exhibition game. Does not count, except from PR stand point, it is a huge positive for CTC and IU program.

  • Outoftheloop

    I like what Coach Crean is doing with the exhibition game versus Franklin College. You read what their coach thought of the game. He loves it! Your point about the “Globetrotters” is well taken but you somehow missed the critical fact that the Globetrotters played only “exhibitions”, never real games! So Franklin is the perfect “exhibition”, it is great for Indiana kids and fans. Yes we will win, but the win will not count, so where is the issue?

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    I like the d3 exhibition game, you do NOT want to flirt with anything above that at all, at the most some low level NAIA. That is the unspoken rule in exhibition games….don’t play anyone that could have the lead at any point during the game. The point of this game is to stop beating up on each other and get some young guys some experience.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see IU play IU East, but I doubt that will ever happen.

    As for the Franklin College game, I can’t wait to see the team, which should be more athletic, stronger, and better offensively and defensively-especially in this game. I hope VO gives us a couple highlight reel dunks.

  • Diesel

    We did play UIndy about 2-3 years ago.

  • Diesel

    Great day to be a Raven! Completely agree. You’ve got to love O.C Lewis, but to play on the Assembly Hall floor. I can remember the first time I stood on the A.H. floor as a camper, to play on it against IU would be somethng else.

    Class of 2002

  • Anonymous

    USI is Southern Indiana. I was just pointing those two (USI and Indianapolis,) specifically because they’re in-state. (and as a USI grad I was instilled with a great hatred for KWC—and later NKU, as well. Actually, any school with that “K” word in it, although I can at least root for WKU over the other ones.)

  • Anonymous

    I wasn’t really trying to be critical, I guess I didn’t completely state my thought—I’d hope he’d have one against a smaller in-state team like Franklin, Grace, Anderson, (previous opponents,) etc., and one other that would be a bit more of a test. I’m all for spreading the games out amongst in-state schools, and I’d hope most if not all are in-state schools.

  • Anonymous

    My thoughts with higher level schools are that at least you have someone who might be near the same size as your post players. The biggest guy on Franklin’s roster is 6’5″ 240, and I don’t know how much somebody like Guy gets out of that. USI’s usually got a guy or two around 6’8″. Maybe you wait a year or two until everyone’s a bit more seasoned to do it, but I think it’s a good idea. Let’s hope the Screaming Eagles embarrass Bruce Weber this year, because they go to Illinois and Vanderbilt.

  • Wish

    USI has Vanderbilt and Illinois on their exhibition slate this season. I think an exhibition against a GLVC team is a pretty good warm up for the regular season for an upper echelon D1 team.

  • HoosierDavey

    Class of 1992…I helped pay for the wellness center. Ha Ha Went to that IU/AU game in an IU sweatshirt with an AU tee shirt on underneath…only time I was ever somewhat conflicted at the Hall.

  • IU_Fan_99

    I remember back in the day we used to play “Athletes in Action” a lot… didn’t they kind of sort of give us a challenge? my memory is fuzzy…

  • Anonymous

    I know a couple of the kids on the Franklin team, as they are southern IN kids and I may be wrong but I think they we will be very excited to come into AH and have a chance to play on the AH court and be involved in a game that they will remember the rest of their lives, regardless of the outcome and final score.

    Love the fact that CTC is backing up what he said when he said the wanted to involve the smaller schools in some way. Gotta love it when somebody in his position says something like he did and gotta love it even more when he actually follows through on it. Yet another good example of why we have the right guy for the job of returning IU to where we all want it to be.

  • MillaRed

    It’s all politics millzy. This stuff works out for everyone in one way or another. We’re just playing the game.

  • HoosierNshaker

    sorry wrong thread…

  • Go Grizz

    I’ve played against some of the Franklin players, and I will tell all of you that Indiana better be ready to play that night. Will Conoley is a 6’8″ lefty who is the best player in his conference and he is a BEAST!!!!! He is a tough, physical inside player. Zack Mershbrock and Kyle Beltz bring probably even more toughness and depth on the frontcourt. They surround these guys with a ton of sharpshooters like Scotty Trueblood. The Hoosiers better bring their A game or it might be a disappointing night!!!

  • dale11

    I am sure this senior laden team will be a real challenge for the Hoosiers.

  • Mick Birge

    I am a proud graduate of Franklin College (’82). I learned of this game just this past weekend at the IU/Michigan game from some college friends of mine (we’re IU fans too!). We are pumped about this game. We are putting together what I think will be a good sized contingent of fans for the game. I think somebody on here or maybe it Coach Prather who said this will be a special game for the Franklin kids as I’m sure most of our guys grew up dreaming of playing at AH. I hope we give the Hoosiers the competitive game, which I think we will. I think everybody wins with this game. Speaking on behalf of my fellow FC alums, thanks IU, and Go Griz!!!

  • Papa Grizzly

    I dont know if I will have a tear in my eye or a beer in my hand when my son (a Freshman) will step on the court at AH….maybe both! Reguardless of the outcome, what a great experience these kids will have. Franklin has a very young team (0-1 seniors) all of which return from a year ago so they should have an outstanding team for the next few years.