Q & A: 2012 Lawrence Central wing Jeremy Hollowell

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2012 Lawrence Central wing Jeremy Hollowell is among the top players nationally in his class and visited IU on Saturday to meet with the IU coaching staff and academic advisors from the university at Cook Hall.

He’ll also make a return trip in two weeks for the IU-Michigan football game. Inside the Hall caught up with Hollowell on Sunday evening to get an update on his visit, his recent ankle injury and his recruitment:

On the trip to Bloomington:

“It was real good. We came down and talked with the coaches and the academic people in the office all day. My mom was asking questions about the academics and other stuff. Her and my brother (James) talked and he gave her some questions to ask and things like that since he’s already been through it.”

On who he met with during the visit:

“All of the coaches – Coach Crean, Seltzer, McClain and Buckley. They were all in there.”

On his trip to Ohio State the previous weekend:

“I went down for the Miami (FL) football game. I was supposed to play in open gym, but I was still hurt. So I just went down and watched open gym, hung out with the players and the coaches, went to the football game.”

On whether IU and Ohio State are still his top schools and if he’s still open to other schools:

“They’re not my final two, they’re just two schools I like. They’re not the only two I’m picking from. I’m still open to all schools.”

On the schools that have visited him at Lawrence Central in recent weeks:

“The first day Ohio State and Vanderbilt were there. Iowa came one day, Illinois came. I think that’s about it.”

On his injury and a timetable for returning to the court:

“It was a high ankle sprain and I was on crutches. It isn’t too bad anymore, I can walk and lift, things like that, I just can’t get back to running and cutting so fast. I’m just giving it time out and making sure it doesn’t keep bothering me during the season.”

On what he learned on this trip to Bloomington that he didn’t know before:

“Just how important the academics are and how they have everything setup and organized for your future outside of basketball. That’s really important. I think my mom really liked that.”

On Ron Patterson and Peter Jurkin committing to IU and potentially playing with both guys at Indiana:

“They’re definitely two guys that can help start the class off. I think that class is a real important class at IU. I think that will be the year that it really turns around. I think playing with those two could really be a good thing.”

On the coaching staff stressing the importance of the 2012 class:

“He (Coach Crean) tells me that all the time. He said it will be the number one recruiting class that year, hopefully. I don’t see why it shouldn’t be if that’s the school certain guys go to. I think the 2012 class will be the year.”

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  • N71

    My guess after reading his twitter stream is that he may want to leave the state for personal security. He may have some guys from his part of Indy that don’t like his success and could make it hard on him. He could be stuck in a difficult position trying to do well for himself but having to deal with thugs that want to keep him under their thumb. This is an opinion only, hope I’m wrong. If this is the case I could see just wanting to get away from it all and Bloomington could still be within reach of these thugs.

  • Sampson always struck me as more of a Boost Mobile type guy.

  • pun intended?

  • I was thinking the exact same thing! My first thought was to discount it as hearsay and that IU is still in a good spot and then realized that that’s what hoostheman was saying. Definitely made my heart skip a beat though!

  • Looks like Dorsey-Walker (and maybe one other).

  • At 6’4″ with ballhandling skills, D-W looks like another combo guard in Crean’s system. Maybe Gary Harris insurance? If D-W’s list of offers on Rivals is accurate, you gotta figure that IU would be in his top two, along with thorn-in-our-side Baylor (although I’m guessing more teams will get in the game since he’s 2012 ).

  • HoosierDavey

    I think it would be hard for me to take an Iowa offer seriously compared to what Crean is telling him about IU’s 2012 class….

  • Anonymous

    How would you expect them to sell out a basketball game? Nobody wants to be caught in Value City.

  • Anonymous

    I’m envisioning a slightly bigger, more athletic Jim Thomas (and if you’re more athletic than Jim Thomas, who often jumped center at 6’3″….)

  • Anonymous

    Kid Rock?!

  • Anonymous

    So, when that fatboy was declared ineligible at Iowa did that open TWO scholarships for them?

  • MillaRed

    I read a story on VO. He made a friendly bet he could jump up and touch his fingers above the white box on the backboard. Apparently he did so pretty easily……..in his dress shoes.

  • Anonymous

    haha…i was thinking about that earlier today actually. i was watching his hs clips and came away very impressed. i think VO has more hops….but I think sheehey is faster. no wonder he runs track…..he’s also a very sick passer too…reminds me of AE.
    anyway, i’ll get on the sheehey mix, but i got a special one first 🙂
    hopefully it’ll be done around friday

  • garyindiana_311

    i have a few friends in c-bus that i visit from time to time (osu tailgates). they call the gym “the schott”, and hate it when i refer to it as value city, which i do every at opportunity that presents itself. this makes me afraid though, because there is speculation that IU is on the verge of building a new arena. what would be our sponsor? (you know there will be one)

  • Anonymous

    since we’re on the topic i should also ask you, what’s the ITH inbox? i wanna drop them this IU mix i am working on to them, hoping it’ll get its own thread so fellow ITHers can enjoy it 🙂 as its taken more than double the time it took me to make the VO, Creek, and Jurkin mixtapes combined (and is relevant given the time of year it is).

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    [email protected]

    You may be carving your own ITH niche here with these mixes…..Just to take up more of your time…..VJ3 deserves a mixtape also. I didn’t realize how good he was in h.s. until I saw more highlights.

  • Anonymous

    The Eli Lilly Pad

  • Anonymous

    And now with (un)limited 3-way calling to help you get around all those pesky NCAA rules!

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    Wow, that makes a lot of sense, “I want to move out of state” . . . and go to the next state over where it looks and feels a lot like here!

    Man, I could understand if the kid signed at UCLA or Florida but why the big deal if his other major interest is Columbus? I’ve been there a few times and it’s just another midwest city!

  • Anonymous

    I now think JH is seeking to play at UNC, Duke or WF….North Carolina is a basketball state too. And there’s almost no snow during basketball season.

  • Anonymous

    Hops like A.J. Moye (one of my all-time faves at IU) who at 6’3″ didn’t back down from ANYONE in the paint. Damn! That kid had some jump!!

  • kellin – good point – If Hollowell could play the two that would be impressive – always good to whine about having too many athletic 3s and 4s on board….just need one more commit by nov – so you can keep the atavar for the next 5 yrs…

  • Anonymous

    And if they don’t start right away, they still take their 3 ppg average to the NBA and get millions for it (can you say Daniel Orton?)

  • Anonymous

    Struck me a slimy street-corner pay phone guy

  • Anonymous

    Or at least that’s what Carlos Boozer said!

  • Anonymous

    that was sweet, wasn’t it. I think i’m wrong and Moye was actually only 6′ 2″ …anyone know for sure (without my having to dig up ancient history)?

  • Bobbiemcgee915

    jeremy152012: Bout to hit these weights! Xavier coaches in lol coach steele crack me up

    jeremy152012: Jus got off the phone wit coach steele from the X! Lol funny dude he swear he a mack!