Video: IU basketball fall workouts

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The follow popped up on the IU Athletics YouTube channel earlier today (looks like the sound got removed for copyright reasons, but it’s definitely worth a look):

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  • be tough

    I always thought that it would be a positive to have the bball team go to Marine boot camp each summer— this is fairly close. It also looked like our 2 freshmen actually enjoyed it as well as Daniel Moore– the rest I am not so sure. As long as no injuries occur– it will be a positive. Running is also essential and will be coming.

  • Casey B.

    Certainly nothing wrong with baseball players. Not discounting the work they put in — just saying it’s nice to see a roster full of players who came to IU originally for the purpose of playing basketball. I guarantee the practices will be more competitive this year.

  • millzy32

    I’m at work and can’t see the video here so I have to wait until I get home. I read all your descriptions though and it sounds great. Love to hear that they are getting huge in the offseason. Nice to hear that the strength coach is getting them lifting more. Look no further than the NBA to see what weight lifting can do for a player. Those guys are huge.

  • Anonymous

    WOW Elston is freaking huge by the time he’s a senior he’s going to be a monster VO-incredible speed will be a joy to watch Liked the improvement in CW and TP Can’t wait for the season to start!!!!!!

    GO IU!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Track conditioning is a total different kind of conditioning than basketball conditioning. I was a sprinter/jumper for the Hoosier Track team and I was in the best shape of my life, better running shape than 99.999% of the people in bloomington. However, I could barely get through a couple pick-up games of ball without sucking wind and darn near needing oxygen. There is a difference between running 10 200’s in 25-28 seconds and running workouts that force you to stop,start, cut, and jump in the middle of them. Remember these guys need to be able to jump as high at the end of a game as they do at the beginning. While these workouts may seem unorthodox it is in fact building the muscles needed for the cuts in the game of basketball and the repetitions ensures that along with adding strength they are adding stamina.

    And, yes, i’m with you 100% on the Bench form, however it is still very impressive they are putting up 300ish lbs at all.

  • Outoftheloop

    When you are 5’9 and a normal athlete you NEVER have false delusions of soaring above the rim-except on the grade school playground! So you learn to REALLY play defense, hit 90% of your FT’s, and 50% of your shots. You also learn to watch college basketball because you are NEVER going to PLAY it! These guys and GUY look good to me. Let’s win some games-20 will do!

  • Outoftheloop

    NCAA Rules, the Coach and staff, other that the Strength and Conditioning Coach, are barred from watching!

  • Outoftheloop

    Does anyone now question that Vic and Will are seriously good athletes? It looks like Mo is the only player in their class athletically, including Rivers!

  • Wish

    . I agree with you, I just meant (say what you mean) to say that if this is the video that is going out to recruits and obviously other teams are seeing it then I would rather see a bunch of athletes busting out some sprints instead of what they were doing. I’m sure that this offseason they’ve hit all of the different locations around campus for conditioning but I would have liked to have seen them running some sprints for this video.

    I must have missed the part of the video where they were benching with 3 45’s on each side, it looked more like 225-250 to me. I was more impressed with Michel benching in a nice, fluid motion, that’s tough for a guy that tall.

  • Uncle_Kerfuffle


    I think some sort of remix of conditioning workout videos needs to be put together for Hoosier Hysteria. There is a song by, I think, Moby that has lyrics about “getting stronger” to accompany the video. Show it just before the team comes out and the crowd sees the bigger, stronger version of the Hoosiers.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to trust the guy with the extensive background as a strength coach…

  • Anonymous

    – Good to see these kids are working hard, as expected. We will definitely see a difference on the court from last year – what a difference a year a part will make especially with the freshman from last season.
    – Just from this video Victor clearly stands out as the fastest player on the team (could definitely translate to PT). Also noticed good speed from Sheehy, Watford, and Guy.
    – Agree with some others that the bench presses didn’t look right with the arched backs.
    – Rivers is part of the team. I can’t speculate past this video alone, but here it looks like he is putting in a lot of effort along with everyone else. I really hope he turns things around this year. I will be the first to admit that I have expressed my disappointment with him quite a bit, even before a lot of others started. But I think it is time to lay off him a little until the season starts. Lets give him another chance before treating him like the only outcast on the team.
    – I wonder how much conditioning exercises they adopt from the soccer team. I thought the soccer programs conditioning is what stood them apart from other teams (at least when I watched them a few years ago)
    – The main thing is that these guys actually look like a team, something we fans have been deprived of for too many years recently.

  • Anonymous

    Guess I thought that one of the people watching over them was Seltzer, guess not. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    Agree with you on JR. I also decided to temper my criticism of him some time back and, like you, it is just one video but after watching this video feel like it is the right thing to do. Maybe Doc and Crean has sat him down and spoke to him bluntly plus he has had time to reflect on last season and has had the offseason to see what he is up against for playing time.

    While I am still in the, prove what I’m thinking is not going to be the way it is mode, he is still part of IU bball and I will give him the benefit on the doubt for now and will be watching to see if I need to retool my opinion of him and his game.

  • marcusgresham

    Along with what Aceman said, I’d add that it naturally puts a guy in a “defensive stance”, lowering his center of gravity and widening his feet a bit, getting him ready to spend quite a bit of time in that position as opposed to simply building stamina by running. Same thing with carrying people up the stairs–it definately tests endurance, but at the same time it’s putting some real work on the hamstrings and other muscles.

  • marcusgresham

    Or he goes the Antonio Gates-route and plays tight end for somebody!

  • marcusgresham

    Easy there! Martha had a pretty good post move!

  • marcusgresham

    I don’t think there’s ever been as much critcism of JR’s conditioning as what’s between his ears. I hope that has improved, and if it has he’s going to be a big asset. If not, he’s going to collect splinters in his derriere.

  • Anonymous

    I did not notice Tom in the video either. However since I run into him every few weeks I can tell you he is looking more in shape versus last year . Physically he compares to how he looked from his freshman year and probably a little more toned. Even though fitness does not appear to be an issue we’ll have to wait and see which game he brings to the court.

  • Panther1

    Good point. I was wondering what video they were watching saying the guys were benching 300 lbs. I will watch again, but most were in the 185 range, while Elston and Creek were the only two I saw with two 45’s on each side. From what I saw Elston was doing reps with 275 or so, so yes he is a 300 lb. bencher. Creek was pushing some weight, but cheating badly with his arched back. Regardless I am glad these guys are in there hitting it hard and are looking bigger. Go HOOSIERS!!!!!!!!

  • Diesel

    “Yeah, he must workout” (for PhD)

  • Diesel
  • Diesel

    Tried replying to Stonaroni’s comment above after he commented on CW’s rear, for some reason it didnt’ attach to his post. Oh well.

  • old_time_hoosier

    Couldn’t agree more! And is it just me, or is Elston’s build looking more and more like Matt Nover’s of old? That was one very strong man!

  • Anonymous

    doing bleachers alone (without a 200-250lb of extra weight on your back) is tough enough…maybe the moral is also about trust and teamwork…though maybe it IS about carrying JR all season. Imagine if the guy on your back clipped one of the steps with his toe…down you both go:| All i can say after watching the video is these guys are gonna be a WHOLE LOT tougher than i think the rest of the conference believes.

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    JR has Rajon Rondo abilities, which being a Rivers could land him in the NBA, but he has to get his head straight. I think the two best things that happened to him last year was Jordan Hulls getting better and VJ moving to the point……Crean realized we didn’t need JR, JR realized…hopefully…IU doesn’t need him and he has one last shot at this thing this season. If that isn’t enough motivation then I don’t know what is…

  • Amosandandy

    Men inspired ! These Hoosiers are Honed ! They’ll be the Big Bad Mean Crean Machines !

  • Anonymous

    Look at your little blue star by your name now! Looks like the one on the helmet tattooed on my arm.

  • msh0121

    Sign Derek Elston up for the football team. Dude is a beast

  • dale11

    He was in the front throwing the medicine ball with Bobby C.