Video: 2012 commit Peter Jurkin

  • 09/07/2010 9:03 pm in

This was linked in the comments by azur10 and I figured it was worth a post as it’s the best Peter Jurkin mixtape I’ve seen thus far:

Update: Apparently One Entertainment asked that the mix be removed from YouTube. Here’s a short Jurkin clip from adidas Nations.

And since it was mentioned in the comments earlier today, the reports of a Wednesday visit from Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell are not accurate.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m hoping his time spent in America leads him to develop a better offensive game than Dikembe, too.

  • garyindiana_311

    that i can’t disagree with.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a Yahoo article on Mo Creek. He has some quotes that get me excited for the upcoming season.;_ylt=AvaIH6SSpF5f911YaboJv_PevbYF?slug=jn-creek090910

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    There seems to be a slight glitch here . . . I posted this below and for some reason it popped up here?

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    Could work . . . I’m still trying to figure out a new nickname for the upcoming season. I was thinking about something to do with the fact that I won’t be throwing remotes and beer cans at my TV this year, or at least I don’t expect to be.