Austin Etherington lands in updated Top 100

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After falling from Scout’s post-spring Top 100, Hamilton Heights (IN) guard and IU commit Austin Etherington is once again ranked by the national recruiting service led by Dave Telep.

Etherington missed time early in the AAU season with a stress fracture, but put together a solid July. He’s now rated the No. 98 prospect nationally by Scout.

Etherington told Inside the Hall earlier this month that he let his play in Las Vegas speak for itself: “I felt like I proved myself in Vegas and other times in July, so we’ll just see what happens (with the rankings),” he said.

Two other prospects with heavy IU interest – Washington (IN) forward Cody Zeller and Florissant (MO) guard B.J. Young – are in Scout’s Top 20. Zeller checks in at No. 16 and Young is No. 17.

Other prospects of note in the rankings: Branden Dawson (15), Chane Behanan (29), Marshall Plumlee (40), Michael Chandler (67), Aaron Thomas (72) and Naadir Tharpe (94).

You can view the complete Top 100 here.

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  • Anonymous

    I second your welcome. We, IU fans, love you Austin!

  • Who reported another domino was about to fall?

  • Was just in there and it worked fine. Might want to try again.

  • stonaroni

    AE will. With every great competitor there is pride and confidence. Once on campus, AE will want some playing time. That means that he will compete with VO, Sheehey, Roth, etc. for minutes in the 2 and 3 guard slots. At that point the national rankings do not matter.

    And, this is why IU will be back very soon. There are so many on the tream, signed, and verballed who are high character, hard working kids.

    As far as the national rankings, probably 25 to 30 of these kids won’t be involved in college basketball for more than a year due to familiy situations, academics, drugs, rules violations, ethics, etc.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    Question: Has IU officially offered BJ Young a schollie…?
    From what I’m told is that the schollie is his for the taking…if he passes his SAT’s.
    There is more to the story, i.e. CTC or BJY knows that it might not happen (Grades) and that is why there is no commit thus creating a backup plan for BJY himself. Coupled with the fact that I don’t know if CTC and company wants to wait to see the results and take the chance on losing out on another recruit…backup plan for IU.

    Another thought…BJY is a one/two done recruit, which I’ll take a few of these guys but do we really want to rebuild with one and done’s at this stage and with the current roster in the fold?

    Zeller will come down to IU and UNC with IU on top if we can get him in the Hall for HH, no inside info on this one.

  • Dr J

    Zeller very likely isn’t going to Butler. I am not going to get into the “he said, she said” stuff too much, but keep your fingers crossed. Cody is supposedly leaning IU at this point, but NC is not far off.

  • btownfan83

    i think peegs tweeted that another domino was going to fall like one or two weeks ago for IU.

  • Young, Zeller and Etherington could all sign in November. There are two scholarships available and you can over-sign by one.

  • Diesel

    I’d like to think we at ITH made him a big-time recruit!

  • I sent peegs a message on twitter and he said that it looks like Hollowell is waiting a couple months before he decides but that was the “domino” that was referred to.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Alex.

  • Young Kelin Zeller

    It is interesting that in the rankings they compare BJ Young to the rankings BJ Young is compared to the #2 player in the country Marquis Teague. How nice would be it to get a top combo guard after all, when we lost out on teague. It was a longshot anyhow….;_ylt=AmlRwzDEsgvU4_bbJecNqGPVO5B4

  • Anonymous

    Did you see where it mentioned that BJ and Cody are now both considered 5-star players?

  • Scott

    I know, it was just wishful thinking.

  • Anonymous

    So what you are saying is that there is no scholarship offer until BJ Young gets his SAT results. Since we blew it with A Thomas, there is no other recruit that we want if BJ Young either does not score high enough on his SAT or decides to go to some other school. IMO we should just make the offer conditional upon his verbal acceptance in 10-14 days, before the SAT results are in. Bring him to IU for Hoosier Hysteria, get his signed LOI in November and help him with an SAT coach if that is ok with the NCAA rules. The worst that can happen is that he is not eligible when he arrives in August 2011. At some time before that you know that he will not be eligible, and you chase one of the high ranked recruits who is waiting in the spring for the best deal. I doubt that Young is a one and done. He might be a 2 and done. But more likely a 3 and done. Of KY’s great class for 2010, only Kanter is thought to be 1 and done material, Knight, Jones, Lamb, Poole and Vargas are not.

  • Anonymous

    I really like AT alot and think we should have offered him when it seemed like he was still flying under the radar somewhat and doing everything but saying I’m yours all you have to do is offer. I think he would have already committed and that might have created enough of a scholly squeeze to get some of the more coveted ones to go ahead and commit out of fear of there not being one there later on. Just curious, for the Thomas naysayers,as far as those of you that think he should be a back up plan, how many of your top targets would have to say no to IU before you would want CTC to offer him. While I feel like it is unlikely that we will miss out on all or even most of the remaining targets we have to remember that these are 17 or 18 year old kids who sometimes say all the right things but in the end go elsewhere. If this is what happens and AT is still uncommitted and we offer him but he says, too little too late, it will really stand out as a major miss IMHO. Guess we have to just trust in Tom.

    Oh yeah, I’m totally on board with your BJ Young plan. I think CTC has probably told him he has a standing offer for X amount of time contingent on his grades being in order.

  • Anonymous

    And how long ago did that 17 year old say that ? Most kids that age change their minds on a hourly basis regardless of what is coming out of their mouth at the time but telling a teacher that I guess is kinda like preaching to the choir. I sure hope he honestly felt that way and still feels the same way because he is definitely a missing piece of the puzzle. I guess I am just not feeling as good about our chances with him after reading what he said about Arkansas.

  • Anonymous

    He would probably make a better representative of the people than alot of the politicians that I have voted for in the past and probably in the future also. Maybe we should start the petition to draft him to be our person in Congress right here on ITH. Who would dare to look up at him and say no. All it would take would be for him to send anyone that dared to tell him no a tape of what he does to the people that he does like let alone if he didn’t like you.

  • DanTheMan

    Normally i read your posts with high regard, but i have to disagree here. Any TRUE basketball fan in Indiana would show up for a Sean May speaking engagement, simply out of reverence for his father. I was embarassed for ALL Hoosiers when Sean was booed at Assembly Hall during the IU/UNC game, and i hope a large number of ITH followers felt the same way. Scott May, if you follow this board, please accept our belated apology – that was not the way we treat guests and CERTAINLY not how IU Basketball fans treat one of our own!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Dan. I would never “BOO” any college player for not picking IU, I am still offended at IL ‘s treatment of Eric Gordon. But I would not walk across the street to attend a Sean May event. His Dad, yes, the son, no. He just does not mean anything to me at all. Let his ardent supporters from NC fill the arena. I bet there would be very few of them, even in NC, but there would be zero in IN.