There are changes afoot, and they are, dare I say, quite exciting

  • 07/30/2010 7:07 am in

Lock up your bikes and daughters — the ginger is returning to Bloomington.

Less than three weeks from this very moment that I type to you, my better half and I will (hopefully) be ensconced in our new apartment down on Dunn Street, just north of the happiest place on Earth. I am, to say the least, giddy with anticipation.

Why do I tell you this on a Friday morning? Well, because it means an even greater expansion of Inside the Hall, for you, our loyal reader.

Last season, we began to bring you on-site game coverage, and this is essentially just more of that. Alex and I will tag-team at as many home and road games as possible, and Ryan will still bring the thunder as he so capably does.

Fear not, for the face and purpose of the site do not change, that we promise. We’re just expanding the amount of content we’ll be providing you, so that Inside the Hall can continue to grow as a media outlet in the IU basketball coverage world. Plus it gives me something to do when I’m not doing hoodrat stuff with my friends in my stormtrooper body suit. (Much love, Chronic and Engel.)

Stay tuned, sports fans.

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  • “Lock up your bikes and daughters”

    At least you gave fair warning.

  • I can already confirm the locals are not taking this news lightly.

  • Luke72

    Really glad to see your success! This is a daily stop for me and the quailty never disappoints! IU fans get ready for our ride to wilder. We're coming back and all the bad times will seem distant bad dream in the near future! Go IU!!!!!!!!!

  • If PeeWee Herman is scared of you, then things are in bad shape.

  • Uncle Joey

    Liked for doing “hoodrat stuff with your friends.”

  • Bleeding Crimson

    I assUme this will give us ITH faithful a party pad before and after the games to reflect our thoughts in person??? I still think we need to start a fund so we can get some ITH shirts made up to where to the games to locate one another…maybe with our tag names stitched on.
    I have two bike and two dauthers…I guess it's a good thing we live in southern Indiana. Plus the fact that my twins are only five. You do seem like a cradle robber though.

  • Tberry

    Just sounds like more for you to blather about. Wax eloquent and really say nothing of substance.

  • Double D

    Will Kaminski still announce his decision on the 31st? And is it safe to assume he is choosing Michigan State or Wisconsin?

  • eph521

    The 31st is still the date according to all published data. Expect him to choose MSU, but I hope he proves me wrong and picks IU.

  • slikyslim222

    Always enjoyed ITH, one of the best sites out there, well done & keep up the good work!
    No daughters, but if you touch my bike, I'll kill you. :o)

  • Slumberjack

    Korman leaving town..Osterman returning. The Law of the Argyles remains in balance as the Alford bobble-head guides your destiny.

  • Jsable

    Sigma Alpha Mu?…like the Omega Mu's, but for guys?

  • marcusgresham

    Just daily? Hell, I'm here about every other hour. I think I look more forward to hearing from Kelin than I do from my wife (of course, Kelin's never given me crap about money, laziness, or watching too much football and basketball.)

  • marcusgresham

    We need a secret handshake.

  • Kelin Blab

    I am going to write a book about Marriage and ITH. The three keys to a successful marriage to your wife and ITH, without conflict is:

    + Is sleep really important? My wife at the latest shuts it down at 11:30pm, from 11:31 on it is all about ITH. You will sleep when you are dead….but how would you have felt at 3:13am if you were not logged on when Moses Abraham was making his decision?

    + Make a trade….I give up 50-60% of my fantasy sports winnings to keep the heat off of ITH and fantasy basketball. Too bad that's 50% of half my winnings…shhhh

    + Separate Accounts: You never want to hear this? “Hey Kelin (Marcus) Who is this Alex and Indiana basketball taking money from our banking account?…. Only took me once to learn that! Separate accounts brother….