adidas Invitational Video: Jeremiah Davis

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Muncie Central (IN) guard Jeremiah Davis is one of the top 100 players nationally in the 2011 class according to and has offers from several schools, including Indiana. We’ve compiled 22 clips of the 6-3 guard from three games (Dream Vision, Dallas Mustangs and Riverside Hawks) at the adidas Invitational in the embedded media player below. Enjoy.

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  • Kelin Blab

    I will be honest and say, my only knock on JD right now is he hasn't committed to IU and doesn't sound as enthusiastic as Young or Thomas. So who will be honest with me in this same feeling?

    We all know he can play, he would be a step closer to zeller, he is from Indiana, and he can play some PG, not alot……but we all would be thrilled to have him. And apparently MSU may have laid off some….

  • Diesel

    Back from the vacation, great work Alex and the gang.

    I've been a JD supporter for well over a year know since seeing him play in the Indiana Top 100 workout as a would be junior. The video speaks for itself, he is a solid player.

    The kid has had a pretty weird couple of years – from being offered by Kentucky as a freshman, picking up a lot of offers and a high ranking, to then some on-court issues early in the season this year, a lot of love and now what appears as not so much from MSU, dropping in the rankings – it's been quite a roller coaster.

    Somone just needs to pull the trigger and start the dominoes falling for 2012 and the remainder of 2011.

  • Kelin Blab

    He did have a roller coaster year, not to mention their season started out slow then he put them on his back and carried them in the state tourney. I don't know how this will play out but my concern for JD is a BJ Young may pull the trigger first or an aaron thomas.

  • BaseballBuc

    I have had the same feeling for the past couple months. Don't see what more indiana has to do to let him know that IU needs him. He has been to bloomington, Crean has been to his house. It's almost as if he is waiting for a specific offer like maybe Butler. Don't know if Butler has offered, but I went from thinking he was going to be the first piece of the puzzle for IU to now feeling uneasy about his recruitment. I say go ahead and offer nic moore or tharpe. In this day of recruiting, waiting on someone to commit is the wrong thing to do.

  • Bailey22

    I am def. not a fan of JD for many reasons. First of all the kid is a cancer to a team. (if you have seen the way he acts during his high school games which in my opinion id the best way to judge a kid as a teammate) Second he is not a point he makes very poor decisions considering he has averaged nearly 7 turnovers a game throughout his high school career thus far. And third he really struggles guarding quicker guards. But of these things the fact that the kid is all about himself and is a major cancer to his team (he was suspended a game this year due to his actions on the court and in the locker room) I have been around this kid and coached against him since he was in middle school at Muncie Burris and as a die hard IU fan i know this kid will bring us down more than help us.

  • psvirsky

    I hope I'm wrong b/c I only have so much patience, but I get the feeling we might not see the dominoes fall until we start playing and win a few games. It would be great if we get one of these guys this summer or early fall but you can't blame them for waiting to see how we look this year with more experience. I wouldn't be shocked to see guys commit after seeing a big one (UK maybe?) or attending an important game (where we play well).

  • marcusgresham

    In this day of recruiting, you let them commit somewhere else and then wait for them to change their minds.


    Let me preface my comment with this, I think JD is a very good player…..but, IMHO, it appears like maybe his game and body blossomed well before a lot of the other recruits playing his position did and now we are starting to see what he looks like on more of a level playing field. He sometimes seems to try and just bull his way to basket when using a little finesse might have been the better move. There are times when going to the rim strongly is the best approach once you get close to the rim espicially with the body that JD has but there are times when a different approach is called for and he just seems a little too reliant on bulling his way there. This is working less effectivly for him as gets older and will work even less at the next level. Again IMHO. Maybe there will be a period when he will step back and realize that something else needs to be a bigger part of his arsenal and then add it I don't know. Other than the fact that he is an Indiana kid, and plays on the same team as CZ, what does he have right now that some of the other recruits don't have ? Some of these other non Indiana kids seem to show IU a lot more love than JD does, some of them a whole lot more. Like I keep saying we want / need kids at IU that want to be a Hoosier, before they get there, after they get there and the whole time they are there and I'm not so sure this is where JD is at right now. There are certain other players that if they say, I'm in, before JD does, I say toss them an IU jersey and don't look back. In today's recruiting if you wait around forever for a kid to make a decision what you may find out is that it is was for nothing and that you missed out on the other kid that was pretty much on the same talent level as the one you played the waiting game with. With our stock seemingly being on the upswing in the minds of some really good players and JD's stock seemingly on the downswing somewhat I say don't quit on him or make him a second or third thought but don't neglect someone else on his level if they seem just as interested.

  • GFDave

    If I thought JD was the answer to the point guard question then I'd be very anxious about him right now. But I don't know that he is a point and so when you throw him in with the other two-guards we're recruiting I'm feeling less and less worried about what JD does. If he wasn't an Indiana kid I probably would be leaning against wanting him. So I'm agreeing with Kelin here.

    I'm looking at Zeller, Thomas and Etherington as the 2011 class, so I don't see a point guard there. If its a four man class, then Tharpe or Moore, but I don't know how realistic four new players is. We need another transfer just to get to three.

    Maybe in 2012 we could sign a point.

  • I think B.J. Young is a pretty high priority for 2011, so don't sleep on that possibility. Still a long way to go, but the interest is certainly there.

  • Kelin Blab

    You know IUMike, in JD's case as it relates to IU, I think Crean has set up a situation where IU is in position to pursue and get what it really needs. In 2011 a 2guard is not a big need and if JD continues to 'wait for that feeling' that IU feeling may never come. The writing is on the wall….

    If JD plans to play PG or combo here are IU's options in the next two classes…Yogi, BJ Young, JD, DSR, Buss Patterson, Tharpe, A. Thomas, and Nic Moore. I am sure I am leaving off people. My point is, this isn't the desperate IU anymore that just needs to fill jersey's….

  • GFDave


  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    I think he seems to have a good handle (though he goes right predominantly), passes the ball well, is quick, has good hops, seems to rebound the ball well for a guard, but I'm not sure I like his shot. I'm not saying that I wouldn't want him but wouldn't you be just as happy with Zeller and Thomas then bring in a Ron Patterson in 2012?

  • slikyslim222

    Hear. Hear. I am very impressed by the level of IU recruits interested & committing to IU & Coach Crean's program. Look out B10, Indiana is on the march to reclaim its tradition of being the Big Dog of the conference. Also, I really like the quality of the young men coming to Bloomington .

    (Character DOES count; lazy headcases, academic slackers, & selfish ballhogs need not apply.)


    Bingo !!

    I'm with Alex on this one the more I see and hear about BJ Young the more I think he is my number 1 for PG.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    If JD had a big outside shot, then I'd be more okay with getting him, but if he's not our answer at PG (and we've got plenty of other PG targets between '11 and '12) and if he can't drain it from deep as an SG, then I think I'm also rather unconcerned with what he does.

  • marcusgresham

    You've said a few things that were impressions I'd been getting of him.

  • gus

    BJ is the player I am hoping for and I will be totally pleased if he commits to IU. BJ, CZ and AT are the players I am hoping for…

  • Outoftheloop

    IU has only 3 scholarships to offer in the fall of 2010 for 2011 (we may or may not have 1 more in the spring of 2011 for 2011). One has Austin Etherington's name on it. That is rock solid. One has Cody Zeller's name on it, and we will hold it open for his first right of refusal until November. The question then is who is the back-up for Zeller if he goes elsewhere and how long will this “Plan B” wait? My guess on the Plan B recruit after Cody Zeller is Aaron Thomas. The second question is who is the #3 recruit? My guess on the #3 recruit is BJ Young. Then who is the Plan B recruit for the #3 scholarship? My guess again is Aaron Thomas. If IU gets both Zeller and Young, the question becomes, can we convince A Thomas to wait until spring? I think that we can, he will, and we will free up another scholarship for him in the spring, making a great 4 man class of Zeller, Young, Etherington and Thomas. If I am correct, then J Davis, Moore and Tharpe are “Plan C”. You also have to assume that if Chandler, Dawson, or Quinn Cook asked Coach Crean for a scholarship, he would HAVE to find one (admittedly not a probable situation). So it is fine to wait for J Davis until late in Nov. or even later..