adidas Invitational Video: Austin Etherington

  • 07/09/2010 8:44 am in

Austin Etherington is Indiana’s first commit for the 2011 recruiting class and we’ve compiled 22 clips of the 6-6 Hamilton Heights (IN) and Indiana Elite guard from three games (Dream Vision, Dallas Mustangs and Riverside Hawks) at the adidas Invitational in the embedded media player below. Enjoy.

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  • ChinaCatSunflower

    Good video. What i see is a guy that WILL hit the open shot, that can drive and either pull up, dish, or go straight in. I don't think Etherington is a player that can take over all game every game, but i do think with the right guys around him (cough..Zeller, cough, cough) he is a great piece.

    I like how he moves without the ball, and when he was driving he made some nice passes to guys that had easier shots.

  • Uncle Joey

    By the way, thanks Alex for posting all these videos. I feel like I'm getting premium insider access.

  • kristheboss

    After seeing every indiana elite game, 1 that tall kid from Culver is actually very athletic and coordinated for his size… 2 Etherington is way way way more athletic than those videos show, he was really the only kid I tried to watch in a game they had against a team from Kansas City (The same teams 16U team had Bill Self's kid on it, who I talked too a bit knows and he knows ALOT about the sport haha)… but he really gets down the court fast, he also split bringing up the ball duties when Jeremiah Davis was out there with him.
    He showed way more maturity with the ball than JD, many times JD would bulldoze into the lane and either dish late or throw up a shot trying to get contact (almost reminiscent of another Jeremiah..) Etherington did the most setting up of Zeller of any teammates either, anytime he drove the lane he was very aware of where Zellers man was and if he was freeing him up.

    Anyway he is a great find by Crean, I'm very excited for what he brings to the team, I think he'd be seriously competing for court time if he was coming in this year, so after one more year of development on defense, rebounding and strength like he said he wanted to work on before coming to the Big Ten, we're getting a great new player.

    Austin I know your bummed about not being in the Rivals top 150 anymore, but if you play like this all summer then you've got nothing to worry about.

  • stonaroni

    AE is the type of kid who can get you 12 ppg, 5 rpg, 2 assists ans 2 steals. At the end of the game he will not have the most outstanding stats but he will have made a big shot, pulled down a key rebound, or made a key heads up play that can sway the game.

    I have seen him play many times and his floor games gets better and better. His jumps shots lacked the lift he has had in the past when healthy. He says he is 100% because there is no pain, but he is probabaly 75% when it comes to his back and leg strength.

    He is a great find and has all the intangibles to be a floor leader for 4 years at IU.