• psvirsky

    Sounds like a hard-working kid and looks like he can play. Not that it means much, but I'm glad the first school he thought to mention was Indiana.

    Over the last year when we kept missing out on top 10 recruits, it was disappointing but more in a “what could have been” way rather than “we should have had him”. But now, between Young, Thomas, Davis and Thorpe, I will be quite a bit more disappointed if we don't pick up one of these PG's.

  • Evan

    I thought he just visited Louisville. He didn't even mention them at the beginning.


    The more I see and hear this kid the more I want him in an IU jersey. I think he is this Hoosier fan's top choice for now for his positionl. He has undoubtably worked hard to get to where he is bball wise but it sounded like he has decided to turn that part of his game up even more and is eager to become the best he can be. Love the fact that the first team name out of his mouth was Indiana. Also heard the phrase, yes sir, come out of his mouth more than once which is somewhat rare these days in itself.

    I think I just described the exact kind of player we want / need at IU. Stay after him hard Coach we want this one.

  • marsh21

    Did everyone see how our Zeller boy was getting pushed around and his shot slammed back at him from a 6-6 kid??? Boys I know we all want Zeller but he is not athletic and has no inside game with bigger players.

  • marcusgresham

    Count me as one who would not be disappointed at all with the “consolation prize” of Mitch McGary

  • eph521

    BJ has that sweet mid-range shot which seems hard to find… and from the video he displayed skills at dishing the ball. I'd enjoy seeing him play PG in an IU uniform. Seems like a good kid who's only going to get better.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    I saw that and laughed for a second… and then I cried.

    The kid needs a steady diet of Thickburgers from Hardees. Every meal. And I know it's important for him to play in the summer because he goes up against better players than he does at Washington, but I think he should take August, September, and October to lift weights: upper body M-W-F, lower body Tu-Th-Sat. When you're 17 and your metabolism is crazy fast and you're playing Bball all the time, it's hard to put on weight, so taking a few months off to lift wouldn't be the worst idea.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    Landing him and placing him at point would also serve as a decent alternative if DSR and Yogi choose other schools in 2012.

  • Kelin Blab

    I saw that too, I hope it was just this tape, but I have heard otherwise….
    He can be physical, I would like to see it against other big guys….

  • Kelin Blab

    I really like BJ Young's….

    + Confidence in his skills and work ethic
    + His desire to get better
    + His enthusiam
    + His desire to want to play against the best

    I am noticing a few things from recruits as I see these interviews. When you listen to interviews with Aaron Thomas and BJ Young for example, there is more of an 'energetic' interest in Indiana than in the past when you heard from recruits. I remember Kyrie Irving mentioning IU and how much he liked IU, but that 'energy' was missing. Maybe it is personality, maybe it is Cook Hall, but there is a different conversation going on now as it relates to IU.

  • Kelin Blab

    He is a long 6'3 and wasn't that J. Davis on the other squad?

  • Bucky

    Sign him. He had me at that wicked crossover at the :42 mark. That's hard to do around a traffic cone, let alone a real player that close.

    Sign him, sign him, sign him.

  • Deadred

    Alex, ive heard that grades are a real issue here and it might be bledsoe 2.0. Is there a good posibility tgat he may not qualify?

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    I would almost rather have MM as well Kelin! I'm not convinced that Zeller won't be a solid college basketball player but all of the other Zeller boys have been pretty soft players and I don't see MM as a “soft” big man. He does have some finesse game and can shoot but he is also not afraid to mix it up and I know basketball up in that region is more like Rugby and players tend to be a bit more physical than they do in other parts of the state.

    Count me in as one of the guys who would rather see CTC press MM and put him in the cream and crimson next year instead of the obvious choice in Zeller.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    Didn't he switch schools? I noticed he said he used to play with gang-bangers. I'm assuming that was before his transfer, and did he transfer to get his grades up or to stay out of trouble?

    These are the things that I'd like to know about a recruit that sometimes seems to be a mystery!


    That has been my view for some time now. Taking CZ just because he is an instate recruit will not bring the higher caliber instate kids as quick as just winning (and winning the right way) will. Plus the flip side of this is down the road when we can pick and choose a little more than we can now when it comes to recruits, an good instate recruit will know that he does not have an automatic scholly at IU. Don't get me wrong I want to close the borders on the top knotch talent as much as anybody, espically the pipeline to pUKe but we can't get so wrapped in trying to keep all instate kids that we pass on high caliber / character out of state players.

  • kristheboss

    that white dude is trying to act black and its annoying…

  • Bucky

    Yo, dawg, I'm like so up with that. Word.

  • For real? You're up with it too dawg? Word. To your mother.