Inside the Hall turns three years young

  • 06/25/2010 8:55 am in

Yes, it’s true. Saturday is ITH’s birthday. Three years ago this site launched with a post about, of all things, Bud Mackey. (Looking back on that, we probably should have introduced ourselves first, but hey, you live and learn.)

Hard to believe, right?

Many of you have been reading us from the beginning. Others have joined in along the way. But the one common passion amongst all of us is the same: Indiana basketball. This community, which has contributed over 52,000 comments in three years, is one of the best anywhere on the Web.

The last 12 months have been our best yet.

We were able to cover home games from press row for the first time. We ramped up our recruiting coverage and continue to expand in that area. Ryan picked up right where Eamonn left off with “The Minute After,” which has become must-read postgame analysis. We continue to tweak our design and brainstorm new features we think you’ll enjoy.

We know that this community is resonating with IU fans because it shows in the numbers: Our readership increased by an amazing 57 percent year-over-year. Thank you.

Our future, however, is not met without challenges. We continue to aggressively seek advertising partners to help us support our growth and provide compensation for the time associated with producing great content. What started as a hobby must now be viewed as a business as well.

We’ve also asked and will continue to ask for donations as a source of support. While this has been characterized as “begging for money” by some, the fact remains that this support is essential to continuing our growth and more importantly, keeping the site free.

In closing, we once again say thank you. We’re looking forward to celebrating birthday number four next year. Happy Birthday, Inside the Hall.

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